Monday, March 14, 2016

Stitching weekend.....

How lucky am I to have a fun group of ladies (The Quilters Angel Friday night bunch)  to go and spend the weekend with.... (well the days as I live so close so come home at night to spend some of the time with my Hubz)

We do laugh so much, eat so well and sew up a storm.  It is a small group and as such these weekends are also a time that we get to know each other better, have great discussions and support one another through various life happenings.... 

I went with a couple of projects in mind to make up .....

First was my first time using the Quick Curve Ruler and one of the Sew Kind of Wonderful patterns...
The ruler has a place to cut out the curve using the rotary cutter and then to square up the blocks after sewing the curves - WITH NO PINS!!

Very soon I had one of these......

and by the next morning I had this top....  I think they are so effective the way the blocks are put together....

.. then I started on my next lot of blocks and by Sunday morning I had a nice pile...

... only to discover and I had some with the little pin wheel triangles in the wrong place...

.. and most of the blocks with half correct and half incorrect...

It's all because I didn't READ properly  as to where to put joining lines to cut the diagonals.  

Something I have learnt and will live with... I will try and focus quilting on the white lines so maybe it will look like a design feature??????

No it can't be unpicked... the diagonal cuts are wrong and nothing will sort that out...

This makes me happy though.....

Righto, Gotto Go.....  a weekend away from everything means it's waiting to be done today!!


  1. I must get a Sew Kind of Wonderful ruler..........they make great designs..........
    Woops about the mistake.........had you not said I would not have noticed..............

  2. Oh and sewing time with friends is always wonderful............

  3. Love you quick curve top, the patterns are so effective.
    Bummer about the wrong seams...
    I'm sure you'll make it look good.

  4. Loving those curved seams - that is a beautiful top. I have a special foot for curves, can't remember what it's called, but I met the gal who designed it and it works so well, with no pins. If I have to pin it, I won't do it, lol! Your blocks are just darling even with the oops. Just remembered - Curve Master - I THINK!

  5. Interesting curved top! You didn't make a mistake, you made a design opportunity.

  6. MMMmm so it's not just me that does things like this your pieced quilt just gorgeous I'm sure it more than makes up for the pinwheel mishap :) Barb.

  7. Love your quilt top. Did you say naughty words? I would have! How nice though to relax and sew with friends x

  8. I hope you said at least a couple of swear words about the blocks... what a shame!
    Great to sew with friends, and wow the curved blocks are amazing well done

  9. Your curved quilt is just stunning, clever girl it looks really difficult. And look at you coming up with a new quilt block you just have to come up with a new name for it. x

  10. Love the curved piecing - is IS very effective - and yes the other one is a different design to the original - oh well - it will still look great...I bet you make another one sometime.

    A weekend away is always productive - even if you do get a leave pass to go home.

  11. Love the quilt top. Those curved rulers are great. Shame about the blocks but the quilt will look wonderful. Hugs,xx

  12. You did an amazing job with your new tool. Love the fabric you've used and the design is so awesome. Is it your own design? Will you leave the corners empty for the quilting to embellish or will you appliqué something? It is really gorgeous the way it is now but I can't wait to see it quilted. Enjoy the maverick blocks. They'll make a more interesting quilt I'm sure. ;^)

  13. That is beautiful and a nice tool to get the shapes, my brain can't wrap around that, lol.


  14. I love that curved seam top, stunning

  15. What a lovely group to enjoy.
    The blocks/quilt with the curved ruler look great. Sounds like a great tool.
    I bet nobody notices the problems with the other blocks once they are in the quilt.

  16. Your curves are beautiful!! No pins you say? I love the top. Shame about the blocks - would the half and halfs unpick to make either one or the other of the blocks with four pinwheels in the same place either right or wrong? Does that make sense? Pretty fabrics and it sounds like a fun weekend. xx

  17. Your quilt is looking terrific ..... the blocks are so pretty too, we can't help those ooooops moments.

  18. Two stunning projects Fiona - great weekend achievement

  19. Wonderful finished top Fiona, wonderful to sew with a group of friends.
    The creative process is a series of crises....quote by J.P. Singer...guess why I always remember that quote.

  20. Love you quilt top, the curved seams are amazing!! Can't wait to see how you finish it off!! No pressure though!! Lol! Well with your blocks you have just created a new design!!!! Wonderfulto have sewing time with friends.

  21. Was the laughter and conversation a bit of a distraction? Your curves look great, you know what I mean!

  22. Both quilts would make me happy <3


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