Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tea Party .....

It's been a social week....

Monday night was Tilda Tea Party night at my LQS 'The Quilters Angel" 

Isn't this a lovely spread?  And that's our wonderful Kris pouring us cuppa's in the background... she was kept very busy!  And all served on pretty plates and cups and saucers... we were made to feel very special...

I was in awe of these lovely roses they had on the table.....  

I was lucky enough to win this lanyard and scissor clip as a door prize... they were donated by Sue in Tilda fabrics.  A perfect prize for me as I am always leaving my scissors on my lap and drop them on the floor when I get up - I have spoilt the ends of a number of pairs like that....

...  Tilda fabrics were 25% off - these ones happened to come home with me....
(I find it VERY hard to pass up a good deal on fabric)

Meantime I have continued with my Tea Time Teddy's and beginning to think they might be Terrific in Tilda fabrics???

I needed to visit a newsagent this week and noticed this......  clearly not a quilt lover does their labelling - they probably think they are just the same as blankets!!  But it did give me a giggle..

I do hope your week has been good -- and your up and coming Easter weekend is going to be full of fun, relaxation and laughter...

Righto, Gotto Go..... those new fabrics need a bit of petting!


  1. ROFL - Crap Quilts - I lost some coffee over that one!!!! Looks like a lovely tea party and I'm drooling over your new fabrics!!

  2. Hi Fiona,wow what a wonderful party you guys had,i love the tilda fabrics you bought and congrats on winning the lanyard ,what a great idea.
    Lol had to laugh at your last pic,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  3. I would have come home with that bundle of Tilda fabrics too-- to make a Crap Quilt! What a lovely tea party-- brilliant idea. Have a Happy Easter.

  4. Ohhhh YuMMmmmmmm... the table looked gorgeous!
    Yes Tilda for the Teddy's would be PeRFecT I think...

  5. Teaparty, pretty cups, beautiful roses and gorgeous much loveliness all in one spot. I just know that the "Bears" would love the Tilda fabrics x

  6. A tilde tea party! How fantastic. Looks like you brought home a great stash, they would look beautiful with those tea cup teddies.
    Happy days!

  7. A lovely tea table, beautiful roses. Great fabrics too, wonder what they will become? Such a sweet teddy too xcx

  8. So much gorgeous-ness ... those teddies are calling me :)
    Enjoy playing with the lovely fabric xx

  9. Such a lovely week Fiona. That yummy food looks amazing and great fabric purchases

  10. LOL!!!! Oh my!!! That magazine does need some attention! The serving table is amazing!!! Those plates!!!! I've not seen anything like them!!! Congrats on your "door prize" (I totally understand the 'lap to floor' maneuver!!!) Those Tilda fabrics would be the perfect match-up for your teddies!!!!! Yes!!

  11. Love your tea party event, the dishes are gorgeous, can you put them in the dishwasher?

  12. The tea party table is so scrumptious! You were treated like royalty or should I say royal tea? (lol) Was there red carpet at the door too? Those pink rose plates are to die for and the rose bouquet too. Gorgeous!! I prefer when they stamp their labels on the words than the picture but this one was definitively funny! ;^) Have a lovely weekend too.

  13. Looks like the BEST tea party. Hope you enjoy a happy and peaceful Easter.

  14. What a lovely tea party!!!! Beautiful fabric Fiona...perfect for the teddies...wonderful win too, had a good giggle over the sticker placement!!! Must see what they do locally here!! Lol!! Have a wonderful easter weekend.

  15. had to double check that book, lol. Lovely tea party too

  16. Those roses are amazing! Sounds like you had a great time. Your Tilda fabrics definitely look like they might go nicely with you Teddy. Happy Easter. xx

  17. This does look like a delightful tea party!! And of course there was fabric!!


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