Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Treasure Tuesday

This week I dug out an old book.... it belonged to mum when she was a little girl... she would have been in her 80's now so the book has hung around for a while...

... such adorable illustrations .....
(I do like daisies!)

... each with their own little verse....
(the page is all mottled and the book is worn)

... some DIY colour to the illustrations .....

... the cover is a bit scuffed up...

... it was one of mum's favourites... now it's one of mine....

Treasure Tuesdays is a lot of fun... you can sign up HERE for this week


FNSI starts this week hosted by Heidi and Bobbi....

Sign up on Bobbi's blog HERE

Last week Melody, who hosts Tuesday Treasure shared her Home Sweet Home Penny Rug...  mine is coming along nicely.... you can find block one HERE

and this week another felt work project BOM started at Michelle's from Raspberry Rabbits.... it's called Harrington and Hannah....
you can find the first BOM information HERE

I think I may be stitching a bit of this on Friday....
you can see the bunny ears in the corner...

Again I am using wool felt made from old blankets and clothes and a piece of linen tablecloth for the background
though I made a concession here as I didn't have 'white' felt... the snowman is cut out of polar fleece - which makes him nice and fluffy!


  1. A gorgeous little book with a special family significance!
    Love the way the blocks are looking!

  2. I've seen these flower fairy images in lots of places but I've never seen the original book. What a fabulous thing to have.
    Fabulous felt sewing too.

  3. Wonderful old book, I have a few that I got from my grandmother, one was a book she won in school and it has worm holes, but I treasure it.


  4. Oh Fiona, I love the old book , what beautiful illustrations . Your BOM with Melody is coming along well, I just finished cutting out all those leaves so now to get them sewn on . I also want to do the wool project with Shell , so cute.
    hugs Sheila

  5. What a lovely old book. The fairy illustrations are very cute. You are certainly in the swing of things with the latest boms. They both look great. The fluffy snowman is
    perfect :)

  6. What a lovely book...a real treasure.
    Your other projects are coming along nicely. Have finished cleaning the bathroom...gosh teenage boys are messy. Might be a bit of quilting before hitting the spare bedroom.
    Hugs Tanya

  7. A wonderful book to treasure Fiona. Cheers Kaylee

  8. I so love books like these...had a few when I was little...don't know what happened to them???

    your projects look very interesting...love the leaves on the tree...

  9. These are just gorgeous. I've been getting things organised for these BOMs as well. Not as far advanced as you. Love the book, too. Like Melody I've seen reproductions but never the original. Lovely.

  10. These are beautiful Fiona ... and how special to have such an old copy of the 'flower fairies' ... when I was cross-stitching I collected quite a few patterns in these faires that I fully intended to stitch ... may still do them, though not quite now, lol!! ... Your BOMs are looking great!!

  11. That is certainly a special book. I've even used some wadding for a snowman before!

  12. A lovely treasure Fiona.
    I'm going to be keeping an out for wool blankets etc from now on.
    Enjoy your BOMs.

  13. a very sweet treasure!
    Your progress on the bom's are going well.

  14. Your book is a real treasure! I'm pretty sure the Holly Fairy has been printed in a fabric range?

  15. What a lovely book....and a beautiful way to think of and remember your Mom, too! And those leaves on the tree are wonderful....so is your snowman!

  16. Fiona, your book loos very precious and so pretty. My daughter had some of thjose pictures on her wall when she was a baby growing up but of course they were reproduction.
    Your BOM looks gorgeous, I just can't wait to see the finished product.
    Have a fabulous week xxx

  17. I hate to tell you this - they've made fabric from either those illustrations, or ones just like them!

    Hope the link works, if not, email me...or you can google flower fairy fabric, it's by michael miller fabrics. To DIE for.

  18. I don't own that exact book but I have a few that look very much like it! I loved those old books when I was a child, but I never managed to get my kids interested in them.

  19. Wow I am so excited to see such an old copy of one of my favourite books. I have a very new version a friend bought me a while ago for my birthday. The illustrations are just gorgeous as are the poems. How wonderful to have such a special treasure from your Mum that you know she surely loved.
    Lovely felt work to Fiona. Wish I had time to join in and do it too.

  20. I just love old books and having one that belonged to your mother makes it even more special.

  21. What a treasure that book must be. Love the house block - got a thing about houses though I have never made a block wtih a hosue in it. Oh well another project for the list.

  22. Love that book. I saw a modern version of that recently in TKMAxx of all places for about £70 I think .

  23. Your Flower Fai ries book is adorable and I love the coloured in illustrations best of all.

  24. The fleece snowman is a great idea! He's cute as can be.


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