Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blog Activities - you can join too .....

I do like to make plans and set myself goals and the New Year is as good a time as any to start.

You might like to join in one or more of these too

Last year Dawn and Wendy started a blog called Sew It's Finished and challenged us to list our UFO's that we had in our cupboards and then post on them once they were done.....  I had 28 items listed and I managed to do 20 of them.... so impressive were those finishes that I hear there is a little surprise on its way for me..... how sweet is that.... thank you Dawn and Wendy.....

this is their new, very clever blog header showing some of the finishes from last year.  I was so chuffed to see one of mine in it....

The good news is that they have decided to do this again this year..... if you have a load of UFO's you want to get done.. why not join us.... just go HERE and email Wendy or Dawn - their emails are in the side bar... you then get invited to join the blog, make your list and thereafter post your wonderful finishes.....

The less good news is that I have 30 UFO's on my list this year... how can that be????   I have made a new page HERE where I have photographed and listed my UFO's as from the 1st Jan 2012

There are new projects I wanna do too...... 

Michelle from Raspberry Rabbits is going to do a free BOM 

I have a 'stash' of wool blankets that I have been collecting and felting in anticipation for these .....
I haven't seen either of them but I have no doubt they will be lovely designs... 

are you going to join us?  I am pretty sure either design will be lovely in cotton if you aren't keen to use felt 

Narelle from Pins and Whiskers is going to run another year of One Christmas Item a Month... this is such a great way to get some of those Christmas goodies done ahead of the time... and of course you don't have to stop and doing just one!!

Peg and Kris run OPAM... One Project A Month.... and this is a great motivator to get projects finished... I really respond to having plans and itemising the things I have made so thoroughly enjoy posting my finishes and sending off a number each month... just try for one a month... any more than that is a bonus..... Peg and Kris then add up all the projects from all of us and keep a running total.... its great fun.... just email Peg or Kris if you want to join....

I am going to continue with my Christmas 12" block swap... 

last year I made these two toppers with the blocks I received...

this year I am going to collect stars.. which I show on this page HERE

The other block swap is 12"  QBSA where I have been collecting Eye Spy Wonky Square blocks... you can see all the ones I have so far HERE

Both these block swaps are great fun... I just love linking up with people far and wide and then having a special block from them in my home..... if you want to join either (and there are also 6" block swaps) just visit the sites .. 
 - you don't have to be from Australia to join....
- you choose which blocks you want to have sent to you
- you can take a break if you need it

If you are like me and like lists and goals each month Melody gives us a new button to add to our blogs - its such fun writing the list and marking them off as they are done.  There's no obligations... just get up the button and make your own list....

... and of course I will do a few swaps.... I'm sticking with this Once a Season one which Cheryll from Gone Stitchin' is hosting again this year.  You can read HERE about it as well as several other swaps Cheryll is hosting this year on the same post

..... and so far I haven't made the plans of the new things I am going to make!!!

I have no doubt I will be led astray to do some other swaps and start some other projects ....  but I am going to try and be more restrained this year and finish things....

 what about you... do you also have heaps UFO's and a list of things to do this year??????

I'm going to need a few of these

and some of this


  1. OMG once you see the list of things that are available in blogland there is no excuse to be bored with your sewing xxx

  2. You have some wonderful plans for 2012 and thankyou for including '1 Xmas Item'.
    I'll be checking them all out ... blogland is the place to be!

  3. Wow, I'm impressed with your finishes plus your plans for this year. I was just down cleaning my sewing room and organizing projects and I'm going to have to live to be a zillion years old to get them all finished. But, I do have a plan and starting tomorrow I'll be working on one project with my friend. Goodness never a dull moment. Have fun with all your projects. I'll be anxious to see them as you finish. Nola

  4. After telling myself no more new projects...I weakened and signed up for Mel's Penny Rug. Have always wanted to do one. Good luck with your UFOs.
    Hugs Tanya

  5. I need a nap now - good heavens you will be busy! I know you'll enjoy it though, and what great motivation!!

  6. Oh Fiona - you are a star! Having returned to blogland after a week or so without regular access, I was catching up with news and trying to get myself sorted, when along came your post with a list of organisational'helpers'. LOL - I have so many UFO's and projects waiting to be started, Sew It's Finished is just what I need!
    FYI: I have just begun a regular post at Sew-Happy House - "Tuesday Tutorials" if anyone is interested in dropping by :)
    Cheers Kathy

  7. Wow... all of a sudden I feel exhausted ha ha... This was very helpful.. thanks so much Fiona. I need a push today! I am definitely feeling more motivated after reading your post xx

  8. This is quite an impressive list of "to do's". And from your results from last year it looks achievable. Wow!

  9. Wonderful plans Fiona. I feel exhausted just reading about it all. I'll be able to start on my lists/plans now my spare room is vacant again. Hugs,

  10. Wow Fiona......I'm going to tag along for a few of these BOM's....what? I hear you cry......yes, I'll still work on my UFO's....you've inspired me no end!!!!! LOL :D
    Great job.....you go girl!
    sugary hugs
    wendy :O) xo

  11. Thanks for sharing all of these and mentioning my blog. You are a sweetie.

  12. wow with thirty projects to complete you will be a busy girl....does that include the 8 you didn't do last year....

    i of course have heaps of UFO's but they are mainly full size quilts....i don't think 4 UFO projects sound very impressive.....

  13. My Giddy Aunt.....You better cut me a huge slice of cake and a jumbo glass of whatever you are having!! What a list of ufo's and want to do's. You will definitely be busy this year. There are so many lovely ufo's, will enjoy seeing them ticked off your list.
    You are making me feel lazy.lol
    Go girl!

  14. thanks Bubz for the plug, there are a few new ones there must check them out...

  15. Wow you did so well with your ufo's last year Fiona! I think I may need to join in on this one - it will fit well with my new word which I will post soon...

  16. This is very timely as it is on the list I have written out of my goals and challenges this year...have yet to publish on my blog, bit of a brain fog at the moment.

    Goodness as for yours - so many!

  17. So glad this is only entree and you haven't even begun to consider mains! Looks like there will be lots of inspiration around these parts this year.
    Enjoy all the stitching.

  18. Thanks a lot for making me feel so good after seeing/reading your long and lovely list! Great not to be alone in the world with a huge UFO-pile....LOL.... Good luck to you too!!

  19. Who's bored.. I'm exhausted! So many things to do..... yeah! :)

  20. Thanks for all the links. I'd like to get in on some of the blocks swaps, too.
    Mama Bear


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