Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daisy button winners and some felt issues .......

Thank you to all of you who said you would like some daisy button kits - it's always so lovely to hear when someone likes the stuff I make - I wish I was able to send you all one

Mr Random showed his usual impartiality and the first 5 names picked with 'Daisy' in the comment were ...

#25 - Nola from Just Ramblin'
#21 - Narelle from Pins and Whiskers
#26 - Lyn from Stitches from the Mainland
#18 - Teresa from Quilting, Stitchin' and Sew On
#19 - Patricia from Too many eggs in one basket
(can you believe that grouping in the numbers - I think Mr Random was up to something!)

we should see a few more of these soon

Congrats ladies... please make sure I have your postal addresses

If you are a regular reader you will know I enjoy thrifting and reusing fabrics to make new things... and I have managed to find an assortment which I have given hot washes and shrunk to make wool felt
... blankets and also some wool fabric and some clothing items....

Well... blankets yield a lot of felt!!!!!!

this is a small selection of what I have.....

I am wondering if anyone wants some.... but I have a catch this time... do you want to trade?

The only reason I am doing this is because I really can't manage to send out postage for nothing... a pack of 500g felt costs $6.60 (Australia) 

500g would cover about 10 by 10inch squares (though it depends as some is thicker than others)

 I honestly don't feel it is worth it for overseas .... but I don't want to count you out....
over $17 (USA)  and approx $21.25 (UK) for postage

The wool is recycled products.. blankets and clothing and there is a variation in thickness and texture and some have the 'square' design on ... so it is not the lovely fine wool felt you find in the shops.....

Let me know if you are interested.... I would trade for some fabric and only with people I 'know' - unfortunately I will need to be careful about postage to 'strangers' since I am wanting something in return. 

I am not expecting anything for the wool... just something to cover the postage.

Very cheeky maybe..


  1. Thats a fair call, lets hope someone can help. I dont use wool fabric.

    Your desert looks yummy, If I made it i would eat the lot lol.

  2. Hi Fiona, I was interested in the Penny rug BOM but dont have any fabrics .... this might help me? Can you email me thanks, Sharon

  3. Not cheeky at all. Swapping is a great way to expand your collection.I'd give you some but you gave me heaps already lol.
    Overseas postage is such a killer!

  4. Thankyou Fiona and congrats to the other lucky ladies.
    Maybe they could be the next lotto numbers?

  5. I was thinking the same as Narelle - lotto numbers. :) Love to swap/trade but doubt i'd have fabrics you'd be interested in but i'd be happy to pay postage. Hugs,

  6. No.. not cheeky...I say SMART ! :)

  7. Fiona, we all feel the postage crunch!!

  8. Oh Fiona would love to swap.I am only starting to collect felts.

  9. Thank you Fiona. Congratulations to the other winners also. Nola

  10. I pinned your daisy buttons and they were repinned and repinned. A big hit in Pinterest!

  11. From all these comments it looks like you will have lots of fun with the swaps. Great idea with felting the blankets, running the swap and considering the postage. Our postage rates are so high it really is something that must be considered.
    Love to see how adventurous some of the swappers are. Good luck!

  12. I think that is totally fair - if you still want takers - what sorts of fabrics do you want to swap???

  13. I like the look of the pieces you have in the photo. I would be happy to swap. I would like to wait til I come back from the US so I can give you a choice of various gadgets and fabrics that I will be collecting. Good job with the daisy buttons.

  14. Hello Fiona,

    I am sure you will get some great fabric in return. Just have to say love the photo in your header,the bees must love your garden.
    happy days.

  15. Congrats to the Daisy winners! Fiona, I don't think it's cheeky at all, I'm horrified at the price of postage anymore and think it's fine to ask.

  16. I am so excited....i hardly ever ever win anything.....i am so thrilled.

    i think you are right to ask, postage and fabric all cost's

    thanks heaps for the daisy prize have a great day


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