Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daisy Buttons ....

My first UFO is finished for 2012.... I wanted to make a bunch of Button flower pins to include in gifts this year.... I often find it easier to make a whole lot of smaller things at one time rather than wait until it is needed....

I made 19 of them ....

you can too.... here's how...

make your template
(making the perfect 5 petal shape needed some maths help from Hubz)

trace out on vleisofix (or whatever double sided bonding you use)

cut around the daisy picture (a bit away from the lines - about 1/4 inch) and iron (paper side up) on a piece of felt (or fabric - I don't make rules here!!)

(aaargh... I have a new ironing board cover on my to do list - I promise - you can see it on the right side of my blog)

tired already?  okay .... lets stop for a cuppa... (I've got the pretty stuff out!!)

 don't those lovely polka dot tea cups make it taste so good??

Whilst we are having tea I'll tell you about Kathy
she is going to host a Tuesday Tutorial

where she will try out a tutorial she found in blogland each week.....
I wonder if she will make one of these?

ok... where were we?  

right now cut out the daisy on the line .... and then you can peel the paper off that one......

next sew you nice big button on to that bonded daisy piece (sew on the unbonded side)..... it's okay to have a funnylooking knot on the back... we'll hide it....

get  another piece of felt.... just a bit bigger than the daisy size but left as a square shape

centre your pin and sew it on.... 
(I used a small piece of felt and sewed it on both sides to secure the pin)
or of course you may have those fancy proper brooch pins which will work wonderfully

then press the button daisy felt to the pin felt (wrong sides together)
(for this I use steam so the heat penetrates the felt..... - normally I dry press) 

now cut out around the daisy shape - carefully and neatly....

the reason I do it this way is so that both sides of the daisy can exactly match

need a break again??? yea.. that part was a bit complicated... have some cake...

now wash your hands please... we don't want sticky on these...

... time to sew these two bonded daisy pieces together....

I used buttonhole stitch in a suitable thread.... no reason why you can't play with your embroidery skills....

... done....

use it where you can show it off to it's best ...

here it is on a jacket

or on whatever you are wearing today
(terrible picture but you get the idea.... don't you?)

.... or on a lampshade...

... or decorate your display board ....

or you can store them in a safe place for gifties ... but it should be somewhere you can admire your handiwork...

done.... let's celebrate and relax with some wine and a snack.....

Perhaps you are wondering if you want to try working with felt

it is a lovely medium
(I use felt from old wool blankets and clothing - it is a bit thicker than the purchased felt)

I have 5 daisy button kits to give-away

included is:
a template
double sided bonding paper
a piece of felt (cream - it goes with anything!!)
a button
a short length of yarn for attaching button
 a small safety pin

you just need to choose your own thread

If you think you would like to win a kit and try one of these ... just include the word 'DAISY' in your comment
(I do that because some people want to comment but don't want to go in the draw)

I'll talk to Mr Random next week


  1. Your little flowers are cute! They look like bikkies (Raspberry Shortbreads?) stacked in their container! I love you spotty teacups too!

  2. Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer true
    I'm half crazy all for the love of you

    Do you remember this song?

    It won't be a stylish marriage
    I can't afford a carriage
    But you'll look sweet upon the seat
    Of a bicycle built for two.

    This could totally apply - just insert the word flower after Daisy in all places :)

  3. That's a daisy...I mean doozy of an idea! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  4. Great post Fiona! I love your daisy flowers. Could I possibly be lucky enough to win a daisy button kit to make one of my own? mmmm I wonder!

  5. Tea, Daisies and Cake - what could be better? What a great tutorial - have added it to my "to-Do" list and will feature it on Tutorial Tuesday
    soon :)
    Hugs, Kathy
    P.S. Thanks for the mention!

  6. Of course I want to be in the Daisy draw, because they are so adorable.
    Fabulous post - that cake looked delicious.

  7. lovely tutorial, I have lots of your gifted felt, must pull some out to give it a go!
    Love your little tea cups, I don't think I need dinner after all those refreshments. he he

  8. They are so cute and what a daisy of an idea. Thankyou for the chance to win a kit. Hugs, Sharon

  9. Oh Fiona, I want to come and sew with you, you take the BEST breaks ;o) YUMMM!!!
    Do love your adorable daisy brooches, and your spotty tea set is GAWJUS!!!

  10. I Totally agree with Joy there -- I wanna come join in the fun with you!! ... Not only do you make the most delightful items, you also have awesome breaks!!! Lol!! ;-)
    I would live an entry into your daisy-making giveaway ... they're GORGEOUS!!! And so simple!!! May I ask where you get your felt from ... Or rather, your 'old wool blankets and clothing' ... Are you just using 'stock' *giggle* you already have, or do you purchase them at the local goodwill or store? I'm curious ... Lol! Hugs!!

  11. I love your dotted tea set and your daisy pin! Would love to win and make my own.

  12. "I'll give you a daisy a day dear " did you hear me sing , good thing you didn't:-) The little daisy pins are just adorable and that cake looks scrumptious.

  13. Your daisy buttons are adorable!!

  14. Your DAISY Button pins are just adorable. I agree with you about making many at once....while you're 'in the groove'. I have trouble beginning the buttonhole stitch when I am stitching around something (not when I'm appliqueing). What's the trick? ~karen

  15. How cute! I did not have Daisy flowers on my to-do list, but I do now! thanks.

  16. Your felt flowers are lovely. I wish I can win to make a Daisy as beautiful as yours.
    Thanks for the chance.

  17. LOL....LOVE your tutorial best i have ever seen loved the tea cake and nibbles breaks.....think i am going to have to make some daisy's just because your tutorial was so good

  18. did i say DAISY, DAISY, DAISY DAISY...LOL

  19. Excellent tutorial! Loved the inbetween breaks :)
    I'd be more than happy to play with a DAISY or two ... they look so pretty all together like that.

  20. They are oh so cute Fiona and as for the 'dotty' tea cups...I am in love and then we move on to the cake...YUM!

  21. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, I love all the yummy breaks too! The daisy kit looks cute.

  22. Your daisies are wonderful. I love to have a little tuck in when I sell an item and felt is fun to work with. Plus, I could work on daisies while sitting in waiting rooms.

  23. Was so happy to see that at the end of the blog there was a chance to win a Daisy button kit as I was thinking how darling these were and could I really create my own template. Thanks for the chance to win one. Nola

  24. I always enjoy your tutorials because you include the necessary need to take a break and enjoy some 'refreshments'!! Lots of fun to read but also a great way to learn something new...Love the DAISY....that sponge cake and platter do look tempting...

  25. I'd love to make a daisy! What a great tutorial and those tea cups are beautiful. I love beautiful china - but with 8 kids (and a couple with moderate behaviour problems - think trying to burn down the house comes under that!)I tend to keep anything I value in this line hidden away. One day....... Meanwhile, working with felt is something I can do! Cheers!

  26. These are so cute. Thanks for the tutorial.

  27. Those flowers are so cute. A great way to use up all those odd buttons and scraps of felt/fabric.

  28. Fiona I love your DAISY pins. What a cute idea.

  29. How cute! I have to make some of them!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  30. Daisy me what a daisy idea to produce a daisy a day to give to a special friend to give her a daisy filled day for the rest of her daisy life........Love your daisy ideas Cheers Helen LOL

  31. Did you know ? that the Margaurite Daisy is good for
    Marguerite Daisy
    Flower Essence

    Chrysanthemum frutesens


    The flower essence equivalent of
    homeopathic Arnica.

    For shock, sprains, bleeding, body trauma,
    and emotional trauma.

    Pre- and post-operative for surgery
    (one week before, two weeks after).

    Also for bruising, when mixed with other
    essences, both physical and emotional bruising.
    Neither did I 'till I looked it up.
    I have white daisy ones white with a split petal daisies that is. They look good the daisies thius time of the year with red, not daisies.

  32. Oh, yes, Daisy is a cheerful flower....and what a wonderful idea to make these as gifts. I love the idea of having the Daisy buttons all ready and on display. I liked the idea of using the Daisy on the display board. Perhaps one just needs to substitute the pin for a magnet, glue that on and use it to hold photos or notes.
    Mama Bear

  33. You write the best tutorial Miss Fiona... one day when I finish everything else I will give this a go... Not going to enter your draw, because I have the longest list to do already!!!xx

  34. Your Daisy tutorial is great!! I think I want to go to the thrift store and find some old wool. I've never tried any wool at all.


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