Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blanket stitch

I was asked about beginning and ending blanket stitch on an item (not applique) when you don't have a 'back' to hide the knots......

this is how I do mine.... 

to start I put my needle through the two pieces that are being attached (needle coming out where I am going to start)

give a little tug so the knot goes inside (these two pieces are bonded together so a tug is needed - if there is no bonding be more gentle!!

then start your buttonhole stitching....

your first stitch should look something like this... thats reasonably respectable??

go along... sing while you sew....

now to end it I go back on my last stitch....

... and through the thread to make the beginnings of a knot...

give it a gentle tug to form the knot....

then thread that piece through the felt to 'hide' the end....

..... pull a little taught and snip... the 'end' should retreat into the felt a little way and be hidden...

... to start the next thread use the same principle at the beginning but come up right at the last 'knot' .....

I hope this makes sense... let me know if it doesn't...

great job

if you put down your stitching you can have a syrupy pancake

also let me know if you have an easier and better way..... I'm always open to learn new methods!!

Happy Stitching


  1. Looks good to me as well.
    PS has your yummy pudding again tonight...Strawberry this time.

  2. Thanks for sharing fiona!!!
    Hmmm!! I had pancakes with fresh fruit and ice cream for breakky yeasterday.....

  3. Thanks! You make it look so simple. I appreciate your taking the time very much.

  4. Perfect to me!
    Oh, I'll be right over for some pancakes! Yummy!

  5. Thanks for sharing Fiona. I never knew how to do it by hand. Always have done mine by machine. There are things I want to make so this is very helpful for me.

  6. That's how I do it also Fiona , works great and oh those pancakes look yummy!

  7. Great tutorial and I see you have your priorities right by making sure you have sustenance as well!

  8. That's how I do it, too. But if someone else has a better idea???? Cheers

  9. i haven't done blanket stitch where i can hide the knot underneath, will have to come back here when i start my daisy

  10. That's how I do it too. Now, are you going to share those pancakes or am I going to drool here?

  11. That's how I do it too - I'll have a syrupy pancake, thanks!

  12. Hmmm, yes I am sure it is best to put down your stitching before eating your pancake. :)

  13. Thanks Fiona! but I only read it for the pancakes... :)


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