Friday, December 16, 2011

Some Christmas finishes and FNSI .....

This last year I have been receiving Christmas tree blocks via the Christmas Block Swap and I'm very happy to say that this week I finished off a couple of items I made with them

(I do hope I have got all the names right... please let me know if any of them are wrong)

Table Topper

left to right
Top Row: Vanessa, Larissa, Larain
Middle Row: Janet, Jen ,Sue
Botton Row: Sue, Teena, Cheryl

Cabinet Runner 

Left to Right
Teena, Crafty Pug, Ann

Thanks to all of you ladies who sent me these fantastic original blocks ... I love them all and these are now decorating my home this Christmas
and thanks to Crafty Pug for hosting this fun block swap

If you are interested in joining just pop in HERE - on the top left is information about the swap and it is open to anyone anywhere ..... you make a block, you get a block - easy as that

I used a felted wool blanket as the wadding
this has made them a lovely weight for the table
and added extra insulation
you will also notice a variety of free motion quilting
couldn't resist practicing different things

Tonight is the last

for the year

you can sign up HERE
I have a LOAD of prep work I want to do

Christmas Cheer


  1. Great collection of blocks. It's always tricky to work out how to put them together. I like your variation instead of just making a quilt.

  2. they look fantastic!
    I love how you have arranged the blocks.
    Beautiful christmas finishes!

  3. What wonderful blocks and I love the pieces you made with them.


  4. What pretty things you made with your blocks - I love the variety of them! Lovely quilting, girl!

    That cartoon is so funny - good one!

  5. Well done on the projects you have made with your blocks Fiona,they look fantastic.
    Lol the cartoon,thought the door knocker might have been there,lol

  6. All your blocks looking lovely put together.

  7. Lovely Christmas blocks! I hope to be sewing something tonight? I love the Christmas dogs cartoon! Very funny!!

  8. All your xmas trees look fantastic and great idea for using them too xxx

  9. Your table toppers look great.Sew nice to have something made by all our swappers. I still need a few more blocks to make a able cloth sew it will be next year.

  10. Great job on putting the b,lacks together ,your topper is fantastic! Think I'll sign up for FNSI as well I have binding tp sew down.

  11. Every one of those blocks is awesome, Fiona! Such creativity those ladies have! And the topper and runner you made from the blocks are so sweet and festive. What a great way to remember a fun swap!

    Love that cartoon! LOL!!!



  12. What lovely blocks you received...they have gone together so nicely

  13. Love your Christmas tree projects Fiona, all the best for a productive FNSI tonight .......

  14. Lovely blocks in lovely settings. Great job, Fiona!

  15. Lovely blocks and they look great in their finished arrangements.

  16. Your blocks look lovely together! Really like the first one. Your cartoon is so true, when we had a real tree and Sam was younger, we use to have to watch him all the time!!! Hugs

  17. Funny....
    I love all the different trees...perhaps after Christmas, I'll hop over and get in on it...One of the gals at Book Club had just returned from Australia. I told her I had lots of friends there.
    Mama Bear

  18. Wow, all the blocks look fantastic together and I love what you have made with them. Have a great FNSI.

  19. Love all those tree blocks together. Helpful doggies - haha. Tracee xx

  20. The trees are all gorgeous and look fantastic in your projects.
    Thanks for the laugh - good dogs.

  21. What a great forest of the idea to use the blocks in smaller useful projects...might just have to "borrow" your inspiration...

  22. Love your dog photo. Gotta pin that!

  23. They look great Fiona. Thank you for linking up to the Simply Christmas Inspiration party at Shabby Art Boutique.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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