Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It has been great fun seeing so many wonderful decorations from all over the world

Anni Downs shared this fabulous Christmas wallhanging which I have just managed to finish.....

Mine is done in felt... you can find Anni's free download pattern HERE 

My tree this year is a palm tree seed branch - dried and painted and filled with mostly hand made decorations

Christmas tree frog has found some fresh greenery to hide in ....

Tis the Season wall hanging and special stockings... one for me... one for Hubz (thanks to Shez)

Val found a really sweet knitted angel mouse pattern which I couldn't resist.... you can see Val's fabulous version HERE and she has the link for the pattern in her sidebar..

Thanks Val... (I think I got the ears too far forward.... but she is still quite cute!)

but I have to admit these are my all time favourite decorations

These are the owners of the stockings in my header
awesome.... just awesome

tear making awesome they are

I only get to hug one so he will have to take an awful lot of hugz in lieu

(and I have half a dozen spare baubles... just in case!!! no pressure)


  1. lol,love it (spare baubles)lol,there is diffently no pressure there,lol,they are so precious and cute.
    I am a bit worried you have santa hanging by his ankles from your palm tree branch,lol.
    Lovely post Fiona your place looks very lovely and festive.xx

  2. I love it with felt, it came out beautifully.
    Now, that fan tree, that is the most clever thing I have ever seen, I have fans and with my crazy cats, maybe I should hang them up there, lol.


  3. I hope you get some surprise hugs for Christmas.
    Your Christmas things are wonderful.

  4. Well after all, we are DoWn UnDeR.. so Santa looks right at home!!!
    Your home looks very festive and has wonderful memories everywhere! :)

  5. Hello, love your favorite ornaments....I have three in Texas that I've not seen in person in 2 years so I know how you feel....
    I had the Princess choose a random number in my give away and it was yours....I won't be sending it out until after Christmas but if you could email me your address....It is probably here somewhere but I'm not sure I've had it before.
    Mama Bear

  6. All your Christmassy photos are gorgeous. I love the li'l wall hanging in felt.

  7. Great how your have the photos displayed of your grandchildren....and the wall hanging is just so lovely....

  8. Cool tree. Love the baubles showing your grandchildren. The hanging is cute. Hugs,

  9. Very unique tree and ornaments ,really love the photos of your grandchildren ,get as many hugs as you can . hugs Sheila

  10. Hi Fiona, What a lovely post and a priceless last photo. Have a great xmas, hugs, Sharon

  11. Love your new wall hanging and your Christmas decorations look wonderful.
    Photo baubles are adorable!
    Merry Christmas to all :)

  12. Love all the stockings in your header and all those cutie kiddo's they belong too! Sweet! Happy Christmas!

  13. I love how you have displayed your grandchildren's photos. I may have to copy that idea one year. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  14. Your decorations are just wonderful. Love the stockings and the little ones they represent. Have a wonderful Chrismtas!

  15. Loved the tour Fiona and love your tree very cute with all it's handmade ornaments. I agree with you about your 'special' ornaments.

  16. I love that little wallhanging, it's on my list! Just love her designs. Your home is looking so festive, Fiona! And I'm jealous of the greenery. Tell me, the bigger stocking is YOURS, right? It better be, lol! Cute little mouse! And the pics of the owners of the stockings - brilliant - how absolutely adorable they all are. Spare baubles, lol....enjoy those hugs, girl!

  17. boy that tree had me bamboozled for a little bit!
    Love your decorating especially the beautiful baubles with your precious grandies!
    thanks for the link to the freebie pattern, looks great

  18. Cool tree! I love your little mouse :)
    There seems to be a bit of a size disparity in the stockings :D
    All the bauble pictures are so cute. They make a wonderful display.

  19. Your Anni Downs hanging looks great in felt. Lovely and bright.
    Great idea for the tree. A different one each year if you choose.
    Love the photos on the baubles. Totally gorgeous!

  20. Love your creations, especially those last little cuties :-) Have a wonderful Christmas x

  21. Love 'Home for Christmas' Fiona - it's on the list for next year.....

    Have a lovely Christmas and see you in the new year, Kathy :)

  22. Another inspiring post Fiona!! I love the Christmas wallhanging and the little mouse is adorable.

  23. all your little huggables are so cute. Sorry only one is close enough to hug. Merry Christmas!


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