Wednesday, December 28, 2011

.. and the one's I made.... and a new blogger to meet....

A gift that I couldn't share before TheBeardedManinTheRedSuit bungied by...

My SSCS (run by Chookyblue) gift was for Tanje (Nemo) in Norway

I made a little snowflake ornie with a tinkle bell....

and for her main present a tote bag ......

almost a 'sampler' bag... different blocks front and back which make up pockets....
flying geese and block piecing
quilted throughout

lined with lots of pockets inside (as I know treasures leap into bags)

Nemo is fond of mice so I made this little one to fit in a pocket....
(this is a very cute pattern from Bustle and Sew)

I loved making this bag - I hope Nemo loves it too

There's heaps of gifts and ornaments being shown on Chookyblue's blog if you fancy some inspiration

I'd love to introduce you to Helen.....

I met Helen when she came into one of my favourite LQS to buy a quilt.... she was told she couldn't buy one but she was welcome to join a bunch of us and make one.....  we were sewing to make quilts for people affected by the floods.....

She is a great friend and I have no doubt her blog will be great fun... she covers furniture, gets her hands dirty refurbishing homes, and is game to try all sorts of new things... sewing, knitting -  she did make a lovely quilt too (since she couldn't buy one) .... and has a wicked sense of humour.... you can see a few of her projects on her new blog 

I hope you can pop by and say G'day.....


  1. What a beautiful bag! I love the little mouse.

  2. Love your bag! I will pop over and say Hi now

  3. so gorgeous bag! Love that little mouse too.
    the fabrics in the bag are so beautiful. Well done.

  4. a lovely gift for Nemo.........I'm sure she will love it........

  5. You have made some lovely gifts, I especially love the litte mouse, he's gorgeous!!

  6. Very nice Bubz...I will pop over to say Hi as well...

  7. Beautiful gifts Fiona.
    Cute wee mouse.

  8. what a lovely parcel for Nemo to open Fiona,they are beautiful gifts to receive.
    I will pop over now to say hello to Helen.xx

  9. What lovely gifts you sent for SSCS- I've been over to visit Helen's blog too..

  10. Lovely bag Fiona. The little mouse is very cute too!

  11. Oh what a wonderful bag, I'm sure that will be used a lot by Nemo, the mouse is ever so cute as well.

  12. What a wonderful bag, Fiona.......Imagine all the goodies that could go in it :)

  13. That bag is gorgeous. I love the colours you chose, blue is always a favourite. And the pockets - say no more!

  14. sure is one very sweet mouse - who could resist bringing a little friend like this sewing.
    Lovely bag with lots of things to look at as well as being practical.

  15. Beautiful bag Fiona and the little mouse is just so cute. I will go check out your friend now , love to meet new bloggers. hugs Sheila

  16. Your bag is just gorgeous and all those pockets will be very handy :)

  17. Your bag is just gorgeous and all those pockets will be very handy :)

  18. Beautiful bag. Just love it. Such a cute ornament, too. I'm about to pop over and say Hi to Helen as well.

  19. Hi Fiona
    I hope I am in the correct section for leaving a comment??? Thanks to you dear friend lots of lovely bloggers left comments for me. You really are a special one!!
    This section doesn’t have spell checker so I am writing this in word then pasting and copying it to the screen. Fingers, toes and legs crossed. Have a great day Cheers Helen

  20. Everything you make is delightful. Hope you enjoy a wonderful 2012.

  21. Fiona I just love your bag. Your mouse is so cute. I will pop in and meet Helen.

  22. Great SSCS presents;love the bag!If I spot it in Oslo,I`ll say HI, that`s for sure. The stockings in your header are super. Happy New Year 2012 to you:-)

  23. You are very well informed and very brilliant. You did something that people are able to understand.

  24. Those are wonderful bags, it's a nice thing to give as a present.


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