Saturday, December 10, 2011

FNSI December

I did get some stitching done for FNSI.....

the centre block for the stitching is only 4" square... it amazes me how long it takes to do all those backstitches.... I'm going to need my sneaky 'downundersecondfnsi' evening..... 

we have cricket on (Australia vs New Zealand) so lots of stitching time today

there has been lots of this 'can'tseeuntilthefatmanintheredsuithasbeen' quilting ...

Mr Postie came by yesterday bearing gifts....

I won a stocking give-away from Shez this week... look at all the loveliness inside....

and Michelle sent me one of her cutest snowman ornaments....

and a lovely diary (which Hubz can't pinch) from Cheryll,

... thank you so much ....

I am pleased to say that Hubz was finally persuaded to climb up the ladder in the workshop and pull down the trunk that 'just has old books in' - amazing what we found....

the missing decorations... yippee.....

(in case you are concerned that picture is taken outside in the garage... my house is not that messy ...... today)

Why red wine is important at Christmas....

Have a lovely weekend.....


  1. how wonderful that you found the missing decorations ... now you can have fun playing with them .... looking .. touching .. oooo-ing and arrrhhh-ing as you find this one and that one ....... haha .. enjoy ...

  2. Ohhhh looks like Santa has come early to your house, all those lovely goodies. Glad you found the decorations, and, err, my house looks like that all the time!! It's all the cotton that I accidentally on purpose throw on the floor because I can't remember which side the waste bin is on, and who has time to look!!!!.....LOL

  3. Congrats on finding the missing Xmas decorations. Cricket is a bit depressing Aussies need to lift there game.

  4. Another great cartoon to finish with! Your stitching looks lovely! And it is a good day to veg out in front of the cricket!

  5. That looks like lots of stitching on your block! Gorgeous gifts, I love the snowman ornament.

  6. I am so glad that you found your missing box!!!

  7. lots of stitching getting done! Lovely mail.
    Hooray for finding the missing decorations...

  8. What a lot of lovely gifts. That stocking was a wonderful prize. So glad you found the missing box :)

  9. Cute cartoon. I won a stocking too - can't wait to see what I get, although it will probably be January by the time it arrives. Yours looks so lovely.

  10. The snowman looks great...had a laugh at the fat man in the red suit...lots of lovely goodies a bit disappointed about the cricket, thought the Aussies had the ideal opportunity to take advantage and they didn't, darn...

  11. Well done on getting some stitching done on FNSI...your Butterfly Garden is looking so the sneaky second-go 'coz we are downunder thinking, I always figure that as it is USA based we can still be stitching Friday night their time! for, hope it worked for you too!!! :)

  12. That's great you found your decorations. :) Lot's of lovely goodies there. Hugs.

  13. I'm giggling at your cartoon so much I've forgotten what I was going to write!

  14. great projects on the go Fiona,glad you like your stocking now you have one to hang up for yourself,so glad you found your missing ornaments

  15. I really like the backstitching you did, changes the whole look! That snowman ornament is very cute and I "pinned" it. The Santa cartoon, LOL!

  16. Lots of great stitching going on and you are keeping the postman in business with all those goodies :-) So that is how Santa is all red , hmm often wondered ;-0 Glad you found your missing ornaments .hugs

  17. I am glad you found the ornaments and before Christmas. Your stitching is wonderful as usual. I love the cartoon!

  18. Love your butterfly garden!
    Nice backstitched block.
    You have received some lovely gifts and glad you found the 'hidey hole' for the Christmas decos. You should put them back there so you know where they are next year ;P.
    Lol, now I know why I need red wine each Christmas, so I don't need to worry about what I dress in as I'll still look festive!

  19. So glad you found your decorations & in time for Christmas rather than annoyingly after. That block is gorgeous but yes, lots of stitching. Gorgeous pressies! Tracee xx

  20. I'm glad you found you almost lost decorations.I had the same problem this year but fortunately it's solved.
    I love your block and your stitching is perfect.
    Merry Christmas!

  21. How lucky have you been Bubz....
    gald you found those decos...

  22. That's a lot of backstitches, girl! Such lovely gifts you got, you deserve it, dear one...and oh am I glad you found those decorations!! Love the cartoon!

  23. Stitching takes me forever. I think my ADD kicks in. Congrats on your win. What lovely gifts you received.

  24. Lovely block Fiona and beauitful stocking pressies too. Oh so glad you found your decorations. Now you can go "Crazy Christmas" Love the cartoon!


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