Wednesday, April 18, 2018

All sorts.....

I added a new mini to my wall this week - Marina sent me the lovely gathering of Suffolk puffs earlier this year and I found a hanger for them and put them up this week .... It looks perfect amongst treasures of mine in my quilting room...
(thanks Marina, not sure this was your original intention but it's just perfect there)

At the weekend a Blue Tongue Skink visited us - well we found him hiding next to the DVD player (I have to admit I got a big fright when he first stuck his head out and hissed at us) 

With a bit of persuasion with boards and brooms we got him back outside.....  this one was quite good and fat and about 40cm (15") long and rather handsome....

Much happier now he is back in the bush I'm sure....

For my machine sewing this week, my lovely treadle machine is out ..... 

... we are working on my diamonds quilt - a bit each day to make some progress.....I had made up the small diamond blocks a while ago and then done lots of big diamond cutting 

I had a request for some maple leaves on a quilt ...... I use Hubz old work shirts for practice pieces.... I actually find bigger shapes more difficult but I think these are recognisable....

This sewing is normally my Friday night with the girls sewing but I did a few extra evenings with it and got the first stitchery block done....

There is still dresden plates to make for it .... 

Flowerville by Rosalie Decker

... and I finally stuffed a bunch of birds and hearts with lavender....

They are now hanging or sitting in strategic places around my home... I still have some more I will do sometime ....  The pictures were printed on fabric and I just cut around them... prints on both sides and rather sweet....

Righto, Gotto Go...... have a great rest of the week.....


  1. Good morning my friend you sure have been busy,love your lavender birds and hearts and what a lovely project marina made for you. oh that lizard would've scared the life out of me,lol,hope your day is a good one Fiona xx

  2. Lots of loveliness there
    The maple leaves are definitely recognizable

  3. The suffolk puffs are so sweet...I love your mini wall! Lots of lovely sewing there and I am sure I beauty is happy for some exercise...very cute birdies and hearts. It is always a relief to see legs on slithery people lol!

  4. That SHOULD say "your" beauty...fat fingers lol!

  5. Love the maple leaves, diamond quilt & your mini's wall. Hugs, xx

  6. Love your wall of minis. It's very you, charming. Sorry but I don't see where the Skink is cute. I wouldn't want to come face to face with it. (We don't have any in Canada, not use to see lizards inside the house.) Your maple leaves are very recognizable. Great job. Very good use of the printed fabric too. Enjoy the rhythmic sewing on your treadle. ;^)

  7. Your wall of minis look wonderful together, as well as all the projects you are working on, beautiful.
    I like making sachets too, I do have a lot of novelty fabrics I could use.


  8. Have fun with your treadle. Good for you to get your little house guest on his way.always love to see what your up to . Happy stitching.
    In stitches Annette

  9. Lovely stuff as usual happening there. I love the idea of the group of minis.

  10. That's a lovely Red Eye treadle, I am quite covetous even though I already own two treadles......lovely group of minis on the wall, such pretty decor!

  11. Oh sure have been busy with all of your Stitching and your Quilting and making little cute adorable pillows. Your Quilts are just beautiful.

    I am so glad that you got that big long critter out of your house...I would be screaming to the top of my lungs if I ran across him in my house.

    Keep up with your Beautiful Stitching and Quilt Making XX

    Linda K, Buttercup

  12. Oh it would have been a bit scary finding your visitor in the cupboard! Always a relief when you see the legs! Your stitchery is beautiful, the little hangers would keep the house smelling beautiful.Lovely creative wall you nice to have things from friends close by. Hope you enjoyed your treadle time.

  13. Lots of lovlies again Fiona. The Suffolk Puffs look great on your wall. I am not sure that I could cope with finding a skink in the house!! xx

  14. You’ve been a busy lady! I bet your lavender hearts smell lovely.

  15. Your wall looks very pretty. Gives you a bit of a fright when you find these visitors in the house, especially when the furries bring them in. Love the little stitchery, very sweet and the lavender will smell lovely around the house. xcx

  16. I think you have used it perfectly fiona!
    Love those maple leaves and your diamonds are going to look stunning..
    Glad you released mr blue tongue, always thought they were amazing as a youngster, they were more common then.

  17. Marina's Suffolk Puffs look lovely on your wall.
    Oh yes that Blue Tongue would have given me a fight too!!!
    Lovely Diamond project sewn on the treadley...
    Your Maple leaves look great.
    Pretty stitchery and I bet those cute lavender bags smell lovely around the house.

  18. Love my blue tongues........ But not inside....... Best keep the doors shut .... Lucky it wasn't a snake...... My boy would have picked it up for you.....

  19. You have been busy, lots of inspiration. Not sure how I would feel about the blue tongue, our cresty passed last year and he was very friendly but little! Loving the mini quilt wall and your design wall, I think that has to be on my list to do. The maple leaves are great, good idea on the shirts. Happy stitching :)

  20. Thos Suffolk puffs look awesome! You have neen busy doing lids of different projects x

  21. I'd have got a shock too, if I found a blue-tongue inside. Thank goodness, that was the only visitor. I'm sure he is much happier back outside. Your little collection of mini quilts is rather lovely. I have dreams of a small collection, but only have a couple. Something to work on. Your other work is progressing nicely. Yes, they look like maple leaves.

  22. You are very talented to free hand those gorgeous maple leaves! I thought was a pantograph at first. Well done!

  23. That lovely little yoyo wallhanging looks great with all the others! What a good idea to use hubz old shirts to practice on, the maple leaves look perfect! Oh boy, I would freak out if I found any lizard that big in my house :) xx

  24. You obviously have a wonderful and welcoming home. It is the only explanation for this lizard to be inside. Like you , I would have been shocked to first find it. Glad you manged to get him outside in the end.
    Lovely stitching happening at your place, as always. The diamonds still look tricky to me.
    Flowerville is a delight. And good work getting your little ornies stuffed and ready for action!

  25. Oh Fiona your GJ is just gorgeous, I do love the muted blue, MUCH better!! Your little mini wall is darling, I need to re-do my wall. I would have had heart failure finding that in my cupboard, do they bite? Maybe they don't need to, just finding them is enough, lol. Seeing your treadle made me realize I need to put my new belt on mine and get it going. Maybe I'll get to stay home this week? I hope so! Love your projects, girl!

  26. Loving those lavendar sachets. I think I shall make some now that I have seen yours. Gorgeous treadle machine. So many lovely things.


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