Thursday, April 12, 2018

Coming together.....

With the stitcheries done and all the blocks cut I am managing to get through a few more of my Gardeners Journal blocks....

The apple trees in the orchard look like they have a decent crop...

Clearly I was exhausted from not supervising Hubz properly so I sat and watched the birds....

The birds do love the bird bath... and the sprinkler on a hot day....

The blocks are not sewn together but this is how they will sit... there is two more to go on the right - then the borders. 

I used fabric with a kit... looking at it I don't like the bright blue very much.... I think I might be painting with tea to mute it a bit??? ... I'm not unpicking...

I got a few more circles done in the evening .....

... as well as these 3 Dutch Treats .....

In between quilt jobs I try and do a bit of sorting..... I had some African animal fabric in swatches 

I've cut them into squares and slashed across to add the green stripes (I am following a Kiwi pattern which is also a bit African in design)

There was also a few pieces with these smaller pictures.... I am going to make these into polaroid pictures - it will make a nice childs quilt....

Now that I have plans for them I have them boxed, bagged and ready to sew when I can.... there is also a nice bag of scraps.....

I find if I don't do this I forget what I wanted to do with the fabric and then it gets put away in a box again.

I have seen Africa themed fabrics with these before...

... hmmmmm....

I left them out

Righto, Gotto Go... it's showday holiday here today so nice and quiet outside - I'll still be working though


  1. LOVE GJ! Looks wonderful! Are ther still lots of Dutch Treat to go? It will be a masterpiece. Nice prep on your African quilt x

  2. hi Fiona you are getting your blocks done really fast,well done and wow the Afica panels are gorgeous love them,oops your forgot the tigers,lol,loved the chat yesterday,hope your day is wonderful my friend xx

  3. Lovee your quilt. Looks beautiful. Your African quilt looks interesting. Hugs, xx

  4. Love how the garden quilt is coming along, beautiful stitchery and fabric choices.


  5. loving the African quilt, someone is in for a treat

  6. You've been a busy lady. I love how your Gardners Journal quilt is coming along. You know, I hadn't noticed the blue fabric, until you mentioned it. I look forward to seeing your tea treatment - definitely no unpicking!

  7. Gorgeous progress on both projects and the African fabrics are going to make a lovely quilt.
    Are you doing your circles all in blues?

  8. Funny about that blue fabric - I had not noticed it until you said! lol But yes, I suspect it would look better a little muted. I am hoping a copy of Gardeners Journal will be winging it's way to me next week - I just could not resist. xx

  9. Gardeners Journal looks wonderful, I didn't notice the blue either until you mentioned it...tea will be good to calm it back a bit. Your DT blocks are wonderful the African fabrics.

  10. You are very productive with your hand stitching, I really must make myself watch less TV! I love the African themed fabrics, they are going to make a wonderful kids quilt.

  11. You make Gardeners Journal sound like a wonderful summer day. I could almost hear the birds chirping. So lovely. Thanks for the charming images it brought to mind. (We are getting another snow storm this weekend :^P) Love the DT blocks. All three are wonderful but I love the color of the first one. Wow. You did wonderful progress. Enjoy! ;^)

  12. I really like the idea of slashing the animal blocks and adding the green stripe! I'll have to remember that technique to use with some of my panels!

  13. Love the work on all the different blocks. Every project is growing.
    And well done with all the organising of your African fabrics. Smart move for planning a quilt.

  14. The Gardener's Journal quilt is coming along nice. I see what you mean with the blue. Have fun with the African fabrics

  15. Ooh that Gardener's Journal - love it so much - but yes, the blue is a bit bright, you could also paint with coffee, that might be darker if you take your coffee as strong as mine, lol. Love the African fabrics, can't wait to see what you do with those.

  16. Your African fabrics are very cool - they are going to make a great kids quilt! Got anyone in mind for it? xx


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