Saturday, April 14, 2018

Middle of the month.....

Time is spinning out crazily...... mid April already.  

This week I got the last two blocks for Gardeners Journal together....

Here are some garden tools

and here the friends are off to a garden show

I experimented a little with the tea - you can see on the scrap where I stained half of the piece... just tones it down  

Please meet Tilly the Tea Lady - this is the next set of blocks I am working on for Angel Story
(well one of the next set of blocks!)

Friday night with the girls was cancelled this week so finding a bit of extra 'machine' time I put the GJ blocks together and added the borders... and stained the blues....

Ta-da.... Gardeners Journal top is completed 

I do love it.... I love stitcheries and piecing 

So now it is joining the quilting queue..... 

This picture shows the difference between the blues before and after staining

perhaps a tad more muted than I had meant it to be - but I prefer it to the brightness

Righto, Gotto Go....  I'm going to do something very practical and make a bunch of towelling cloths.  A bit boring but in my opinion they work well and are tough.

Have a lovely weekend ...xx


  1. Wow Fiona, you got that quilt together quickly! Great how the tea stain mutes down the colour really well. Quilting pile is growing!!

  2. Lovely quilt, really like all the stitcheries, amazing how the tea tones those blues down. xcx

  3. Your GJ quilt looks fantastic Fiona! Well done! Yours will probably be quilted before mine. :0) I liked the pretty blue, but the muted version does suit your other colours better. Missed our sewing last night. Have a great week. Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  4. Well done on getting your top done!

  5. Beautiful work my friend ,well done xx

  6. Looks great all put together - the tea has done it's job, what a difference that makes. xx

  7. Gardener's Journal looks beautiful. Hugs,xx

  8. The tea staining made all the difference, love the quilt as a matter of fact it is one of my favourites....well done.

  9. Looks fantastic! We are done my friend...woohoo! I'm working on Miss Tillie too....yours is sweet xx

  10. I love bright colors, but agree with you that the blue needed just a bit of discipline in this one. I'm so glad the tea staining worked! Tilly the Tea Lady would be so pleased :)

  11. You really have put your skates on with this quilt. What a great finish with this flimsy.
    Lovely embroidery and piecing!!

  12. Wow, this is gorgeous. Stitcheries in a quilt are so beautiful. Congratulations x

  13. Oh congrats Fiona, GJ looks wonderful & you've done a great job toning down those blues.
    Yay for you that it's progressed to the flimsy stage & now awaiting the magic of your quilting.
    I confess I've been leafing through my GJ book, wondering if it will be my next 'take to patchwork group' project... like you, I enjoy projects that combine stitchery & piecing.

  14. The quilt top looks so good. I love Tilly's floral dress.

  15. Oh wow, it is just gorgeous!!! I love it! xx

  16. Wohoo on your Gardener's Journal is gorgeous - nboth before and after the tea dyeing. I love the combination of stitchery, applique and piecing :-)

  17. Good on you starting your angels. I love your version. A Gardener's Journal looks wonderful. Once again I am reminded to get out all my completed blocks and finally piece them into a quilt.


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