Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A story.....

Firstly thank you for all the good wishes for my Hubz' birthday

he had a wonderful time

I did find time to play a bit last week in amongst catering duties!


Mr Bunny sat on his own... rather sad as he had no-one to play with.....

... suddenly he spotted a pretty little lady bunny hiding shyly behind a leaf....

.... ooooh... I love you .... kiss kiss kiss....

... very soon they had a little boy and a little girl baby bunnies....

.. and they grew up and fell in love....

... and then the grandchildren started arriving.....

Mrs Bubz came along and said... "Enough"... get in the box and stop fooling around!

You may just have to go to bed without your dinner!

(Little bunnies are designed by Rosalie Quinlan)

Righto, Gotto Go.....

this was my spot at the weekend.... I could make some more!


  1. nothing like a good love story..
    thank goodness it wasn't 50 shades of rabbit..
    they are so cute.

  2. Lol just laughing at Marinas comment,love your bunnies and I hope they are behaving now and it sure looks like you were in a good spot on the weekend xx

  3. Those bunnies are so cute and they keep multiplying;)


  4. Hello Fiona,

    Happy Birthday to your Husband, the cake looks amazing. I love those rasically rabbits.

    Happy days.

  5. Too funny. Both your story & Marina's comment. Maybe you shouldn't have put them all in the box together. :) Hugs,xx

  6. You tell a great story Fiona. Happy Easter to you and your family. Hugs.....

  7. Adorable bunnies...and such a cute story to go with them! :0)

  8. so cute....a lovely story along the way

  9. very cute bunnies…no wonder they say.."breed like rabbits"!
    have a lovely Easter. Xx

  10. Don't mind if cute little bunnies breed! Lovely.

  11. Still laughing over Marina's 50 shades of rabbit Lol! Very cute xx

  12. Lol love your bunny story - they are so very cute Fiona

  13. Glad the celebrations went well. Gotta keep an eye on those bunnies.

  14. Gosh, this turned out be some lovely bunnies :-) Happy for your DH, the cake looks delicious!

  15. I always love your stories Fiona!
    Those little cuties could come multiply in my garden pots any time...

  16. OMG Fiona, your little bunnies made me laugh out loud....thank you xxx

  17. You seem just to funny Fiona , such cute little bunnies and I loved the story . Hugs Sheila

  18. Ha, ha I brought that pattern too and seen it in several shops since I brought I suspect there is going to be a bunny plague all over the country in time for Easter!

  19. Wow, your bunnies sure did run riot at your place!! Love your story, but do you really think putting them all together in one box will stop them multiplying?? Watch out!


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