Monday, April 20, 2015

April FMQ challenge....

Thanks to Darlene at QuiltShopGal for hosting another quilting challenge...  this month the guest tutor was Christina Cameli from A Few Scraps..... I have been reading her blog for a while and now with this challenge I ordered one of her books... it arrived last week and I got straight to work....

With my new book in hand I chose Option #3 on this post HERE which was to make a cushion using any of Christina's designs in the book....

(There are a lot of pictures but I am showing steps in my creation ... just skip to the end to see the final cushion)

I have some sand coloured fabric and I wanted to give it a watery type feel in the quilting....

Here is the cushion top marked, sandwiched and pinned with guidelines for my first pattern....

This design is called Tideway...

I get frustrated with stopping and starting... I make kinks!!!  If I start a lot slower and concentrate it is better... (but I have a tendency to visit la-la land when I have been concentrating too long!!)  

... on one of the back sleeves I did this design called Sylph..... ( I think I chose it for it's name as well as it's look)

... I need to slow down and concentrate more on doing the pebbles... not so good on the 'travelling'

.. and on the other back sleeve I did Lithe .....  I found this one nice and easy and calming to do.....

I used a thicker glossy embroidrey thread for the main quilting... then I wanted a bit of sparkle for the water in the Tideway quilting so I pulled out this HUGE cone of fine metallic thread

(tension needed to go to no tension at all and the cone is so big it sat on the table instead of in the thread place on the machine)

 .. you can't see the sparkle in the picture - it is quite subtle... but I did like the look of the finer thread for this part ....

... so I added another few lines of quilting with it into the back cushion sleeves....
(I think I went a bit overboard quite honestly)

... all three pieces with the extra bit of bling added.... and a picture of Christina's book

I finished off the cushion just with very gently rounded corners....

... it is a bigger cushion this time with 20" sides. This is the back showing the two different designs

.. and here it is at my favourite place to sit on the veranda....

I was going to put it in the gift box but Hubz has claimed it....

I am pleased with my new book.. there are heaps of ideas and Christina gives brief but clear instructions on how to do them.... with plenty of pictures (I do like pictures)

You can join the challenges any time if you feel like learning and practicing your FMQ.... QuiltShopGal always has lots of links and information ...

Righto, Gotto Go.... Darlene has a linky for all the participants in the challenge so I am off HERE to have a look see what others have made... there is always such inspirational quilting .. and we are all learning....


  1. Oh, that's very elegant! Well done, you!

  2. Hi Fiona ,wow your cushion is amazing,I might have to invest in this book,Thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  3. That looks that wavy design on the front.

  4. Great to see you rising to the challenge once more with this cushion Fiona :-) Love it!! I'm still deciding what to do on my cushion!!!

  5. Fabulous quilting. Love your cushion. Hugs, xx

  6. Looks good Fiona,I do love that one with the little pebbles, and so glad hubby gets to claim something once in a while

  7. Dear Fiona,
    great FMQ project, looks very nice.

  8. what a wonderful veranda you must have to include a gorgeous quilt and fancy cushion.
    Wonderful quilting!

  9. Your quilting is gorgeous Fiona - you are so very clever

  10. Wow, Fiona you did a fantastic job. I love the movement of these designs as they are interesting to the eye and yet so soothing, like water.


  11. Oh excuse me Fiona, could you hand me my jaw that just fell on the floor????? Holy moly that is just the most awesome quilting EVER, I adore the pattern and feel like I've been to the beach. Hubz is one smart cookie.

  12. I love seeing what you come up with in each of these challenges. Beautiful work. Love the way you use the different patterns on each part of the cushion. Great idea!

  13. I love the pebble quilting, and your cushion is gorgeous....your verandah looks like a perfect spot to sit.

  14. Oh Fiona that is just fabulous! Hey if you're going to la-la land perhaps a glass of wine would help!

  15. Nicely done! All the designs came out great in your hand but I think sylph is particularly lovely. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. You made me laugh with "Kinky!"


  16. Very nice job on your pillow!!! I love the flow your quilting has

  17. Great job! I love the wavy motion in your pillow!

  18. Beautiful! Great samples and lovely cushion cover. xx

  19. You are rather clever. My attempts at FMQ are disasterous!


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