Wednesday, September 18, 2013


... from a Stitching Day almost always means some shopping for those things you learnt about....

The blue is tape/bandage used at the Vet for bandaging little animal legs....  Rosalie Quinlan gave us this great idea.... 

... and dental floss.... great for stuffies or things that have a lot of tension and need to be extra strong. 

The tape is very stretchy and non sticky so it is perfect wrapped on your finger for protection... especially great if you don't find a thimble comfortable but get sore fingers....

take it off - no residue and you can reuse it a few times before cutting off another little bit

.... both quite cheap (I paid $8.40 for the tape and $3+ for the floss - many of us have floss in the bathroom but this one is going in the sewing kit)

I also learnt about Cottage Garden threads ... (thanks Linda and Cheryl) ... mine end up in a big mess like this and I was commenting about them being so beautiful but so difficult to keep nice...

It appears there is no need to rip the paper, just gently untwist and a little tug and it stays all nice and you can take out what you need....

.... you may all know this of course because you read the instructions... but just in case I thought I would let you in on my epiphany

My Postie dropped by with a giftie all the way from Jane in England....  Jane makes lots of interesting things often using preloved fabrics.... I love this little shoulder bag which is just the right size for glasses and phone and keys and a bit of cash incase you walk past a fabric shop...

It came wrapped up in that lovely rose fabric... now I can make something too!

Thanks Jane... I love my new bag 

My present hand stitching is this months SAL... we are making a needlecase and there is lots of pretty stitching...

I did have a very big panic a while ago as I had done all this loads of stitching and couldn't find my stitchery... looked high and low

needed a gin and tonic and ice

I sometimes use the Frixion pens to help with my marking and after ironing (which makes the marks disappear I put the item in the freezer so the marks can come up again!)

I had marked the outside of the heart to guide my needleturn but forgot where I had put the fabric!
mushy brain.... mushy brain...
... just so lucky I NEEDED a gin and tonic at that time ....

... and I have put the binding and hanging sleeve on my butterfly .....

... looking at it a border would have been nice but it is already quite big ....

... and on the machine I have been making lattice out of beautiful oriental fabrics ....

Righto, Gotto Go.... this Friday is .....

.... and sign ups are HERE at Wendy's place.... will be fun to stitch with you.....


  1. Ah Fiona, G&T would make me put my stitching in the freezer too, LOL.
    Lovely gifts there from Jane x

  2. Great post. Such lovely photos and interesting info. Very funny about yr stitching in the freezer. Gorgeous butterfly too

  3. Awesome info there girl!
    And that butterfly! OMGosh I love it... and the batiks you used.

  4. Love your hiding the stitchery in the freezer, what a good excuse for a gin n tonic lol
    Thanks for the tips too!

  5. What a brilliant idea for the bandage, I'll have to have a look and see if I can find some, I hate thimbles, and plasters aren't sturdy enough

  6. Thank you for sharing the tip about the blue bandages, Great idea.
    I do like the Cottage Garden Threads I was lucky enough to have a stitching day with the mother and daughter who make them.
    So pleased your stitchery turned up - of course it had to be somewhere just a little different.
    Your butterfly is beautiful. Do you have a spot to display it?

  7. Yes it does pay to read the instructions! You now need to make one of Gail Pans thread holders, especially designed to store you CGT in :) hugs

  8. Love the idea of the blue bandage - eps if there is no residue - I do have those clear finger protector things - whatever they are called but the tape is much better - where did you get it?? Good to hear you got the tip about the CGTs - they can be a pain otherwise..
    Oh - did I compliment you on your sash tying??

  9. Handy hints, lovely projects, and always a giggle too. What else do you find in the freezer?

  10. Great hints and gorgeous stitching

  11. Well just as well you needed a gin and tonic at that time LOL!

  12. Did you say you were recovering??? The tape is a great idea as I hate a thimble on my under quilt finger. Your butterfly and gifts are beautiful.

  13. lol So pleased you felt the need for the G & T. Wouldnt have wanted to do that stitching again, would you. Lovely butterfly, lovely bag from Jane, and great tips.

  14. How clever!!! as to come by and see what you are up to.

  15. I know about the dental floss but thanks for the tip with the blue bandage. I can't wear a thimble sew this is great for me...
    You have keep busy with your stitching and nice post from Jane.

  16. I use bandaids, lol. I have some of that tape but I kept getting the needles stuck in it. For my holding hand I use the plastic stickies, keeps me from poking myself and great for hand quilting. Love that butterfly and looks gorgeous with the quilting.


  17. What a pretty bag! Some good tips there, can also take that dental floss container on a plane to use the cutter for threads, if you take sewing with you.

  18. You are full of good things today - oh your new little bag is so very lovely, how nice of Jane!!! And Fiona, I've forgotten my stitching in the freezer as well....sigh. Your butterfly is STUNNING. Absolutely STUNNING. I love it, well done, and the quilting is just perfect!!!

  19. Glad the kids didn't find your stitching in the freezer or they might be measuring you up for a straight jacket! Love the lattice and the finished butterfly looks lovely, a border would have only been distracting!

  20. Great tip on the bandage , I do wear a thimble at times but sometimes it gets in the way . I have used the friction pens and forgot and ironed it and poof there goes my design but thankfully the freezer does being it back :-) hugs Sheila

  21. could do with some of that blue tape at the moment!
    Your butterfly block looks amazing you have done a great job and that lattice is gorgeous.
    very pretty little bag from Jane.

  22. It's great to hear some tricks of the trade, I have lots of that bandage stuff here for the ponies, will give it a whirl next time the fingers are hurting. Your butterfly is SO beautiful, and your quilting has really made it perfect! Thank goodness for the need for a G&T(with ice)


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