Friday, September 27, 2013


... sadly not the licorice kind of allsorts... I do loooooovvvveee them....

Between one thing another the week has not been the best ... although some wonderful things have been going on...

I went to the lovely quilt displays (didn't take pictures) but I did make a purchase....

... and fitted some on the bottom on my favourite rulers... really has made a difference to the non slip when cutting .....

 ............ and then we went on to the tea display ........

it is all so pretty

.... it happened to be lunch time so we had tea and scones with jam and cream whilst admiring the aprons and tea towels

This week is bookclub week and I chose to 'listen' to my book
"Schindlers Ark"
so confronting and sad as well as so inspiring regarding the resilience and determination of people in the face of extraordinary cruelty and hardship

I had to borrow a tape recorder for this - haven't used tapes for years

and whilst I listened I finished off this magnificent shop sample for Quilters Angel ....
... fits a queen size bed with a decent hangover.  It has lots of piecing and some applique and using large fussy cut blocks ....

... this is some close up detail of the quilt...

the fabrics are such a lovely quality and it really made a difference to working with it for the piecing.......

..... then I watched the movie Schindlers List (based on the book) whilst sewing some frosty snowman in between tears....

the thread I am using is not as refined as embroidery thread and so I have been running it through beeswax... definitely helped avoid knotting and made it sew much easier

...  I was given a lovely thank you gift .....

.... this old cutley box has been painted and lined with old music sheets ....

I've been looking for one of these for some time... 

Righto... Gotto Go... I have plans for my new box....


  1. oh i know that is such a sad movie,my daughter wont watch it.Wow that quilt is awesome Fiona and a lot of work has gone into it,well done and boy do i love all those cups and saucers,have a lovely weekend my friend.xx

  2. I haven't watched that movie, or read the book either. Perhaps one day......I do love your box, it's very clever! The quilt fabrics are interesting too.

  3. Your photos bring back lovely memories...all those gorgeous teacups.
    You have made a beautiful quilt and love the box. I tried to watch that movie but it was so sad I didn't' get very far.

  4. Those tea cups are just gorgeous...
    Your quilt is lovely .
    I have watched the movie and it very sad.

  5. What a great post that ol' box....wonder what you will do with it! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. It does sound like you've had a wonderful week. Great idea for the cutlery box, I wonder what you'll use it for.

  7. I got myself Schindler's List about 6 months ago to watch & then remembered how sad it made me the first time i watched it & didn't quite feel up to watching it at the time. Maybe now i will. :) Love the box it's fabulous. I found one years ago on legs & gave it to my brother. As the time has gone by i often kick myself for doing so. :) lol. Gorgeous quilt & oh those teas sets are so beautiful. Hugs,,xx

  8. Great movie but so sad. Great idea to listen while sewing though. Love the tea cup display, just beautiful. Think you have inspired me to make scones today...not what DH wants (cos the footy grand final is on he will want pies!) but sure the kids will enjoy with me!

  9. what a lovely teacup display.
    The shop quilt is amazing, what a great job you've done, I love the zig zag borders,and the colours are gorgeous! WEll done.
    Love your little gifty box too, can't wait to see what you have planned for it....
    Hope the week wasn't too miserable for you and the weekend picks up.

  10. I've had that grip on my rulers for years and it's great. How beautiful are all those tea cups. Nothing beats scones with jam and cream.

  11. Wow!! what a jam packed post. Schindlers List is so sad...I was reading Jodi Picoult's latest book - its about a German soldier who was at the camps - cant read it anymore - just too distressing.
    Lovely tea cups & quilt. LOoking forward to seeing what you do with the box.

  12. What a busy week! Looks like a great thread or notions box :)

  13. Hope all is ok and next week is full of good things. Those teacups are awesome. The shop quilt is so beautiful. Take care my friend.
    Hugs xx

  14. Such gorgeous teacups Fiona - how beautiful are they. And love your gorgeous quilt. You have been nice and busy.

  15. I rewatched that film with Jonathan earlier in the year (he's not seen it before) it's hard going. Well done with the shop quilt, and I love that cutlery box

  16. Watched the movie a while back, I might download the book for my next audio the quilt, those tea cups are so nice...hope today is a good day..

  17. Hi Fiona,
    One has to be strong to watch Schindler's List but it is such an incredible film. It makes you wonder at how some people are. I adore the photo of the tea cups and saucers, it sounds like you had a fantastic time.
    Cheers, Anita.

  18. Such a lovely post, the wall of china is gorgeous! Your quilt is beautiful too. Schindlers list is sad, I haven't seen it for a long time, hugs Wendy

  19. Great movie, too right though with the tears. Your shop sample looks have certainly been very busy.

  20. I love Schindlers List, the little girl in the red coat always brings me to tears. Brilliant quilt, that quilt shop is so lucky to have you for one of its angels. I too wonder what plans you have for your box?

  21. Wow have you been up to a lot this week!!! ... I haven't actually seen (or read) Schindler's list yet, despite it probably sitting in my dvd cupboard, lol, but I might have to pull it out and give it a go :) ... The box is lovely! Any ideas on what you plan to use it for? Would it be big enough to store quilt blocks in? It's lovely, whatever you use it for!! xx

  22. The quilt is wonderful and i love that box! Schindler's List and Schindler's Ark both made me cry. I went to Auszwitz when I lived in Poland. That made me cry too.

  23. Looks like plenty has been happening in your week. The quilt is lovely.
    I had a laugh when you said you had to borrow a tape player. It is interesting how quickly some things like that can disappear. One of our grand children recently found an audio tape and asked what it was use for. Time moves on.

  24. I think I really need some of that grip stuff. The tea cups are beautiful

  25. Oh boy you were so busy Ms Fiona. That teacup display is stunning! Your quilt sample for the shop is quite beautiful, your workmanship is obviously highly valued...


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