Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MY Tablerunner....

I recently took part in a Tablerunner Swap hosted by Maree.....

Mine arrived this morning from Carol in New South Wales ......

Even though I was so excited to see what was inside I have to say I did find it hard to tear into this beautifully wrapped prettiness... 

Such a pretty table runner... it is perfect for the coffee table ... there is piecing in these lovely earthy colours, and very sweet stitcheries in the middles ... and finished off with lovely hand quilting and matching binding....

Not only did Carol send me a tablerunner but a couple of matching coasters..... one for Hubz and one for me....

.... and some sweet treats too...

... just beautiful... thanks Carol 

I thought I would update you on my Wisteria..... it's looking beautiful....

this time of year I refer to my place as "Wisteria Lane" ......

Today I went to Quilt Group and Lyn brought in her Jelly Roll (race) quilt....  I love how she has sliced it up and resewn it.... (she's quite the arty type!!)

you perhaps can't see it clearly but the top and bottom borders are done in a matching chenille which gave a lovely bit of weight and texture to the quilt.... 

I have been doing some sewing... Sharon is collecting Polaroid Pictures for a sick little chappie.... I am sending these ones off with some Ausi animals on them ....

and I have been doing a bit of quilting lately

.... some in dark thread....

... and some in light thread .....

.... do you like my breathe easy gardening gloves... they work wonderfully!..... best grip ever

Righto, Gotto Go... Chai Latte and chocolate to enjoy .....


  1. Love the goodies in you table runner swap. The wisteria is beautiful, wish I could really see it.

  2. love your new runner Fiona,Carol has done a wonderful job and such a wonderful parcel to receive.xx

  3. Gorgeous tablerunner and coasters Fiona - my colors. Your wisteria is just beautiful. We have all our beautiful flowering prunus and cherries out here at the moment.

  4. Lovely table runner Fiona and lovely wrapping! Mmmm, Wisteria Lane, you made me smile with that name!

  5. I love your table runner, gorgeous colours. That Wisteria is amazing.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Love the colors in your new runner, and the little hint of stitchery. I hope your Wisteria Lane is calmer than the "other" one! Great little Polaroid blocks.

  7. A gorgeous table runner, Love the wisteria too. Quilting with dark thread show s how confident you are with your quilting now - well done!

  8. What a lovely table runner - great colours and the quilting enhances it beautifully. And your wisteria is gorgeous. Isn't it a great time of year in the garden.

  9. Interesting runner, the quilting really adds texture and dimension! Your wisteria is very pretty, is it pink or mauve? It's a bit hard to tell in the sunlight.

  10. Love the colours in the table runner, nice matching set. Your wisteria looks beautiful, lovely way to start your spring.

  11. Hello Fiona,

    Now which housewife are you? Love that Wisteria. I think that wrapping paper is just so pretty just like your new table runner. Lucky you.
    Great little blocks for the sick one.
    Happy quilting/gardening.


  12. Perfect purple gloves with multiple uses.
    Lucky you and the mr with that gorgeous runner and matching bits.
    Cute blocks for the cause.
    Enjoy your treats.

  13. Gorgeous packaging I am not surprised that you did not want to open it! Lovely runner though, lucky you.

  14. your runner is gorgeous, love the warm colors and the quilting looks so perfect.
    love the native animal photos, cute as.
    look forward to seeing the end results of your quilting sessions.

  15. Love the runner. Just gorgeous. The animals are so cute. I think i need a pair of those gloves. Hugs,xx.

  16. Lucky you!
    I use gardening gloves for quilting too.
    Mama Bear

  17. Lovely tablerunner and packaged so pretty, I would have found it hard to tear into as well, lol! What a nice gift. And coasters, too! Love your Wisteria Lane, although I hated the show, lol...enjoy your quilting, Fiona, the gloves are a great idea!

  18. What a lovely table runner, so simple, but effective.

  19. Thanks a lovely runner with gorgeous hand stitching.
    Love the idea of the jelly roll quilt being slashed changed. Looks great, too.

  20. Lovely table runner Fiona and some goodies to enjoy. Wisteria lane is a lovely name for such a pretty place ;-) the jelly roll quilt is interesting all cut up and sewn back together , very modern ! Hugs Sheila

  21. The runner is just gorgeous Fiona, lucky you, a lot of love has gone into that, plus the little extras too... enjoy!
    Your quilting gloves are a great idea, and probably much cheaper option than the ones specifically for quilting x

  22. so much beautiful sewing. I love the animal fabrics in the little blocks you are sending to Sharon for Blake.

  23. Beautiful table runner. Love those little blocks for Blake too. Great quilting. Must try it again.

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