Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hey hey... what's going on?

I'm having fun....

with felt... and rick-rack...

can you guess?

a little tip when sewing things that need to be turned through when you have sewn right sides together

(maybe you know this already but I was very excited to discover it!)

sew up to the edges of the fabric at 90degrees to the seam
as I have done on this bon bon 

 ... this really helps to turn it through so you can slip stitch the side closed....
... folds the edges over nicely.....

I'm trying to avoid building up my Picassa web so that I don't get charged..... I was at 99.9%  and so many of my pictures appeared to be duplicated I deleted lots of pictures...  now I have plenty of black spots in past posts .... oooopss..

there seems to be several alternatives.... 

  • Pay Up
  • delete pictures and put up with the black spots
  • email your pictures to your blog
  • shrink the pictures - apparently if they are under 800 pixels it doesn't count towards your free space
I have started shrinking the pictures ... and in the process adding a watermark....  it's a bit of a silly watermark but I think I'm most awfully clever to do that.....
(thanks to Bev and Sheila for the technical advice)

I did manage a finish yesterday
This little stitching folder was started at the Stitching Day Out which I posted about HERE

This is one of Gail Pan's designs which was the kit provided in my bag of goodies 

a mixture of stitchery... applique... hand quilting, machine stitching...
... perfect for me...

..... Pretty little pockets inside ....

very cute... now to try out another of the patterns we got on the day

Righto...... Gotto Go.... more felt... and rick-rack.... and maybe some buttons today....


  1. What a lovely stitching folder. I love the fabrics you have used Fiona.

  2. Interesting peak. Thanks for the turning through tip. How are you going about shrinking photo's? I'm not sure about emailing them in as the ones i've emailed are all on my Picasa too & they have been duplicated as well. Gorgeous finish. Hugs,

  3. Yes, I made the export default to 800 pixels, so I won't have to worry about the pics anymore.....I hope! I was worried there'd be a mess if I tried changing previous pics now. Thanks for the info! Great projects!

  4. I'd guess those are gingerbread feet. I sew my openings on my pincushions that way and it really helps. Love the little stitching folder! :0)

  5. My guess is gingerbread people. Love the stitching folder and thank you for the tip, that will come in handy. hugs

  6. You are having fun with lots of wonderful things.

  7. Hello Fiona,

    Thanks for the tip, those few extra stitches certainly would help keep things straight. Just love that pin fabric.

    Happy days.

  8. I didn't know this tip so thank you for sharing. I love your Gail Pan project.

  9. They look like little gingerbread arms. I didn't know that tip but will definitely give it a try next time. Cute stitchery project.

  10. PS I just pay for a bit more space for my pictures. It's very cheap and well worth the small cost.

  11. Gorgeous sewing folder. Happy felt stitching.
    Hugs xx

  12. I would say those little felt pieces belong to gingerbread men! Before turning pieces right side out for hand-stitching edges closed I press the seam along the stitching line - makes it easy to stitch a nice edge then.

  13. Great tip.

    Love the feet or is it the hands. Yum!

    Pretty sewing folder.

  14. Love your project and I pay a small fee as well...

  15. Love the stitching folder! So cute. And that has to be a round of gingerbread men dancing in excitement for Christmas!

  16. Don't you just love those little hints that make a big difference. Thanks for sharing yours.
    I always shrink my pictures because we have such a slow internet that is I didn't they would take an age to load.

  17. The picture limit seems to have hit a lot of people over the last couple of weeks, blogger has been the same.
    Lovely sewing folder, love the fabric with the pins, fantastic

  18. Beautiful folder Fiona, lovely stitching as always!
    I just went the 'pay up' option with extra space for my Blog, I'm not tech-savvy & if mrHS says it's a good option, then I go with that, LOL.
    At least the watermark should deter potential pic-stealers too...

  19. Yep, my Picassa album is full too! So I am using Picmonkey for the moment...until it decides to start charging too!

  20. Could it involve gingerbread persons?
    Thanks for the tip, I hadn't heard that one.
    Your little folder looks great and well done for finishing.
    I've been shrinking my pictures and that seems to work so far.

  21. Thanks for the tip, those few extra stitches certainly made the difference...... just finished having a go on a current stitchery.... thanks for sharing

  22. Oh what a terrific tip , must remember that .Seems lots of others are also running out of space , one other thing I can tell you is if you join google + that gives you more space.Love the sewing wallet , just sweet!

  23. great tip - thanks Fiona.
    Love the little sewing caddy - great fabrics!

  24. i didnt know that tip so thankyou so much i will do that from now on,love your stitching folder Fiona,well done.xx

  25. Thanks for the tip I didn't know to do that! Going to sort my pictures out too, like the idea of a watermark. I have made it so no one can copy my pics as I have seen a few on pinterest and no one has asked my permission.... hate that. Hugs

  26. Good luck with Picassa. Sounds like a smart move.
    Love the stitching tip for turning things out, too.
    Your little stitching folder is lovely!

  27. No, no,no, there's another option.

    I've written this on about 6 blogs today so I think there's some kind of Blogger glitch going on.

    you don't have to pay, shrink or delete. Open a free account - Flickr or Photobucket (i'm sure there are more). Upload your photos. Use the "from a URL" option when putting pictures in Blogger. it's free and easy and actually LOADS faster than uploading them to Picassa.

    Oh, stitchery is lovely by the way, and I always forget to do that trick you outlined...

  28. Love the 'stitch in time' and your mystery sewing looks interesting. You are busy making xmassy things.

  29. Thanks for your advice on Picasa, I must really check on this and that + pluss other alternatives! Lovely GP stitching folder:-)

  30. I am going backwards- love your stitching folder, the colours are just gorgeous! What a brilliant sewing tip, I never knew that, always the last to know, lol. I really hope your felt and ricrac fun are Gingies, they are too cute :)


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