Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A short fairy tale with a happy ending.....

Once upon a time.... not so long ago it seems... Mrs Bubz was a young girl.... and had to go far away from home to a boarding school so when her Pop came to town he took little bubz out for a treat....

my favourite was something like this.... but BIGGER.....

~ a Knickerbocker Glory ~

Mocha toffee knickerbocker glory

I found the recipe for this one HERE

and occasionally I would get a gift of cookies which I loved having from a glass bowl ....

.... something like this.....

Date and Walnut Sugar Cookies

I found this recipe HERE

Yes, little Bubz got a sweet tooth very early on in her life.....

now that Mrs Bubz is older and wiser and cleverer... she wanted to recreate some wonderful memories....

so off she went to the op shop and spent 30c on this....

..... and 50c on this......

.... but then Mrs Bubz remembered she promised herself no desserts for a while.....

so she and Mr Bubz got some glue and made this.....

I looooooooovvvvveeee it..... found a little solar light which will fit in the bottom ....
... so it glows after the sun goes to bed ...

I think I need them allllllll  over the place.....

... meanwhile...
.... back at the stitching room ....
... the birthing process is proceeding....
? triplets?

this Friday Cheryll is hosting

Sign Ups are HERE.....

Righto, Gotto Go... quilting in process ...........


  1. I think I might need a few too. Very nice Fiona.

  2. I think the op shop supplies of sundae glasses and bowls just diminished. Fabulous idea, and so low fat! I'd love to see it at night.

  3. Fiona i love these ,what a wonderful idea.xx

  4. What a fabulous idea! I would never have thought of that and it looks so good. Are they gingerbread men by any chance??? Hugs x

  5. All this calorie free crafting should be good for your figure.
    Enjoy your new lights and I hope the birthing process is not too painful.

  6. Fabulous idea. Ooo i wonder what you are up too. :). Hugs,

  7. Oh, I remember my first knickerbocker glory, think the anticipation was better than the reality, lol.
    I love your glass toadstool, brilliant idea

  8. how wonderful! and you can remember your special treats each time you look in the garden. It looks like a beautiful mushroom!
    clever you

  9. How creative you are !!- Ill bet that looks fantastic at night time - watch out op shops - we will all be after them!

  10. I love it! I'm going to have to look for sundae glasses next time I'm in town! :0)

  11. that is a great idea, thanks for sharing. hugs

  12. omg I looove it too!!! And a solar light would just make it!!! The fairies are going to have to invest in some funky sunnies, lol. And so much healthier than that sundae, I think I gained a few kilos just reading the recipe, how yum :)
    Those buttons on your babies are brilliant!

  13. Oh my heart is all warm & fuzzy now after that lovely story Fiona!
    Great idea for the light.
    Do i see gingie men?!

  14. Oh you clever, clever girl - that is way too darling - I think you need a garden full! What a brilliant idea!

  15. What A Great story ..just love it.....and the magic mushroom light
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so pretty

  16. What a great story & the Magic Mushroom light ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    so pretty

  17. How clever of you Fiona! I love it.

  18. lol! But seriously a great idea and you can take the light out of the bottom and have cookies with your sundae lol. Might have to go op shopping and make one for myself although with the dog I don't think it would last long out in the garden. But my neighbours would love that idea as they are into garden ornaments.

  19. the sundae looks great, might try out the cookie recipe.....
    love the glass mushroom

  20. Now I like the look of that Knickerbocker Glory...I haven't had breakfast it too early for dessert?!

  21. OMG I just love it... and I can see fairies everywhere once the sun goes down... such a gorgeous idea xxx

  22. Oooh you're so clever!!! What a fabulous idea ... I LOVE IT!!!
    Joy :o)

  23. Love pretty. Lovely upcycling. I am still however stuck at the beginning with the treats and your lovely Pop.

  24. You are so very clever. That is down right adorable . Love it ! Loved the little tale too;-)

  25. I love reading your stories and this one was great. You have made a very cool light, beautiful! Hugs Wendy

  26. I love it magical to have glowing toadstools around the garden...


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