Friday, November 30, 2012

A new lizard..... and a plug ...

I am constantly amazed at the variety of lizards there are.... and even if you are not a lizard fan you will like this one....

... hand painted ....

... came back with me from the UK .....
.... it's my favourite lizard now!!!!! .....

... awesome... isn't it?........
... I happen to be related to the artist ...

I'm still trying to keep away from desserts and my cake display was looking decidedly empty so I filled it with yumminess....

My daughter in law has started a lovely business called Maya Kotan which is fabulous handwoven scarves from Mexico and Guatemala....... 

Go pay their site a visit and have a look at all the different colours.. .there's information about their fair trade values and the women they are supporting through the business.. and lots of lovely pictures... it's great to see the weaving happening ... for those facebookers they are HERE

I especially like the picture of the young man with the dog.... he's also related to the artist ....

I was lucky enough to be given a scarf (it pays to have family members in 'the business').  Isn't it yummy?

I am not good about looking after 'special' clothes so this is ideal for me ... in and out of the washing machine no problems ....
... softens up and hangs beautifully and no colour bleeding ...

.... anyways... she also had a box full of threads which had been samples for colours...
... and she didn't need them anymore...
... and I lllloooooovvveee stuff like that ...
... so it came home with me ...

... and now it makes a lovely 'dessert' .....
(absolutely no calories)

The thread is cotton and looks like about 2 threads of DMC in thickness - I have started trying it out....

This was a free SAL from SewHappyMe last year which I've had on my 'todo list

I'm using some of my new blue for it
.... it is not the smoothest of cottons for embroidery ....
... not surprising since it is a weaving cotton....
one thread only and I'm happy with the result

I'm also going to do one of Michelle's stitcheries in my new red

Righto, Gotto Go.... nothing like starting two new Christmas projects at the end of November?  ....


  1. What a totally fabulous lizard! Such a great artist! :)

  2. I have that last pattern too... I must get onto mine as well.. Plenty of time for Xmas
    Love that non fat dessert! :)

  3. Love the lizard , such fantastic colors !I also love those cotton threads , oh they look wonderful in your new stitcheries .Your scarf is also beautiful , you brought back some real treasures :-) hugs Sheila

  4. What pretty threads, and at just the right price too! That's a lizard to treasure, and you will look very smart in your new scarf when scarf weather rolls round again. It's definitely not scarf weather here at present.....

  5. Nice!

    Cute lizard from your little one - such a treasure.

    Gorgeous threads on display there, they look pretty in your stitching too.
    Enjoy your gifts.

  6. Your lizard is very likeable.
    Great dessert bar and gorgeous scarf.
    The stitchery looks spot on from here ... pretty blue!

  7. That is my kind of lizard :) You could say that you are getting a head start on Xmas 2013! hugs

  8. what a wonderful lizard Matilda is a good artist,think she might take after her nana,love that pattern of Michelle's.xx

  9. Lovely thread colours! Fantastic lizard!

  10. Gorgeous lizard. Love the threads. Beautiful colours. Hugs,

  11. Such a colourful lizard. It is a lovely gift. The threads look good in your projects.

  12. yummy yarn and great project you lucky girl.
    in stitches

  13. Best lizard ever and a wonderful scarf.
    Looks like loads of potential projects in all those threads. They do look "yummy".

  14. Love lizards and this one is way cute! I am so jealous of your bright threads :)

  15. Oh my goodness Fiona! Your "dessert" beats my candy cane cookies all to heck! Especially in the calories department!
    Love the lizard (unique, bright, attractive markings!) and the scarf, too. Oh to have a family member in the business!
    The new stitcheries are so pretty!

  16. Oh, that lizard brought back some memories. One of my boys did one some years ago, the other did a frog. It will give you plenty of smiles and happy memories over the years to come.
    Love the colours of that cotton, fabulous for stitching with

  17. That SAL is the one I dued for my redwork christmas quilt lol. Gorgeous designs aren't they and so quick and easy to stitch.

    Love the lizard. Such a wonderful piece to have

  18. Does she get her talent from her Nan..he is a very cute lizard. Lots of lovely stitching going on as well. I hope your calorie free goodies work for you.

  19. very creative lizard!
    love your colourful new dessert, and no calories-perfect

  20. Yep, awesome lizard, very talented artist...ooooh how could you not bring that bundle of threads home, gorgeous colours, they make a lovely "dessert"...


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