Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tower of London

Long ago when I was a child at school we studied English History.....

I have to admit I wasn't a good student... I quote from my school report "Fiona is wasting my time, and hers"........ how mean teachers were in those days.... I still continue to need therapy!!!

Anyway a few things did stick in my mind and I enjoyed our trip to London town .....

The tower of London ...... looks imposing......

Some original London walls .... the lower parts with the tiles are Roman (around 200AD)

A section of the tower walls and what would have been the moat....

Real animals were often kept at the tower at various times.... I thought they were very cleverly depicted.... made out of chicken wire..... there were also baboons, s polar bear, elephant and others.....

one of the chapels inside the towers for people awaiting execution to use ....

The White Tower.... which now is a museum of armoury.... very interesting, there was the armour used by various kings, models of their horses and weaponry from long ago.....  we ran out of time and didn't spend as long as we would have liked in there.....

We did join the queue to see the crown jewels......

I took this photo before I realised we were not supposed to.... this one was not in the section with the main crown jewels .......

The 'Tower of London' was much bigger than we expected... it is several different towers and here we are outside one of them.....

Inside some where prisoners were kept you can see the markings made by the prisoners from so many years ago... they are now well protected....

you can get an idea of how all the sections are joined in this picture.....

This is a picture of London Bridge taken from the Tower Walls

..... then the camera went flat

A lovely day out - there is more information on the Tower of London HERE

Righto, Gotto Go... my feet are still recovering..... 


  1. must be incredible taking in all that history. It is amazing and probably quite a sad place too.
    love your school report quote, if teachers wrote that these days it would be on Today tonight before you could say boo! (and the lawyers would be rubbing their hands together too)
    thanks for the lovely pics.

  2. Been to London many times but have only driven past the tower, it looks really interesting and those animals how clever is that! Hugs x

  3. Amazing place. Good to see you got to look around.
    Thanks for sharing the jewels.

  4. I remember going when I was a little girl, I never forgot the Beefeaters, lol.

  5. wow great pics Fiona,thankyou for sharing.xx

  6. Gee Fiona you are certainly getting to see a lot. Sounds really interesting and I am very glad you all still have your heads.
    Michelle xx

  7. How exciting to hear that you're having such a wonderful time. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  8. I enjoyed sight seeing in London with your family and you today.. Nice crown..

    Thank you Fiona for my lovely FQ.

  9. Loved my visit to the Tower of London quite a number of years ago!

  10. I didn't do so well in history , wondered why we needed to know all that stuff but now I am fascinated with the old architecture .I think it is amazing that they were able to build structures such as you have shown us today and they are still standing , and they did not have the equipment we have today ,makes me wonder how they did it .Great post , very interesting indeed and I see a quilt in the floor of the white tower ;-)
    hugs Sheila

  11. Don't you hate it when the camera goes flat!
    I'm enjoying your travels so much. Lots of serious history in London, I just remember a few traffic jams and lots of pubs. My travel agent must be different to yours!

  12. To see so much history! Mind you I don't know if I would have stood in line for too long lol.

  13. Thanks for the lovely photos and memories you brought back for me. When we went to England my boys enjoyed the Tower of London so much. We spent the whole day there and had a ball. So much to see and do. I'm loving all your photos so much. X


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