Friday, August 10, 2012

Date Loaf and Christmas cards .......

This is a favourite recipe... I remember my mum making these and they would disappear very quickly....  as with all my favourite recipes it is easy peasy...... and yummy scrummy .....


500g dates
250g pecan nuts (I often use walnuts or macademia or sunflower - depends what's in the pantry!)
4 cups flour
2 cups sugar (I use less - 1 1/2 cups is plenty)
1 tsp bicarbonate soda
1 tsp salt
2 well beaten eggs
2 cups boiling water

  • Preheat oven to 180C
  • Chop dates small (remove seeds if necessary)
  • Put dates in bowl with boiling water, soda, salt and nuts
  • Stand for 10 minutes and add sugar, eggs and lastly flour
  • Mix well
  • Bake in 2 small loaf tins for 1 hour

I like it best the next day when the flavours have set but it's hard to wait that long!!  Thinly sliced with a spread of real butter...... mmmmm


A squishy arrived this week for me.....

Susan sent me this piece of Japanese style fabric.... it's just lovely.... and is perfect for my quilt.... (though I won't be slicing it for a while... it deserves some stroking and petting !!!)  

thanks Susan..... I love it.......... a pretty card with a lovely message .... 


I've had a box with 1" red strips hanging around
and I felt like some 'not too much thinking about' sewing

 strip, stitch, slice, stitch.... a bit of left over wadding and some stipple quilting.....

cut out triangles, get an old needle on the machine and stitch to card
add some stars and angels.....

just gotta love a red patchwork Christmas tree.....
those cards are 3" by 4" so rather cute.....

Righto, Gotto Go......  I don't think an explanation is needed...... 

PS....... I did binding yesterday ...... hmmmmmm .... about as yummy as date loaf......


  1. Oh yum, your date loaf looks delicious. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your nephew, how sad for your family, you are in my thoughts and prayers, hugs Wendy

  2. Hmmmm!!! Date loaves are always yummy... Is there any left????

    Oh thanks for the great tip on making Christmas cards. Just love them...

  3. Date loaf looks delicious. Making me hungry.

  4. that brought back some memories, we always used to do date and walnut

  5. Oh your date loaf reminds me of my mums nut loaf (cook in cans in a saucepan) might just have to go and get one out of the freezer :o) Love those xmas card. Such a great idea. hugs

  6. I love Date loaf too, its one of my favourites.... enjoy. Your cards are terrific, what a great idea.


  7. Your cards are so cute...very clever!

    I made Mums recipe for Date Loaf last Friday night...but made the mistake of also trying to cut while warm. I just used sulanas as I didn't have dates, but it was still yum!

  8. yummy i will make that date loaf sunday for hubby,love dates,how clever are you, what a great idea for those pretty xmas cards,well done my friend.xx

  9. Date loaf favorite yummm....

  10. We love date loaf. have written out your recipe and hope to try it soon. Yum!
    Like the plan with the reds! The cards are great.

  11. yum yum , I love date loaf thank you for sharing!
    What tiny red squares, I admire your patience Fiona...the chrissy cards are a great idea..very cute!

  12. I 'lurve' date loaf!!! Yours looks delicious! And such pretty Christmas cards!

  13. Your date loaf looks yummy, might just have to try that. Great idea for the christmas cards really smart.

  14. what cute cards! lovely date loaf, dates have a lovely sweetness when they are cooked.

  15. Totally love the little red Christmas trees - you are so clever with little bits of fabric - mine are just multiplying while I sleep!
    Your date loaf looks delicious - and I really hope you enjoy it all.
    Happy weekend wishes to you.

  16. Yum! I haven't had date loaf for ages, must be time to make some. Your cards are sweet, what a great idea!

  17. I had to skip very quickly past the recipe. I'm still dieting and I'm starving right now!!

    I love the christmas cards, so novel.

  18. Cute little cards! Shall try that date loaf his weekend, DH is a sucker for date loaf.

  19. Thanks for the date loaf recipe.. It looks sooo good.. and Mums recipes are always best! Loved the cards also. I was really sorry to hear about your nephew, such a tragedy to loose a young life. Stay strong. Xx

  20. Mmmm...I seem to remember my grandma making date loaf...what lovely fabric, Fiona, and I love your cards, you are so clever!

  21. YUMMY :). Love your little cards.
    Very sorry to hear about the loss of nephew.
    Hugs Tanya

  22. both look rather nice..... I might have to try out the date loaf but make it G-free I'll let you know haw that works out.
    have a great weekend Fiona
    in stitches

  23. Your date bread looks so yummy! I remember my Mother making date bread when we were little. I love you cards. What a great way to use up small pieces of fabric. I think I'm going to try it. Nola

  24. Well no-one said quilters had to have strong will power when it comes to taste testing! The loaf looks delicious and I am just soooo very envious of you enjoying it with a hot cuppa! lol... :)

  25. Yum...a big favourite with a dollop of butter. Thanks for the recipe. Lovely fabrics in your gift and lovely cards.

  26. gorgeous cards. they are such a great idea! love the baking too nothing tastes better than home made.

  27. Love the cards...what a great idea...


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