Monday, June 18, 2012

The weekend that was.....

Looked beautiful outside
...the sun is deceiving... 
icy wind 
.... best stay indoors and stitch....

Hubz got me a new table for my sewing space

This is the view where I have sat for the last few years - it has evolved as we have put in shelves, added hooks etc

I love this space... it has necessities, and treasures, and memories

a change is as good as a holiday they say

A new corner table 
take down the old daggy curtains
move the electrical cords
... MUCH better light .... 
and a change of view 

..... zoom up and you can see where a lot of my entertainment comes from .....
(that's the birdbath featuring in my present blog header)

..... I had to test out if I could really work there so I did some quilting ....

.... this morning this is who popped in for a visit and a snack .... 

Righto, Gotto Go.....

I'm going to try making soap today


  1. Wow...what a beautiful view, Fiona! I am sure you will be freshly inspired there every day. :-)

  2. Wonderful view. I hope you are doing well. Hugs, Kim

  3. wow what a beautiful view Fiona and i love your new header.My sister makes beautiful soaps,have fun.xx

  4. Wow what a fab view, nice header, looking forward to a show and tell when you have made your soap

  5. Love the view. Look forward to hearing about your soap making. That's next on my list along with laundry detergent. Hugs,

  6. H\Yes. I agree, that is a very lovely and peaceful looking view. Good you can see those visitors too.
    Enjoy your soap making. Sounds fun.

  7. Wow, I love your view. I'd never get any sewing done with all that birdwatching to do....heehee

  8. Love the view and your bird garden, wonderful place for inspiration.


  9. Your new view is gorgeous. I am also lucky and have a great view like my header photo.

  10. Such a gorgeous view, no wonder your productive :)

  11. We are having dreadful weather today too, thank goodness for the fire. Your new view is beautiful, lovely to see the birds!

  12. What a superb view of your gorgeous garden and very inspirational to your sewing I would imagine. I love your new header, it is great.

  13. a beautiful inspiring view. It's nice to reshuffle the furniture in your sewing room.

  14. Fabulous makeover of the view...enjoy your updated sewing space...good luck, hope the soap making adventure went well...

  15. Nice of the guests to provide some entertainment while you are sewing.
    Lovely outlook - Enjoy the soap adventure.

  16. You have such a lovely view. The window from my sewing room is one meter away from a colour bond fence so i have nothing to look at. This is why I crank up my ipod and sing along to the likes of Van Morrison and Kate Ceberano.

  17. Gorgeous view, will you get much sewing done with all the distractions!!! When I first read your blog I thought you said you were going to make soup.... think it's time I had my eyes tested... xxx

  18. Very neat and very organize! What a beautiful home you're living at. :)

    rental of chair covers

  19. I have been wanting to learn to make soap. I love all the different scents that can be added. No more Granny's Lye Soap, I saw something interesting on Pinterest where they had microwaved Ivory Soap...It made a huge snowball looking thing. Nice new table always great to have sturdy work tables.

  20. What a fun place to create! Soap making huh? That sounds fun too.

  21. a great outlook and gorgeous quilting - hopefully the soap went well.

  22. Beautiful sewing view, great space to sew in altogether.

    Love your quilt in the previous post, and I'm quite taken with the delicious raspberry tart too. x

  23. Wonderful view and I have been admiring our new header . Perfect place to sew ! Hugs Sheila

  24. I've just recently discovered that I like looking at birds. So I must say that I envy your view... Such pretty birds come to visit you, you lucky girl!

  25. Wow, what an amazing view!! It's loads better than my sewing room view!

    soap? Melt and pour or cold/hot process or whatever it's called?


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