Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Revisiting neglected projects ......

I love to have a 'leaders and enders' project on the side of my machine.... not only to start and finish when I have a 'main' project but also sometimes when I have a few minutes and want to sew but don't want to start something big ....  or those occasional (?????) times when I really just can't make a decision .....

I started a scrappy spider web quilt after being inspired by THIS ONE of Tarnyia's some time ago
(btw - if you don't know Tarnyia pop around and have a good read and get to know her... she is lovely and does such a lot of amazing quilts and she's great with her scraps too)

anyway... I was inspired and in January to be exact I started my own ..... HERE is the origins of these blocks.... using THIS tutorial

I had these ones trimmed and ready....

and a pile of unfinished blocks.....

.... well, then I got to playing with my selvages (as one does) and made up a bunch of squares.... that will one  day hatch into chooks using THIS TUTORIAL...... like this one ....

Look at my pile of 'eggs'.... that's a potential 8 chooks...

I need to go and dig out some felt to make beaks and combs and tails .....

Now I have finished off that pile to discover I have enough for 16 blocks but decide it's not going to be big enough for what I want (it's going to be a tablecloth) ....

so out come the pillowcases (I got a bunch of nearly new ones for next to nothing - lovely white cotton)
..... and out come the box of strips (luckily Hubz likes icecream because those 5 litre containers are very useful!!)

.... and I have yet again... another new 'leaders and enders' project....

That's what happens when you clean out a room to put a new table in!!!

Righto.... Gotto Go... fabric cutting and marking to do....

So what is your 'keep on the side' project? ......


  1. I've made these before... aren't they just the cutiest little fellas!
    Great idea sharing the link! :)

  2. Love your scrappy spider web - it's so effective. And your selvedge chooks are very cute and thrifty. My on the side project is always a stitchery, I only use my machine when I have to.

  3. Your little chook is soo cute! Sometimes the selvedges are too pretty to throw away and a great way to use them up!
    BTW I am loving your header...gorgeous! lol!

  4. gee you have been very busy Fiona,i saw that one on Tarnyia's blog it was beautiful,well done fiona you have acheived alot.xx

  5. cute little chickies! Spiderwebs looking great and a fabulous idea too.

  6. Love how the spider webs from those white stars.
    Can't wait till your 'eggs' hatch :)
    I've been using 2" squares for the Postage Stamp Charm Swap as leaders and enders ... it's a great way to sew!

  7. I do love the idea of leaders and enders and getting a quilt for "free". Love the spider web. Aren't they great looking quilts?
    And the selvage chooks are just too cute. Great fun!

  8. We are two peas in a pod!! I always have a leaders/enders project on the go! And this is my summer to finish up those tucked away, half finished tops! When I dug them all out, I'd forgotten half of them were there!! It was like Christmas. Am loving the Spider Web blocks. Well done!

  9. My 'leaders and enders' are the makings for Bears Paw blocks.....each block has 16 HSTs, so that's an easy way to make them.

  10. Love the spiderweb , that is on my to do list ;-)I don't have a leaders and enders project I should try that out .
    hugs Sheila

  11. Your bit on the side is very pretty!
    Love the spider webs - much more practical than the real thing.
    Enjoy playing with those scraps.

  12. I love your spiderweb blocks! And I really must get out my selvages and make one of those chooks! :0)

  13. Your spider webs are coming along nicely Fiona. I love the little chicken.

  14. You've sure been busy Fiona. Love what you've been doing. Those little chooks a so cute. Hugs,

  15. I love that cute wee chook!
    I have about 9 boxes of unfinised projects!
    some big, some small. All still waiting for me.

  16. WEll done for getting to some the spiderweb blocks, great way to clear some scraps!!

  17. All very cute & Clever projects. I have been meaning to organise a leaders & enders since this time last year - its still a UFO - I jsut need some cutting time I think - I'd be happy with just 2.5" squares joined light to dark - it would be a start at least.

  18. i started keeping selvedgesa while back, not sure why, no plan for them. they are just stuffed into a snaplock bag. Now i have a few ideas for them! I love the spider web blocks, they are the bonus to you for cleaning out the room...

  19. Your spiderweb blocks look so good. Lovely little bundle of selvedge eggs too. Are you taming your scraps at all or do they keep multiplying like mine do?
    Hugs xx.

  20. love you spider web blocks ... just lovely ...

    i keep a box of 2" squares next to my machine for the leaders and enders .. I have made them into 4 patch blocks snd have quite a few done to date ... more to do .. and will eventually make them into 8" blocks .. reckon it will be a lovely scrappy quilt when I finally get it finished ..

    you are very inspirational ...

  21. Hello Fiona,

    Your quilt looks like you are looking through a kaleidoscopic,much nicer than a spider.

    Happy days.

  22. Your spider web blooks look amazing.

  23. The chicken is a gorgeous idea! We have real chickens and they are great to watch. I also love those blocks.

  24. I admire you with all these spider web blocks! Must be hard work,I have never tried,but nice inspiration from you,Thanks :-)


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