Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A New Craft .....

I do love my sewing

This week I felt like doing something new ....

I have been following Rhonda's blog Down To Earth for some time - she always has something sensible to say and has recently put out a book.... 
I went to her talk when she was in Toowoomba but silly me messed up the times and I couldn't stay long
..... and of course I forgot my camera ... 
.....and it was in general one of those days when I should have just stayed in bed ......

.... anyway.... amongst other things she makes her own soap .... 
and Bev made some HERE and recommended the recipe.  
I read up all of Rhonda's soap-making posts HERE, gathered the ingredients and fired to go.....

I didn't have a thermometer so my neighbour (the lovely friend up the road who brings me pumpkins) lent me this beauty..... 

I think I had just as much fun using a lovely old kitchen utensil

(luckily Rhonda's recipe is in both Celcius and Farhenheit)

I also wanted lavender and thought I would be smarty pants and put it on the base of my moulds....

I have this basket of dried lavender from out my garden.... every now and then I give it a couple of drops of extra oil.... handfulls of this get taken out .....

to stuff into lavender bags
(made from Cheryl's pattern in the Little Bit French series)

.... and pretty tea cups.....

I didn't take pictures as I was busy making sure I did it right.....

but here it is ... cooled and cut .... 

Verdict.... much easier than I thought to make it

I think it is a bit messy how I have done the lavender

.... rustic ....

I'll get back to you on it's effectiveness - I am leaving it to dry for 6 weeks - 

Do any of you make soap?  any tips?

Whilst the soap has been out basking in our winter sun Mr Postie came by with thes pretty fabrics from Sue ... thanks so much Sue... they will be great to use in my growing collection of Japanese blocks - look at those Geisha Girls.... I would be happy in gowns of silk ....

- look at those Geisha Girls.... I would be happy in gowns of silk ....
... making soap....

Righto, Gotto Go -  'normal' transmission to resume... after that burst of making something else energy ..... back to stitchin' ....


  1. oh you clever girl they look fantastic and very pretty,well done,love your gorgeous fabric too.xx

  2. I want to do that....looks like fun and very practical!

  3. Lots of wonderful projects and you are keeping busy, I have no energy this week, all used up in paddling;)


  4. I love Rhonda's blog and have wanted to make soap for sometime but have yet o give it a go yours looks great and the lavender will make it smell divine . Hugs Sheila

  5. The soap looks great Fiona. Maybe i'll bite the bullet & get mine made this week/end.Hugs,

  6. Hello Fiona,

    You go girl, it is very easy isn't it. It is great to have on hand for gift giving too. We won't be going back to buying soap. I ended up getting hubby to make a box to put the soap in after pouring it. Just made from scraps of pine from some bed slats.

    Happy days.

  7. Very clever Fiona - and i'm sure they will be lovely to use when they are ready.

  8. Oh now, I was wondering if you were really going to make soap. Brave girl and it turned out wonderful looking. Now don't forget to let us know if it cures up right in 6 weeks. Sorry, I have no tips. After reading a few other disastrous soap adventures I am chicken to try. LOL

  9. Lovely lavender soap! You could try rose petals too.

  10. If only a day was wearing silk and lolling around doing what took your fancy eg. soap, sew, knit, decoupage on and on and on .

  11. your soap looks lovely as do your little bit french swap goodies. Love the binding on the round doilie. I gave up on mine-just couldn't get it right so had to improvise.
    beautiful japanese fabrics,

  12. Well done! That looks lovely and I bet it smells divine, I love lavender. Guess what came in my post this morning.....another envelope from AGF :-)

  13. Lovely lavender soap Fiona...

  14. the soap looks lovely, I prefer soap to look rustic - so pretty in a display dish in the bathroom I would like to try and make some one day. Glad the fabric arrived.

  15. I've been thinking about making soap for sometime... It is just so much kinder to the skin and body than the store-bought stuff and with far fewer chemicals. Good for you for actually doing it Fiona!

  16. Well, aren't you the clever one...I've never made soap but wouldn't mind trying sometime....
    I love this block but it looks so-o hard with all those points to match up.
    Mama Bear

  17. Well done on the soap! I adore Lavender...

  18. Ahhh-chooo!!!! I am so very allergic to lavender!

  19. Well done on your soap making and those fabrics look delish!

  20. You're very clever, that soap looks good enough to eat. That sneak peek is beautiful, in fact I saw it finished on Marina's blog, it really is gorgeous.


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