Sunday, June 10, 2012

some "thank you"s to say....

One of the things I love about winter is flannel PJ's..... sooooo comfy ... I also love soups and casseroles, hot puddings and electric blankets..... quilts and crochet blankets....

Another of the things I love about winter is Winter themed swaps!!

I was lucky enough to receive a bunch of parcels from Deb from Frog Cottage Designs (now anyone who has Frog in their blog name must be very nice!!!)  

Have a look see what was in my envelope... these cheerful looking parcels....

... with loads of lovely goodies inside....

.... I love this saying and such a pretty stitchery .....

 ... another lovely stitchery on a pincushion... some thread (so pretty)...chai tea (gone) and a darling little angel doll .....

.... as well as a lovely kit (sorry about the light from the flash).. for a needlecase and a bag.... so very cute

... I put the mini quilt in my stand as it has been bare too long... the angel is keeping it company...

just perfect

thank you so much Deb
I love it all

Deb I have emailed but I keep getting messages to say my comments and emails are undeliverable..... I hope some of them are coming through

Jeanette sent me some very beautiful Japanese fabric for my collection of blocks that I am making 
thanks so much Jeanette... they are perfect

... at the bloggers meet Michelle gave out some stitchery designs.... aren't they sweet?  thanks Michelle... I'm looking forward to stitching those up....

... and Mary made up these lovely little shirts out of dishcloths... she said they were very easy to do
(????? hmmmmmm) - but I'm not about to pull mine apart to prove it....
Thanks Mary... maybe you will just have to do a tutorial so show us just how easy it is?

... so I have been a very lucky ducky this week... thank you everyone ..... 

Righto, Gotto Go, I have blocks and secret things to make so I can give some things away too!!

I wonder what you love about winter?


  1. Wow Fiona - they're all gorgeous!! The little wall hanging looks perfect on it's stand! And that little dishcloth shirt looks so darn cute!! ... I love lovely warm flannel pjs - still wearing mine now, lol!

  2. WOW Fiona, so many beautiful things. Your have been very spoilt this week. I love that Quilting Angel Degign, She will look lovely all stitched up. Enjoy what's left of the weekend. Hugs, Sharon

  3. Your swap parcel is gorgeous and what a beautiful stitchery.
    Lovely designs from michelle too.
    Happy stitching.

  4. You are a lucky duck, such beautiful gifts, I love the mini quilt stitchery.

  5. You are a lucky duck, such beautiful gifts, I love the mini quilt stitchery.

  6. What a lucky week you have had! Swapping is fun.....must admit though that I haven't signed up for too many, because sometimes life gets very busy and I don't want to let anyone down.

  7. Wow Fiona, you lucky girl - beautiful gifts, that stitchery is wonderful, love the colors and design!

    What I love about winter is right now, it's months away, lol...

  8. yay they have arrived!! so glad you liked them :)
    think you can tell red if my favourite colour!!!

  9. Hello Fiona,

    What beautiful pressies from Deb. Have fun stitching up Michelle's designs. I see you have stolen "Alf's shirt from Home and Away (the teatowel).
    If you don't want that shiny patch on your photo put your camera setting to "behind glass" this makes the photo so much clearer and gets rid of that shine. Have a great day, Winter here.

    Happy days.

  10. Wow....look at all those wonderful gifts have had a good week...

  11. Oh love the little shirt! Can't believe she made it out of dishcloths! wow. Your gifts are all lovely Fiona, love the stitchery on your stand.

  12. So many lovely things to enjoy.
    Your little stitchery looks gorgeous in the frame with an angel to watch over :)

  13. Beautiful Swap from Deb..Love the Mini Frame so cute.

  14. What a lovely collection! The little hanging looks so great in the stand.
    What do I like about winter?? everything - layering clothes, feeling snuggly under a doona at night time instead of just one sheet, and a million other things.

  15. Wonderful gifts, I love the little quilt in the stand and the angel is very cute.


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