Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Friends With Benefits .....

 Kathy from Sew Happy House organised such a fun swap 

We were to swap something with a 'friend' theme.....

My partner was Marcia from Daisy Jayne...

So exciting to get a squishy parcel
I thought she was so clever to make a special address label

and a pretty parcel inside  with another cute Friends with Benefits label and a very complimentary note (thanks Marcia - you made my head swell a bit!!)

I couldn't undo the ribbon quick enough...... oh.... my ..... goodness....
LOADS of parcels

such fun writing paper with matching envelopes and a magnetic pad (Marcia must have known my fridge shopping list pad is nearly empty!)

.....................and some must needed sustenance
(which was lucky because I was feeling all faint with excitement and needed a little something)

and lookie look at this lovely set
such pretty fabric
there is an awesome bag - so clever with those strips of fabric - I can't describe how it is done but they are not sewn on both edges but folded in half .. it's like flaps of fabric joined together - SO effective

and matching thread catcher and little zippy purse with teenie weenie awesome hexies on it...

I just don't know how Marcia knew I really needed a thread catcher
look at what I have been using for ages

but this is so much prettier

and I will be using the little zippy bag to carry those essential sewing things like bobbins and thread when I go off sewing with friends - it would even fit a bit of much needed sustenance!
(just in case I had a feeling faint spell)

As well as all the above was this very cute ready printed panel for me to stitch
now I really wonder how she knew I would love to do this

Thanks Marcia for lovely gifts.... I can't tell you how much fun I had opening them all and putting them out to use
of course it is always great to meet other bloggies with similar interests

I found it a challenge to make for someone I don't know at all but I did make some visits and stalk Marcia's blog a bit

I made this funky little wall hanging as a 'friend' item .....

and I did pick up that Marcia enjoys shoes... so I put in a 'benefit' with her friends item....

This is a pattern of Annie Downs

I did find a couple of extra little goodies to go in the with them
....... like important sustenance items
in case Marc should feel a bit faint

Thanks to Kathy for organising this fun swap
and thanks again Marcia for such lovely gifts

Righto Gotto Go...... I think I have another swap to prepare for!


  1. wow Fiona how spoit were you,greats gifts sent and recieved,well done girls and i love the Anni Downs shoe bag,lol,oh i think i am feeling a bit faint also,might have to come and visit you Fiona,lol.xx

  2. what beautiful swap goodies for both of you!
    well done to you both.

  3. Fantastic friends finding fabulous fun forever.. together! Phew that was a mouthful! But the gifts "going and coming" are wonderful! :)

  4. Lovely items you've sent and received Fiona, The bag and thread catcher are wonderful and the little zippy will be very useful . We love bags don't we? I'm also doing that swap. I've sent my items but haven't received mine yet. I love these swaps!

  5. What a fun lot of goodies! I have never done a swap of any kind before. They look like fun. Perhaps I'll get my nerve up to do that one of these days...

  6. My goodness you got a fun parcel - that bag is so cute - and I love what you made her, too!

  7. Looks like a very successful swap your end - places for lots of stitchy related goodies and a little sustenance to keep your energy up too.
    Pretty gifts you sent as well - Lucky Marc.
    Enjoy catching those threads

  8. You both made and sent lovely gifts. So nice to be spoilt.

  9. I think you both were very spoilt
    Swaps are such fun

  10. Looks like you were both spoilt good and proper Fiona!!! What a fantastic bag that is!!

  11. I've spent some time this morning catching up on your posts...then had to walk away and fix husband's breakfast and lunch...am back now and completely forgot what I wanted to say.

    So how about "Happy May!"

  12. Gorgeous swap gifts and goodies going both ways. It was a fun swap.

  13. A perfect package for a quilter and stitcher , wow lovely swap gifts you received as well as what you have sent to Marcia. Enjoy! hugs Sheila

  14. Oh - you two knew how to spoil each other! What lovely gifts received and sent - I'm so pleased you enjoyed yourself :)

  15. Beautiful presents, both given and received. This has been a wonderful swap.

  16. Fiona no wonder you were breathless, those gifts are gorgeous! Marcia is very clever, the bag is W.O.W!! Love the wall hanging you made... x

  17. Wow, what a great swap. I love the "Treasure Your Friends" quilt. It is a happy quilt. Enjoy all your goodies.

  18. Fabulous presents both sent and received...definitely an improvement on your previous thread catcher system...always nice to have pretty things to use in the sewing room...like your cute fun wall hanging, excellent choice for this swap theme...

  19. Wow Fiona, such lovely gifts received and sent, great ideas. The little wallhanging you made is very sweet.

  20. Oooooooooooo! Such a fun swap!


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