Monday, April 30, 2012

Thank-you, new Swaps, Trapunto and a new bed for the Dog...

Happy Birthday
to my darling Grandson
who turns 9 today

he lives in England so I can't give him cuddles
but we will have a good skype chat

Thanks to Sue who sent me over her pile of selvages
I do enjoy playing with scraps and the selvages can be fun too
I will be soon starting a new leader and ender project with these

Do you use your selvages.. and what do you make? 
(I'm looking for ideas for small projects - not a dress... or a chair cover ... they are amazing.... but not for me kind of amazing)

Don't you love the little banner card Sue made ... such a clever idea 

I have loved seeing little mini quilts made by people to display at different times.... Cheryl is arranging a swap club... you can read the details HERE and join up if you like.  In June we are going to do a Welcome one.... what fun... 

Also I wanted to let you know about a fun charm swap hosted by Sharon... great way to collect lots of different colours.... go HERE to find out details.... but hurry... not many places left....

The girls and I have continued to meet on a Thursday to work on our Trapunto projects
this is a fancy name but it is really QAYG but with a bit of extra padding in some places (like me... )

the colour always shows differently... I am using a light mottled blue ...

having a lot of fun with these....

our little dogs basket fell apart and I haven't been able to find a basket anywhere... there only seems to be the foam and fabric ones around ....

I found this at a charity shop..... $8.... and it is much easier to move around seeings it has it's own handle ....

Hubz has cut off the top so she doesn't live in fear of being shut in.....

Righto... Gotto Go.... selvages to sort....

I do hope your week is excellent


  1. Oh ! I wish I'd known that you collected selvedges! i sent a shopping bag full to the op shop in January! Look forward to seeing your project though!

  2. What a great idea for a pet bed. Looks very much like a suitcase I once owned. I have only had the briefest introductions to trapunto, and haven't been brave enough to return - yours is looking lovely. Another still my beating heart!

  3. Your trapunto is lovely, but the dog stole the show....grin.

  4. Thanks for the plug... and WOW what a fantastic idea for a doggie bed. New meaning for a suitcase...a dogcase! :)

  5. happy birthday little guy,what a handsome young man Fiona.Great trapunto work Fiona,well done.xx

  6. I just throw my selvages out, will have to collect them for you if you need more.
    Not looking at another swap, need to control myself hehe
    Hope you have a lovely skype chat with your birthday boy.

  7. Happy birthday to your GS. Nine - such a big boy! Your trapunto looks amazing!

  8. Hello Fiona,

    What a happy young man, Happy Birthday to him. Fiona, your sewing is amazing. Now that has new meaning to a dogs home, already to go at a moments notice. Great re-use of the case.

    Happy days.

  9. Your trapunto work is coming along very well! Good idea for a dog bed.

  10. As always heaps of interesting things here. As I've said before your little doggie is a cutie-pie.

  11. Love the "dog in a case" - our cat likes to sleep in the lid from a box of A4 photocppying paper.

  12. Your quilting is looking always. Love the dog bed he looks very happy.
    Hugs Tanya

  13. That is a clever idea for a dog's bed..what lovely quilting you are doing...

  14. Happy Birthday to your Grandson, such lovely people having birthdays in April.... :o)
    Love the dog bed! When we first moved here we had to wait 3 days for our furniture to arrive so we lived out of suitcases, I have a picture of Lady in our suitcase (on our clothes) I think she was stressing out because of the move. We have a few old suitcases..mmmmmm

  15. Happy Birthday to your grandson!! How exciting.
    I think that has to be the best dog bed I have seen. Fantastic!

  16. Happy Birthday to your darling grandson!!! Oh what a lovely pile of selvages...I'd try for a pincushion, lol. Your trapunto is absolutely gorgeous, Fiona. GREAT fix for the dog, I think that's a super idea!

  17. Happy Birthday to your sweet grandson ,sure is handsome. Your trapunto is lovely , as for the selvedges , how about a bag or a mug rug or postcards ,oh the list is endless really .I have a box full now just waiting for me to get around to doing something . hugs Sheila

  18. Totally loving the dog bed! Too cute!


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