Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Make a Mini Quilt .....

Melody from The House on the Side of the Hill is doing a Penny Rug block of the month...

This month we have made a fence and some bird boxes....

Melody also suggests preparing a couple of mini quilts that are going to be hung up for next months block....

This is how I have made one of them...

The suggestion was for a 4 - 5" quilt... and I used 1" squares ...

I used a base of lightest weight iron on vilene (sticky side up) marked with 1" gridlines - I planned on 8 x 10 ... so 80 x 1" squares

next I placed the 1" squares randomly (sortof) in the grid to get a range of colours

once all the squares that I was using were carefully placed within the marked lines I covered with my teflon piece (if you don't have this then baking paper works perfectly well) and gave them a good press to stick to the vilene...

then I trimmed up the vilene ....

fold each line right sides together and stitch your 1/4" seam ... because these are tiny little squares its a bit fiddly... but not hard....

here they are all done down one set of parallel lines....

next snip through the vilene...this is easy as the vilene sortof really tears rather than needs to be cut...

then fold and stitch along the other set of lines....

it may not be necessary to cut this time but I felt it made it a little less clumpy for these tiny little squares...

a good spray with starch and a press and you have a miniature quilt.... all those little 1/2" squares
(the points aren't perfect but I'm sure you get the picture - much easier with bigger pieces)

I will turn the edges and buttonhole stitch it down to add it to the penny rug

(This is great way for larger squares too... makes it nice and easy to get the corners and is especially a fun way for children learning to sew)

and of course we do need a snack after any sort of lesson

I'm having a temporary health kick so there is a choice from my lovely fresh fruit and vegetable delivery that arrived

It's not too late to join in to the Penny Rug.... Melody has the links on her side bar....


  1. Love your miniquilt, it should fabulous on your penny rug.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the mini quilts on everyone's penny rugs!

  3. Very cute little quilt. You are so clever. I'd still be scratching my head. Lovely vegies there...they look so fresh and yum.

  4. Your penny rug looks lovely, cute little mini quilt too.

  5. your penny rug is looking fantastic Fiona,and yummy looking fruit and vegs,very good quality.Thankyou for your magic Tutorial,very clever.xx

  6. what a snazzy way to make your little quilt.

  7. Clever! And some pineapple to celebrate!

  8. That's really clever! I hate doing 1" squares far too fiddly for me. Love fresh fruit and veg, pass me a carrot to nibble on!! Hugs

  9. Your penny rug is looking great , and thanks for the little demo on the mini quilt , I was wondering how to deal with the tiny pieces . hugs Sheila

  10. I made a quilt like this years ago.. Lots of tiny squares and it was such a great way to do it. I'd forgotten all about making it that way!!! Love your Penny rug... I am sewing the school on at the moment, so I'd better get a move on and get to those bird houses!!! xx

  11. I've done a mini quilt like that... it's so quick and easy, isn't it? Love your penny rug..


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