Friday, May 25, 2012

A new 'pick up and go' project ...

I love to have a stitching project which is all organised with all the patterns, threads and tracings all together so that when I go off I can pick it up and go and everything I need is there.... 

my last one was the needle cases

I have long admired a lovely little stitchery a friend of mine did... it is an older pattern (came out before my frenetic stitching addiction started)  but just so pretty ..... 
from Crab Apple Hill - it is called Tea Party and is by Meg Hawkey (2004)

This is the first stitchery I have finished.... 

each pattern has a name... this one is "Karen"

I went off to stitch with the girls and forgot .... needles....... marking pen (for those little bits I forgot to trace) and scissors... so it looks like I have a bit more gathering of notions for my 'pick up and go' ...  luckily my friends were a bit more organised....

each pattern has a tea party recipe.... this one is Autumn Apple Cake - I'm not sure I can share the recipe off the pattern (copyright) but there are a number of similar ones on-line .... easy peasy to make.... lovely and moist... soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside....

I was given some left over bits of fabric that had been 'crinkled' with a special shrinking plastic product

a new product needs a new experience

this is a first for me .... a zip in a bag 

the pretty crinkly look made by the fabric hides the dodgy first time zip effort

I used a combination of on-line tutorials.... here (I like the bits to go on the edges of the zip) and here (I like the handle) ....

..... we did test out the cake... used it as a dessert last night.....

would you like a slice?

If you have done Tea Party I would love to see it

I collected 'blues' for my birthday fat quarter swap this year and I will use them.... just not too sure how yet and would love some ideas

Righto... Gotto Go... a 'pick up and go' sewing set to sort out... 


  1. I love that stitchery. I did that BOM & it's made into a tablecloth. :) I also made a matching table runner. I'll have to find photos & send it to you. Cute bag. The cake looks so yummy. Hugs,

  2. I love your stitchery Fiona. Your bag is quite effective being crickled. Yummy looking cake.

  3. I have those Crabapple stitcheries - maybe one day? I have used that shrinking stuff too - its amazing what you can do with it - its especially good for landscapes, bricks wooden prints etc. if you are into those sorts of quilts.

  4. beautiful first stitchery!!
    your zip in a bag experience has been a good one. Looks great.

  5. Cute stitchery and that bag looks effective with the crinkle fabric and another yummy desert shared. Have a great weekend, hugs

  6. I love your posts, they are always full of so many gorgeous things,this one is extra yummy.

  7. Oh you are a tease offering us that yummy cake...LOL

    Nice stitchery to work and your little purse looks great.

  8. lovely stitchery Fiona and yes you are a tease with that cake,lol.xx

  9. That cake looks very yummy! What a pretty pattern will it turn into something for the table or a wall quilt?

  10. Nice sitcherie andyes I would love a slice of your cake
    Well done on the zipper bag
    I need tp practice zips

  11. I'm coming for a taste of that cake. Yum !
    That is a beautiful stitchery, and lovely crinkle bag. I have some of that crinkle stuff here somewhere but I dont know where I have put it. Havent used any of it yet either.

  12. Love the blue bag Fiona! I am fond of making bags and totes myself. And of course the stitchery is pretty, too.

  13. Tea Party looks like a lovely project and I especially like the name of the first one.
    Love the idea of the zipper pouch, too.
    Enjoy your cake!!

  14. It is a lovely set of patterns (I have a set myself for 'one day')..your first block is lovely and the cake looks yummy..

  15. Gorgeous stitchery Bubz, the cake looks the bag...

  16. Yum! to both the cake and the purse. I've seen that shrinking stuff but haven't used any yet. Now I might just have to! :)

  17. Your stitchery is beautiful. I've seen the wrinkly "stuff" in the quilt shop and was curious about it....Your bag is awesome in it. As for the dessert.....*holding out a plate* May I please have a serve with custard? ;)

  18. Your stitchery is lovely Fiona and the cake looks yummy too! I have been trying zipper pouches but my zips aren't very neat on the ends...I need more practise!! Hope you got the rain I sent over, it's HOT HOT HOT here now.... Hugs

  19. Love your crinkle bag. This is new to me and looks so fun! Will have to check and see if we have anything like that here. Your stitchery is beautiful. Nola

  20. I do that too, Fiona, I have a Moda lunchbox that I carry everything in - I put a strip of magnet tape across the inside top, and my scissors stay in that I can grab it and go! That tea party design is SO sweet, I love all their patterns. Your crinkly bag is PERFECT - that is very, very cool!!!!

  21. Perhaps you could make blue nine patch on point or a Irish chain block to go between your stitchery blocks? Just a thought, I have only ever made one stitchery and pieced wall hanging. And the pattern called for a single log cabin border of multi coloured strips around the stitcheries, which looked nice. Depends on how big you want it to be I guess! Happy eating and stitching!

  22. Pretty fabric for a cute little bag.
    Lovely 'pick up and go' project ... I've left my scissors out before and had to borrow :)

  23. I've been known to forget the scissors on more than one occasion.

    Very pretty stitching - tea - and cake delicious. Thanks for that.

    Enjoy the pretty pouch.

  24. The cake looks very yummy, i think i would like to live at your place........

    i love the stitchery, very cute

  25. Your new stitchery is very beautiful, the apple cake looks yum and such a cute little bag, great effect with the crinkled fabric. Hugs Wendy

  26. Such a pretty embroidery. Well done you on doing zips, I didn't realise you hadn't tried them, they're not scary at all, are they?


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