Thursday, May 17, 2012

Secret Garden ......

I got a lovely package in the post today....

These are from a win at Clover and Violet whose blog I always find provides lots of lovely inspiration and gentle happiness ....  Jenny turned 29 and gave this lovely fabric away... wasn't I the lucky one....

lucky, lucky, lucky....

the picture of the bag on the side is the business card... isn't it lovely

The Fabric Range is Secret Garden - I'm not certain yet what I want to make with it

If you don't know Jennie and Clara it is worth popping over to visit
amazingly talented mum and daughter

they have lots of lovely Tutorials.... and Embroidery... and at the moment are hosting a stitch and quilt-a-long... very pretty....

Thank you Jennie... happy birthday

Along to my own Secret Garden... I do love the Autumn colours

my tree has only just started dropping it's leaves...

meanwhile I have been sewing leaves onto my flower bunches in my fabric Secret Garden ....

they are all done now.... this is not how they will go together....

I have about 5kms of 2 1/2" HST sashing to make......

It's FNSI this Friday..... want to join in?  you can register here 

Handmade by Heidi

Righto, Gotto Go...... I want to prepare my stuff for FNSI..... 


  1. Fabulous win Fiona! Congratulations, the colours look lovely. Hugs

  2. congrats on your win Fiona,pretty material and how gorgeous are the colours of the leaves on your tree,stunning blocks there also.xx

  3. Hi Fiona! Wow, congratulations...what a fabulous win. I know that you will come up with just the right project for those beautiful fabrics. And your little secret garden flowers are lovely. Can't wait to see them all put together!



  4. Your winning fabric looks lovely! I have won a giveaway from Jennie and Clara..its a great blog! Look forward to seeing what you make from Secret Garden!

  5. I love your secret garden blocks! I'd see happy with a whole quilt made just of the star blocks! :0)

  6. Love those autumn leaves! Congratulations on your win, it looks like fun fabric.

  7. Congratulations on the win and I love your blocks , they are really great !

  8. What a great win, Fiona. Beautiful coloured leaves your tree is dropping. Your are doing a marvellous job on your Secret Garden. It looks great.

  9. How fun to win luscious fabrics and such. Your star flowers are cute, what a good idea. And thanks for that link to Friday sew-in. Sometimes I sew and forget to sigh up. LOL

  10. Nice win! I like your star flowers too.

  11. Very nice wins and I can't wait to see what you make with them.


  12. Fabulous Win Well Done..Love the blocks you are working on..

  13. Fabulous win ... Congratulations, the colours look lovely looking forward to see what you create with the fabric

  14. Congratulations, Fiona, that fabric is just gorgeous!! I know you'll make something wonderful from it. Love your flowers you're working on, and the stems and leaves are wonderful - enjoy your FNSI!

  15. That's a great package of prizes there, Fiona, well done. Autumn colours in the garden is just lovely, among my fave's... x

  16. Love all the stars and the leaves.
    I am just worried about the 5km of HSTs. Good luck!

  17. What a lovely giveaway to win ..that will be a lot of HST to make..I will pop over and check their blog out for some inspiration on a Friday night..

  18. yep I'll be doing the virtual stitching with you Fiona...pity we can't do it 'in the real' eh?? LOL
    Love your prize....and your autumn leaves quilt
    sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  19. congrats - gorgeous fabric

  20. 5 km of sashing... hee hee! sounds like that might take a while. you need to get yourself a pound of chocolate before you start. that ought to get you through it all. :)

  21. The fabric you won is absolutely gorgeous...congrats and have fun with the star flowers...

  22. Your secret garden is looking fantastic, I love the look of that quilt.


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