Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Treasure....

Today was my turn......

Our local clinic is just wonderful... they make sure we have easy parking, they are so friendly, so quick and as gentle as possible.... 

I do hope you go for your regular check ups....  

We have had very humid muggy weather here... almost hard to breathe sometimes and my fingers have swelled more than usual....

these are my treasures I am sharing with you today..... 
my wedding ring (which has never come off since the day I got married)  and my mothers eternity ring, which she literally wore from when her first son was born (he is 57) until she passed away and since then I have worn it..... 

It used to have little hearts engraved on the white gold but that has worn down and so has the yellow gold bands on the side..
A little while ago the eternity ring slipped over my wedding ring and I just couldn't separate it.... 

It took the jeweller 45 minutes to cut them both off.... they kept slipping and it was so tight over my finger he had difficulty getting his clever little gadget in.... it was a bit sore at times too 

My finger is a bit misshapen

I really don't like not having my ring on

My wedding ring needs to be sized 6 times more.... and they can bring the eternity ring to look like new with reingraving and more gold but I have just asked for them to be fixed to wear again... 

I like it as it is... it is worn down because it has been so very loved...

After being squished and squashed and bent and twisted.....  I went to get the borders for my Sunshine Melody quilt....

I originally got the floral for the border and the tartany looking one for the binding... but I rather favour the tartany fabric for the border... I'll sleep on it....

I think I'll have a nice long cold Gin &Tonic tonight

...... and chocolate ......


  1. Your rings are a special treasure, I have my mum's engagement ring and I love to wear it. Your quilt fabrics are very pretty together.

  2. what lovely treasure those rings are Fiona,i am onto my 2nd wedding ring as i have worn the 1st one out,lol,i really like the floral fabric for the border and the check one for the binding,thats just if you needed my opinion,lol.xx

  3. LOL! It does feel like that sometimes. I haven't taken mine off either and the twice that I have had surgery I made them tape it. Your Mum's ring is a real treasure and no wonder you don't like being without them. Quilts looking good.

  4. You've been squished and squashed all around! But I see you still manage to inject some humorous cartoons into things... Your new quilt is very beautiful.

  5. Oh no don't alter your heart ring, it's how it should be. How sentimental we all are, these days people don't get married so no wedding ring, and we never take ours off! It must be a generation thing. I hated having to take mine off too.....maybe this year it will be back on :-)

  6. your treasures are lovely, it will be so much better to have them fitted properly again. I had mine resized a few years ago. Seems even my fingers have got fatty! Love both the fabrics for the border and binding. Either way they will look super!

  7. I'm sure the fabric you decide on .. will be perfect!
    Love the treasure/s today! :)

  8. Your rings are very special! I have my mother's engagement ring which I had re-sized so I could wear it too! Yes, I have my mammograms regularly. Sadly I was at a funeral just today of a Mum of one students who died of breast cancer, aged 45! IMHO I prefer the floral border with the tartan for binding. I look forward to seeing what you decide!

  9. I am like you...I wear my wedding rings all the time. Unfortunately my engagement ring is tucked away until my sweet hubby takes it in for ANOTHER diamond (I've lost the diamond twice now). But the wedding ring and the eternity band he bought for our 20th anniversary (ever so many years ago) are still in good shape!

    I am fond of bold, graphic fabric so must say that I love the tartan for the border. Love the way it plays so nicely with the green border. jmho

  10. How lovely to have family jewellery! I had to get my wedding ring re-sized a couple of years ago.....just as well too, because when I broke my arm a few months later I was able to get it off before my wrist, hand and fingers swelled up too much.

    While I like the tartan fabric it might overwhelm the more gentle fabrics in the quilt if used as a border, but it will make a fabulous binding!

  11. I just love your cartoons! And I am sure you will work out which fabrics yu like where.

  12. I had to get my rings cut off and resized also, a few years back. With my arthritic knuckle I am afraid it may have to be resized again. I prefer the floral fabric for the border and the tartan as the binding. Your quilt is so beautiful.

  13. Laughing out loud at the cartoons - I've never had one, and never will, no WAY are you squashing me until they make one for men in their southern regions. I don't wear my rings a lot - don't even know where my wedding ring is, lol. I do have my mum's diamond that I wear occasionally. Your poor finger looks so sore!

    I LOVE the tartany fabric for the border - put it on one side, the floral on the other side, and look at it for a few days. I think picking the right fabric is the hardest part of quilting!

  14. I saw your post and just laughed out loud, clapping my hands the whole time. My turn in February. I love your treasures. I'm with you, keep them the way they are.

  15. LOL, that is a great mammogram picture!

  16. I would leave the rings as they are too...they are full of character!

  17. Hi Fiona ... Just love your quilt & the gorgeous fresh colours you have used, I love paging thru old issues of my sewing mags for ideas & inspiration. Amasing tho how dated they are staring to seam compared with the fresh more modern take on quilting & patchwork. By the way ,,, how long have you worn your wedding band for?

  18. Thanks for the reminder and the laugh. I will check as I should have my letter in the mail this month.
    And I think I have to do the same as you with my rings. I keep putting it off.
    Good luck with your fabric choices. Sometimes it is good to sit back and think. Gorgeous fabrics.

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your rings and for the reminder that we all need to be responsible for our own health.

  20. Beautiful rings with a lovely story. I wear my Mum's engagement ring and it's so special.

  21. Thanks for the great post and the reminder to get those checks done to make sure that our rings are on our fingers for many years to come.

  22. Funny but I feel 'naked' if I go out without a ring on ... need to have mine resized too.
    My friend was advised to use a moisturizing cream on her dented finger after having her rings cut off.
    Love the fabrics :)

  23. Such a shame you had to have your precious rings cut off and I think I would just have your Mom 's ring repaired too it is very special as it is. Hugs Sheila

  24. Had my first mamogram the other week. Not much to mash on me. hee,hee,hee
    Loooooove your beautiful ring.

  25. I agree keep the rings how they are.. they hold irreplaceably memories..and display a good life!!
    Wow you have been so busy I envy you!! Cheers Helen

  26. Love the stoy of the rings...how special are they...Wow looking good on the quilt top...my opinion and its only my op even though Shez and I agree...floral cos the checked takes away from the gorgeous flowers you have done...I like the check though and binding would be good... whatever you choose will lokim fabulous, its such a fresh color...
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  27. Thanks for the laugh, my friend...

    I didn't remove my rings for years and then lost my diamond one day while doing laundry and house work. It fell out and I never found it. Since then I only wear my rings when I go out somewhere. Before I lost the 20 pounds, they had gotten too small or had my finger gotten too big. Once I lost the weight I was able to wear them again.....Saturday, I drove 70 miles in pouring rain to a family gathering....On returning home, my fingers were so swollen, it took lots of soap to get them off...
    I know you'll be happy when the rings are ready to wear again, must feel naked without them.
    Mama Bear


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