Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing in the New Year .....

Wishing you all a very very wonderful 2012
and thanks to you for helping make 2011 so great for me

One of the Australian traditions that I very much enjoy is the Boxing Day cricket test match
this year Australia played India
two glorious teams - 5 days of excellent cricket
(and it has nothing to do with firm butts in white pants)

lots of time for stitching

I have had so much fun stitching these blocks
from Anni Downs "Some Kind of Wonderful"
which I'm doing with lots of other people at the Stitch-A-Long

It was worth spending the (quite considerable) time cutting all the strips and blocks
makes the piecing of the blocks much easier

continued with my redwork using patterns from Michelle
(this is my ongoing emergency stitching project - they are all drawn up ready for when I need some hand stitching to do)

started on these cute little button flowers

and did loads of sorting and slicing of my scraps to cut pieces ready
(this will be an emergency project - all cut and ready for when I need some machine piecing ready to go)

pattern from Material Obsession

I'm looking forward to the next test match

Wishing you a year of stitching happiness

may your thread never tangle
and your backing never crease
may your stash be plentiful
and your mojo never cease
may your block points meet
and your blades remain sharp
may your UFO's be complete
and your wine/coffee/tea stay full


Cardygirl said...

Lovely projects...Happy New Year!

Sheila said...

You have plenty to keep you busy for 2012 , lovely work as usual. Love that pattern for the quilt !Happy New Year 2012!!! hugs Sheila

Karen said...

This looks like a great start to the new year. Lots of plans and organization. I love the idea of emergency projects. I think you have inspired me to prepare a couple of those.
Your blocks and embroidery are looking great. Like your choice from Material Obsession, too!
And I agree - hasn't the cricket been great. I thought from the predictions it was going to be boring and one sided. Well, far from it! I'm ready for the next one!
Love this time of year!
Happy 2012!

marina said...

Wow you have hit the ground running for the new year!
Love your skow and your stitchery basket looks lovely. What will the button flowers be?
Love your new piecing project too.
A wonderful blessing for all crafters!

HG's Blog said...

O WOW did all this while I was drinking!!! We can see whoes the quilter in our group!!! Thats amazing!!! Do you swap it or keep it?

RobynLouise said...

Love your neat stitching! Lol, I bet you stop stitching and pay attention to the TV when the cricketers bend over to scoop up the cricket ball :D.

Jeanette said...

Love the fabrics you chose for SKoW. Gorgeous colours. The basket embroidery is so pretty. Love redwork. Hugs,

Teresa said...

Love your SKoW quilt... it's really looking wonderful. Sounds like you are truly ready for the new year. Love your little poem at the end xx

Allie said...

I'm loving all your projects, Fiona - and how clever of you to have things to grab quick like that, so smart! I hope you have a very happy New Year!

Wendy said...

The SKoW blocks looks beautiful, in fact all your projects look wonderful! You have lots of nice variety.

Unknown said...

Lots of lovely projects on the go...looking forward to seeing them as they progress through the year.
I am taking Charlotte to the ballet for her birthday...nothing to do with men it tight. LOL
Hugs Tanya

Michelle Ridgway said...

Looks like you have begun the way you mean to proceed Fiona with lots of great projects sorted. Love the little verse.

sunny said...

I love your little poem! It's great to have all those little emergency projects ready. I try to keep one or two things easy to grab when I go out the door. You never know when you might get stuck somewhere and need to keep your hands busy. Happy New Year!

Janet said...

You have so many lovely projects on the go! May your new year be full of lots of quilting fun. Have a happy one.

Valspierssews said...

Your projects all look lovely. I like the little button flowers.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your projects are just lovely Bubz...

Margaret said...

Amen Sister Amen! Cricket, oh so relaxing when we are winning, I water the garden when we are not doing so good. Your preparations are an inspiration .

Grammasheri said...

Beautiful stitching, Fiona. Happy 2012 to you and yours,


Marg said...

You were busy! I used to love watching cricket - but haven't for years. Watching the highlights on the news I said to DH - "should have had the tv on today". We were busy getting ready to go on holidays - so, can't complain. Love having a series of days like that where you can get projects organised. Makes it easier to get into the sewing! Have a great 2012 - looking forward to more of your posts - always such fun.

Miss Hillbilly said...

You've already got a nice start to the New Year!

Googy Girl said...

Love the flowers, love th liberty quilt design and i really really love your stitch-a-long quilt.....

i also love that your were checking out the cricketer's butts....

hope you have a wonderful New Year....and that you have a lovely stitching year

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