Sunday, January 22, 2012

I was clearing a box for FNSI.....

It's quite fun to delve into the back of those cupboards to find the old UFO's....

and that is just what I did for this weeks FNSI

When I learn a new technique I like to try a 'smallish' project... sadly these then tend to get cast off into the 'one day' box....

I spent much of Friday stitching and this went well into the evening

but when I opened the box properly I found more !!

there was this piece which I made when I was learning some embroidery stitches....

and this was a piece made learning needleturn applique ...

..... and another needleturn applique piece using freezer paper.....

I was so proud of my 'hidden' threads and 'tiny' stitches


so I sliced and I diced, and I snipped and stitched....

my embroidery skills folder cover....

then I couldn't resist practicing FMQ feathers
(this is a learning project)

they are definitely easier done on a small scale...

played with a hearty leafy design.....

more feathers - and made another folder cover ......

just simple slip in sleeves....

but I think I love my hot pot mat the best....

I'm glad I didn't throw my practice pieces away... it's great to look back and see where I have improved... but I also found out those not terribly good stitches and all the mistakes are pretty well hidden once it is all made up.

What do you do with your little practice pieces?


  1. WOW Fiona, I wish my practice pieces were half as good! You had a very productive evening and your feathers look perfect. FMQ envy here :)

  2. WooHoo Fiona. What a fantastic FNSI you had. So much accomplished.. with beauties at the end of it. LoVe all the projects.
    Yes I've kept my starter projects.. some got finished.. but alas some aren't! Perhaps one day..hummm! :)

  3. Great work. The hot pot mat is my favourite too. Lots of practicing and learning and nothing wasted. They all look fabulous.

  4. How brilliant Fiona. You are just so talented. I love what you have done with your practice pieces and your hot pot mat is so fabulous.

  5. Wonderful,use of all your practice pieces ,love them all and your quilting is amazing! A very successful FNSI . Hugs Sheila

  6. All very lovely & great uses for the practice pieces.Hopefully next month i'll be able to join FNSI. Hugs,

  7. Pretty awesome work there girl. Everything looks great. I love the stitching you did. Very good job.


  8. Did you ever have a productive FNSI! It is so wonderful that you could think of things to make with all your practice pieces. I don't have practice pieces because I usually just jump in both feet first.

  9. so great to check out your blog .. you always have such treasures to spy .. i love all your practice bits ... mine are tucked away in a box ... waiting like the other bits that get started .. and have the promise of one day being finished ... one day ... but not today ... non next friday night either ... hubby is taking me out for my birthday dinner ...
    i love your potmit .. it is just lovely ... thanks for sharing ...

  10. Your 'practice' pieces are beautiful! Wow! And I love that you made them into useful things! Fabulous!

  11. Lovely practice pieces, I love the colours in your hot pot mat! I'm ashamed to say I don't do practice pieces, I just lurch into the Real Thing.....for better or worse.

  12. Wow, that sure was a useful box. Your finishes are all beautiful. But really love the first folder cover.
    Your hearts and feathers quilting are so good.

  13. what gorgeous finds Fiona, and lovely that they have become such beautiful finishes!
    I tend not to practice-for good or bad I'm in for a penny, in for a pound.

  14. A fantastic FNSI!! What a great result!! ... You've made some lovely pieces from your hidden away items ... I, also, like the hot pot the best too ... Your FMQing is getting really good too Fi!! Hugs!

  15. That was a very productive FNSI for you. I think your finds were just delightful. With my practice pieces, I usually make my Mum a new table runner or placemat. She loves them.

  16. I love your projects, Fiona and great job with the FMQ!! :o)

  17. You just amaze me what you do.
    Wonderful way to use your practice pieces. Wonder if I can find my to send you. LOL

  18. beautiful lot of projects there Fiona,well done i am impressed.xx

  19. Great and busy FNSI. So many projects and all so beautiful.I agree with you, the hop pot mat is sensational. I love the quilting file, too ( I think you gave me an idea).

  20. It took me a bit to figure what you were talking about = Practice in the sewing room is not something I am good at, I tend to just jump right into any new project.
    Love what you have completed from those perfect little practice pieces.

  21. Great work Fiona!! I usually throw my practice pieces away! Yours are beautiful!

  22. I think I need to make more practice pieces. I've so much to learn!

  23. Fiona your work is just beautiful, I love everything, I really want to start doing needle turn applique when I see your work. Hugs x

  24. WOW Fiona, you sure were busy on Friday. I am really naughty I don't tend to practice first just dive straight in.

  25. What a fun Friday night that was! Love everything!

  26. You had an amazing FNSI and such lovely finishes.

  27. You came up with some great uses for all of it...
    Mama Bear

  28. Fi, I love what you have done with all your pracise pieces, especially the hot pad..
    I am busy catching up on all your news.. can't believe how much you have accomplished..xx


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