Sunday, October 30, 2011

Christmas is coming .....

One of my special projects is making each Grandiebaby their own special unique Christmas stocking..... I love thinking up what they might like and adding special little pieces to them....

This is my latest.....
(no prizes for guessing who it is for!!)

I used an angel from Nancy Holvorsen's Angels Among Us ....

and a special daisy button for the dot on the 'i'
(I just love that background fabric)

.... ringing bells in the stars and ric-rac under the patchworked sock turn...

the little hand charm on the bottom of her skirt says 'hand made'

Lovely little Maddy is ready for Santa..... 
I make the stockings nice and big... since it is not my responsibility to fill them....

We are waiting on the next baby... so there will be another stocking to make
Today is due date... hmmmm, waiting, waiting....

I saw some lovely gift tags HERE made by Tarnyia... go look see as she explains how quick and easy it is.... and it really is... I did these ones.... thanks for the idea Tarnyia

So these are my Christmas Items for Allie's Christmas Through the Year and Narelle's 1 Christmas Item per Month...

.... I did other Christmas things......

like this .....

and this....

and posted these.....

I still had more of the 'tag' blocks but these are on felt for a different project...

I still don't feel in the slightest bit ready for Christmas though.... 
we're on the countdown... less than 2 months......


  1. Love the stocking. It's gorgeous. I'm sure Matilda will love it. The tags looks great. You've certainly been busy there with your projects. Hugs,

  2. Matilda's stocking looks gorgeous! That background fabric is so sweet.
    You have made heaps for this month's Christmas goodies.
    Can't wait to see what is wrapped in those parcels!

  3. Such a cute little angel stocking and the gift tags have such nice pictures on them. What a good idea.

  4. whow what a lovely xmas stocking Fiona,Matilda will love it,and boy have you been busy,lol,love those sneek peeks.

  5. Oh sweetie that is too, too darling - I LOVE all the special little touches, what a treasure you made for her! The tags are darling too. Very, very sweet! And that reminds me, I forgot to do my linky post, oh NO!!!!!!!

  6. Wow! There is so much added detail to Matilda's gorgeous stocking.
    The gift tags are a great idea too.
    Hoping your next post has a special announcement :)

  7. Oh Fiona, Matilda's stocking is so, so sweet...I love it! And I know that it will be something that she will always treasure. Those little gift tags aren't too shabby, either. Great idea, and that fabric is perfect for them!



  8. You have been busy...and a fun busy at that. You have me in the Christmas spirit now.....just awesome!

  9. Matilda will love her new stocking! And I love your new header! Wonderful!

  10. Christmas is a coming...definitely to your house already. It is never to early to start sew I best get started to. great stocking your grand babies sure are lucky.Hope babe arrives soon and safe.

  11. You're light years ahead of me Fiona. The things you've made are so sweet and will be treasured I'm sure. I'm still sending birthday gifts out that I've made: purses for each of my granddaughters (all 5 have birthdays from Sept through November!). And for my daughter (November birthday). My sons' birthdays are done: one in Sept and one in Oct. So by the time Christmas comes I'm frazzled, but somehow manage to pull it off every year. If I was SMART I'd really start preparing for the fall birthdays and Christmas in January.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely projects.

  12. Gorgeous stocking Bubz, and once again you are keeping busy...

  13. Gorgeous stocking for your little fun for Father Christmas to fill it up for her...
    hope your waiting doesn't last too much longer...

  14. You have been busy. The stocking is gorgeous, I love the angel and the tags are such a lovely idea! Congratulations to your Ausi bloke too.

  15. Nope not feeling it yet, maybe because it's still fairly mild here, it has to be freezing cold for it to feel like Christmas for me. Loving the Christmas stocking. Is it really only two months away....heck!!! x

  16. Oh, that stocking is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I am betting Matilda will be loving this for many years to come!! And your other items all look gorgeous too! You definitely have a knack for fabric and embellishment choices!!

  17. Love the Christmas stocking. It's gorgeous. And the tags are lovely, too.
    Waiting for this baby.......

  18. I love the Christmas Stocking...I love Angels, of course. I think you could sell these and make you a little mad money.
    A little tease there, huh.
    Well, except for the football, I am almost finished with my Christmas Shopping....have to get some checks to my grands in Texas, though and finish up the scrapbook to mail.
    It is just around the bend, isn't it.
    There is a nip in the air.
    Mama Bear

  19. What more beautiful Christmas stocking is made ​​with much love that it shows in every stitch, every piece of cloth ... is love!
    Greetings from Costa Rica,
    Zuly Castillo U.

  20. Love the stocking and will have to make those tags they are adorable

  21. Well you could have fooled me... I thought you were doing especially well with Xmas items...aren't these groups great for that.
    I love Allie...
    Your stocking is wonderful.. little Matilda will LoVe it!!!!
    All the secret items are off to homes just to tease more "friends" I see.
    Fantastic job Fiona! :)

  22. The stocking is gorgeous so very very cute... love your tags too ;)... christmas is approaching so FAST :0 xxx

  23. The stocking you made for Matilda is gorgeous. What a lucky girl.

  24. Matilda will be one very happy grandie with that beautiful stocking. Yes Christmas is coming.
    Happy Monday Fiona.

  25. I really need to put stockings on my list for my family next year. That one is wonderful!!!!

  26. Your post heading is scarey!!!! I too have a stocking to make for a new arrival, so I am glad you have reminded me to get cracking! Matilda's stocking is gorgeous.

  27. Fiona your little stocking is gorgeous.. I was going to make one for Maxie but his mum said she is going to... I won't stand in the way of encouraging a new sewer!!

  28. The details are just right: the buttons, the lace, the embroidery and stars... Matilda is going to be so chuffed about that stocking!

  29. The stocking is just adorable , how special for little Matilda ,all the little extra touches and I love that background fabric too , I really love fabric with writing in it for some reason.The little tags are cute too ,must check that out. hugs

  30. That stocking is so sweet. Just the perfect touches as well as the perfect fabric. Love the gift tags.

  31. Hi Fiona, gorgeous little stocking for Matilda, love the gift cards..Regards, O'faigh

  32. You are always so busy with such fun projects... you so inpsire me... wish I could craft right now... :D

  33. I love the stocking!
    Kind regards,

    Beertje Zonn

  34. I'm going to guess that the precious stocking is for ... lemme think ... Henrietta? Am I right? LOL!!! ;)
    I love all the beautiful embellishing on it - it's definitely an heirloom, made with love :)

    Will you be able to get the stocking done in time for the new little one? Maybe today will be the big day! :)

  35. that stocking is just wonderful, I bet your grandchild with love it! And what a lovely name she has too. x


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