Saturday, October 22, 2011

FNSI October .........

Last night for FNSI I put together the blocks I had previously made with this Portabello Market jelly roll...

I had already sewn the strips of 4 alternating dark and light....

and made the tubes....

and cut them into squares... which I never took pictures of ..... but there are lots of video tutorials on line for this type of square.... it is a matter of cutting the tubes at an angle.... (just look up tube quilt)

Only a small bit of waste from cutting the angles at the sides..... I will find a way of using those pieces....

.... I had already sewed the 4 square blocks together....

I made the strips.....

it is not a difficult pattern but I did need to be careful with cutting and joining to get the points right

I am always amazed at how far a little jelly roll goes - the top was 54" x 43" (without the borders)

I auditioned the border fabric and added 6 1/2" strips all round .....

did a bit of handsewing whilst I kept my flu filled Hubz company....

This is a pincushion from Annie Downs "Some Kind of Wonderful" 
(some of the scraps from the Portobello Quilt will be used to piece the top and bottom)

waited for morning to take some more pictures...

Yup,  a good nights work... I like it....

whilst I was in the garden I noticed these water irises flowering....

the pretty blue flowers in the background are from one of the pretty native grasses we have around the pond

Stitching the blocks together gave me lots of opportunity to use my leaders and ender HST squares (made THIS WAY using 4 " charm squares) ....

Strips are coming together quite prettily .....

I'm off over HERE to see what everyone else sewed ...


  1. OHhhhh I really like that tube quilt. Great job!

  2. Oh gosh Fiona that quilt is gorgeous! I love those fabrics too-delicious
    I am definitely going to google that tube quilt. I have a rural jardin jelly roll that is screaming to be used.
    Love those 1/2 triangles too.
    What a productive sew in.

  3. Love the tube quilt Fiona! So pretty! I have a little one I need to finish with only three fabrics.. it made for an interesting pattern! I'd like to try one with a jelly roll though...

  4. Oooh I love that so much, the colors are so perfect!! I see you're using your peeper, lol...

    Pretty flowers, and darling stitchery, I hope Hubz feels better soon! Your hst quilt is glorious too!~

  5. good heavons Fiona you put me to shame look how much you achieved,well done on all your projects.

  6. You are on a Roll Well Done..Love the first quilt & the 2nd one is coming along Beautifully...

  7. Your tube quilt looks great,Fiona. It's a great way to use a jelly roll and you are guaranteed that the fabrics will work together.
    Gorgeous flowers, too. Love the colours in irises and yours look lovely.
    Great to see your HSTs piling up, too. Very colourful.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  8. I just learnt my something new for today! Thanks for sending me off to look up that technique...I have a jelly roll that is crying out to be made into a quilt like that...and I even have the border fabric for it...yippee!!...I'm excited!!

  9. Wow, you got so much done last night! It's gorgeous. And so are your irises. toni xxx

  10. You certainly got a lot of stitching done .
    I really like the Jelly Roll Quilt. Where can I find the tutorial please??

    Great idea with your leaders and enders.

  11. Beautiful quilt and the HSTs are pretty and cheerful, too! I love the irises - fun to see flowers when plants up here are going to sleep for the fall/winter.

  12. What a productive FNSI Fiona. Lovely quilt. The irises are beautiful- gorgeous colours.

  13. Love your FNSI projects. You got so much done.
    Garden is beautiful.

  14. OK Fiona, tell me what you are on. Just love that quilt. Thank you for the floral spectacular. I am planning a raid on your garden.
    Happy days.

  15. Love your quilt. Had a look now I want to buy a jelly roll.

  16. Wow, HOW productive were you?? Loving the quilt, it's beautiful and you know i love those stitcheries... that one is gorgeous.

  17. Wow Fiona , that is gorgeous , just love it .I have a jelly roll sitting here since ages , perhaps I will try this method , not familiar with it at all but sure love the results. Alos love what you have done with the little triangles , so cute and your flowers are gorgeous. hugs

  18. What a lovely post,nice to read it all:-) The JR quilt/FNSI has a great patten,might try it one day. How beautiful the flowers bloom;we are into heavy Autumn weather.

  19. Your quilt turned out awesome, love seeing the beautiful flowers.

  20. I love the quilt. Using the tube technique makes wonderful blocks, but you must have worked all night in order to get a whole quilt done. Congratulations.

  21. Love your "tube" quilt. Can't believe that you did that in one night! Nola

  22. Now I have another quilt to add to my to-do list. Yours turned out lovely.

  23. Wow! You got a lot done! Good FNSI! I'm having a blast looking at what everyone did!

  24. Bubz...your quilt top is just so beautiful, I love your fabric...

  25. You had a great FNSI. That quilt is wonderful. Yuck about the flu. Hope you don't get it.

  26. What a beautiful quilt! Great job! I love that stitchery you're working on! Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower! Have a Great Weekend! :)

  27. Wow you have been busy, its a stunning quilt. Dont the jelly rolls make it easy. I have 2 sitting in my stash that I plan to play with in the up coming months.
    Gorgeous flowers too, spring is lovely dont you think.

  28. Here I am...playing catch up again! That quilt is just stunning, Fiona. I love the colors in those fabrics. And your irises....just too beautiful. Love how you used a photo of one of them for your new header. Lovely!



  29. So much fabulous sewing in this post.


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