Monday, October 24, 2011

Pincushion, Patterns, lovely Post and a bit of Christmas.....

I am doing Some Kind of Wonderful in the Stitch-a-long and couldn't resist stitching this cute little pincushion
I did find the littleness of it a challenge ....

 I have taken my first step in the lovely quilt from the book and started doing a bit of needleturn - I have been learning by using freezer paper previously but thought I would go without this time.... doing the jeans first as there is lots of straight lines!!

supposed to be 'blue' jeans but the colours I chose haven't got blue - and I love the floral jeans
(they just have to be HUGE flowers if I were to have some now!!)

I photocopied pages so that I can cut templates and trace the pictures with the light box underneath ..... and wanted to keep the patterns stored ... so I was very happy to see a tip by Bobbie on keeping these nice and safe in the back of the book  ....

 Have a look HERE for Bobbies step by step instructions.....

I stitched this pretty little tag from a pattern by Michelle Ridgeway..... 
(I bought her cute little Christmas Fixin's designs book) 
rinsed out my pen marks and see what happened....

a bit disappointed... it is one of the 'good' threads.... (but at least it is not a big stitchery)

No bleeding on this design from the same booklet...

I won a prize on Allie's Christmas Through the Year last month....

the cutest little zipper purse (who doesn't love cupcakes?) with three gorgeous fat quarter Christmas fabrics and a cross stitch to make up....

I think the reindeer stitchery and the fabrics look like they were made for each other?

I've got a bit of handsewing to do....
just a peep... this is my SSCS (insert item here) for (insert name here)

which is coming along very nicely.... now to think of a Christmas decoration 
(since my redwork heart will not do!!)

How are you doing with Christmas presents? - not long to go


  1. shame about the run.
    Love your reindeer!
    Those fabrics will go nicely.
    Gorgeous pincushion too!
    Great start to your applique too.

  2. what a shame the dye running Fiona,i really love that reindeer so cute,love your sneak peek,lol,mine is all wrapped ready to send,lol.

  3. oh forgot congrats on your win from Allie,very nice gifts

  4. I feel like I've been away for ages. You were talking about needleturn and now you're an expert!
    Poor little red stitchery, maybe a dye catcher will help it out.

  5. Your stitcheries are wonderful Fiona! For the one where the color ran, I wonder if you used some Synthrapol or Rit Dye Fixative or a Shout Color Catcher of even some Biz and soaked it for a bit with one of these...maybe that would rescue the stitchery. Just a thought.

    The pincushion is so sweet!

  6. OMG I have just finished doing my stitchery quilt....I hope my red doesn't run like that, now you have me worried. I love your stitchery. Linda

  7. Oh no, red thread can be a rotter for running :0/ LOVE the cute reindeer, your little pincushion and those snazzy floral jeans :0> toni xxx

  8. Love the pincushion.It's so cute. Jeans are gorgeous. Shame about the thread running. :( The reindeer is so cute. Lovely gifties form Allie. Hugs,

  9. You have been busy with all sorts of projects.
    Your pin cushion is very sweet.
    It is a pity the colour ran in your red stitchery.
    But your reindeer looks perfect. Love the look on its face.
    Have fun with your lovely fabrics.

  10. Hello Fiona,

    Lots of lovely things to show us today. Congrats on your win. I think you may be able to rescue the stitchery or else just do some colouring in around it.

    I see you lovely new header has the Iris I am taking from your garden!!!
    Happy days.

  11. Great iris header! Pincushion is really neat and look at you doing needleturn applique. What do you do about red dye running?

  12. The pincushion is sew cute.
    Don't seem to have the patience for needle turn. Yours looks good.
    Just love the reindeer stitchery.
    Oh how sad about the bleeding, so annoying.
    Nice little useful win Fiona!

  13. Well someone has been busy, what a darling pincushion and those jeans are awesome, I want a pair just like them! Serious bummer about the floss running like that...that SHOULD NOT happen in this day and age. The reindeer is just darling! I'm so glad your gift finally got to you. I was starting to worry!

  14. The pin cushion looks fabulous. Love your little reindeer and you're right those fabrics look made for him.
    I feel you pain on that thread, I'm guessing it is the same one I had a problem with last year and was just glad I had only used it on a small piece before I discovered the problem.
    Ornaments are fun - enjoy deciding.

  15. What a shame about the stitchery bleeding , there must be a way to get that out .The reindeer is sweet and I agree those sweet fabrics you won would really look cute with it. Congrats on the win ,lucky you:-)
    hugs Sheila

  16. More lovely stitching here. What a shame about the red thread. I just adore the little reindeer. It's a bit scary how close we are getting to Christmas.

  17. Love those jeans! How cool are they! I wish I could make clothes. I'm terrible!
    ps...loooooooove all your stitchies too

  18. The reindeer is the cutest thing! Show us a photo of the cover of the Some Kind of Wonderful quilt/hanging/whatever it is....okay?

  19. So many cute things ell done. Just love the pincushion.

  20. I once owned brown jeans ... love the floral fabric.
    Your pincushion is sweet and the stitchey is cute, shame about the run though.
    Lovely wins!

  21. Dare I ask which threads bled? Was it CG? Oh, I hope not...but yet I know it has happened before. I love them so though!

  22. oh Fiona you always get so much done..........

  23. I'll send you a "trick" for the may the reindeer stitchery, gorgeous...nice present you received there, cute baggie and how well timed are those fabrics for Mr are off and running with SKoW...I look at that pincushion every time I open the book, it calls my name too...might have to just add one to my SCCS present, gives me a reason to make on in the current line-up!...

  24. Congrats on your win. I think he will be very happy to be teamed up with that lovely fabric. Shame about your tag hope you can find a remedy.....I'm not sure of any. I usually say @#*&%** and it goes in a corner. Love your pincushion.

  25. Loving your stitching Fiona, esp those jeans, very cool!

    Good luck with fixing the running dye, what a shame.


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