Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pencil Roll

I had a wonderful few days away..... and guess what.... I left my camera behind down south.... so I have to wait for it to be posted back up to me..... silly silly... !  I will tell you bits about the trip - and all the lovely post that was waiting for me when I got home ..... when I have my photographic evidence!

I first want to mention the sadness of the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.... you would have all seen it on the news I am sure - my thoughts are with our special neighbours at this time.  Hugz

I have been determined to start on Christmas gifts early so I made an order....
before I left I received this:

Oh,  so lovely rows of elephants.......

and oh so lovely colours

for this lovely pencil roll
what a lot of beautiful work

This magical pencil roll is made by Leanne
she was making for a market and I saw these on her blog and knew I had to get one

Leanne was wonderful and waited for the floods to subside so the post wouldn't get wet 

it came with a magical home made card ....

I soon knew it couldn't be a gift 

It has to be one of those special colouring pencils at Nana's house

Widget tried them out 

...... fast drawing .....

he was so good about putting them back too......

Thanks Leanne.... so very beautifully made

If you haven't met Leanne have a pop round to her blog - there is so much deliciousness to read and see


  1. Looks like the little one really enjoyed the crayon roll up...looks great!

  2. nice pencil roll...great to have at Nana's.....Leanne is a great stitcher and takes gorgeous pics........

  3. So fun to unroll and see fun colors! Love it!
    xx, shell

  4. Love the fast drawing photo :) so cute.
    The pencil roll has great fabrics, never saw elephants like that!

  5. Ack - left your camera! At least you'll get it the pencil roll, so very pretty! Such fun for a darling little boy!

  6. What a gorgeous pencil roll. make a great Chrismas gift for the Granndies.

    Love your creative fast drawer.

  7. What a gorgeous pencil roll. make a great Chrismas gift for the Granndies.

    Love your creative fast drawer.

  8. I have seen those pencil rolls around and I wish I had littlies to buy them for. Don't think master 15 would appreciate one for high school.
    Love the colours to correspond to the pencils.

  9. Isn't that adorable, what a neat idea for a pencil roll and it seems your grandson is having great fun . hugs Sheila

  10. at first I thought hmmm nice pencil roll and then i saw the inside WOW THAT IS GREAT

  11. I love how the colors match the pencil colors... so cool... what a little cutie using it too.... :D


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