Friday, February 11, 2011

Colourful Friday.... Valentine

Tall and Handsome is so sweet and helpful.... but not a romantic.... This year I gently suggested we actually celebrate Valentines.......

"Capatalistic Plot!" he growled  ....

I guess I won't be getting flowers...... or chocolates....

...... I'll just buy myself the wine.....

but I could still find some of the right colour

Valentines in the garden.....

Valentines in the house.........

Maybe he'd wear a red shirt and hold my hand????

I hope all you Romantics out there have a Happy Valentines...


  1. I had a good giggle. Love the last pic and your sentiment.
    There sure is a lot to celebrate with these colours in your garden and house.
    Enjoy the wine, you may need chocolate with that!

  2. Hi Fiona, Lovely collection of Valentine's colours. Cute Grandma & Grandpa. Buttons rule!! I'm a red girl as well. Kind regards, Anita.

  3. Hi Fiona i love your post and i really love the old man and lady at the bottom they are priceless,lol
    cheers shez

  4. Hi Fiona.
    Beautiful flower photos. They are stunning colours. Love all the sewing goodies too. How cute are Grandma and Grandpa??
    You can still celebrate the day. Sit in front of him with your wine and chocolates and see if he wants to celebrate then!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Lovely collection of reds at your house ... I like Karen's idea ... wonder what would happen then?

  6. Hi Fiona, A fabulous post. I'll be buying my own Valentines treats too. But I suppose John will want to share them when he sees them even though, like your partner, he doesn't believe in Valentines Day.

  7. I got a great chuckle from your post, Fiona! You could always do what I do...go out and buy your own gift and say to your hubby, "Look sweetie, see what you gave me?" LOL!

    Love the photos of your garden - such loveliness makes me long for Spring!



  8. What bright reds! I love the old couple at the end. Maybe slip some Lindt balls into the grocery trolley to go with the wine.
    Cheers, Val

  9. Cute post and the flowers are beautiful. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Oh wow... what a great selection of ReD ! HaPPy VaLeNtInEs Day to you too ! :)

  11. That reaction sounds awfully familiar Fiona... Cyndi's idea carries great merit though :):):)

  12. I love your Valentine's pics! We don't celebrate either, holding hands works for me! I love your little dolls in that last pic - oh so, so cute!

  13. Well, that puts me in a Valentine's kind of mood :)

  14. Yes you always make me laugh Fiona..
    You hold his hand anyway and dont tell him it's V day :p
    Love all your beautiful reds... isn't it fantastic...the things we find.
    Happy Colourful Friday :-)

  15. That last photo is very cute. Fun post, and gorgeous pictures of red. Not a lot of red round here at the moment. Will have to see if I can change that!

  16. Hey Fiona! I'm married to a cute-but-not-very-romantic man too, so not anticipating flowers of gifties on Monday. Good thing I joined a Valentine's Day swap! :0) Have a fabulous weekend - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  17. Darn those capitalists!

    See, the thing is to not ask for permission to celebrate Valentine's Day. Just do it. Put on some romantic music, cut out red hearts and stick them everywhere, pour out a little of the bubbly, slip into something "comfortable" and I'm telling you, he WILL NOT complain anymore...

    Let me know how it all works out. ;)

  18. I love the story..and the pretty red bird..hope your valentines day is a sweet suprise :)

  19. shower him with love anyway, my husband is a bit like that your post

  20. Love your Valentine's post. Hope hubby loses his "harumph" factor :)

  21. Your last pic made me laugh...LOL!! Love your floral & fabric reds...great pics! Perhaps you could be like me and organize your own treat for valentines day....I'm off to the craft shop!

  22. Hi Fiona, I enjoyed seeing your pics for Colourful Friday....I have used the stitch in the ditch foot and it works well...Regards, Lyn


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