Monday, February 7, 2011

... and that was the weekend......

A hot weekend meant I spent most of my time indoors with the aircon and fans on..... My own internal heating system is nuts.... let alone with the outside elements at it too!!

Last year I made some Breast Cancer Bags and I had a bunch more cut out - Christmas rather got away with me so I worked at these.....

... whimsical applique ......

.... ready to go off to the clinic now.....

I have used curtaining for these.... this is quite effective as it is stronger to carry the drain bottles (which can get quite heavy) and with a block backing it makes them waterproof too....

This is an initiative of Jodi and Annette and they have the pattern free on their website HERE
They have kindly linked me to someone local so now I can just drop them off at the clinic and support local patients......
They are always looking for people to make bags.... in Australia they have linked with a number of hospitals - anywhere else you can still use the pattern and drop them off at your local hospital.

I am obsessing over finishing some stitcheries (you see there are others I want to do) - I had some of the Raggedy & Friends already pieced but needed to get on with the stitching......

Widget has helped to point out the dog....

I also had "A Sentimental Journey" drawn and half stitched!

we have had a couple of cricket games on TV this week so I had lots of time to stitch!!

It's great to finish some of those UFO blocks and they can go on the count at Joys Finishing Stitches

I have decided on a project to use some of the A Sentimental Journey
you can go HERE and see...... 


  1. Nice work! I like to stitch during hockey games which is kinda difficult with how fast it is! Most of the times I'm just waiting for stops in play or stitch during the really annoying commercials. Either way it's still good stitching time.

  2. How nice of you to make the bags I am sure they will be appreciated .Love your stitcheries ,very nice.
    hugs Sheila

  3. What a wonderful thing to do....

    Love your stitchery!!

  4. Girlfriend, my personal air conditioning and heating system is on the fritz! I'm only 42 and menopause has started! Oy!
    your bags are fantastic. What a wonderful thing to do.
    Of course, I am extra fond of your stitchery finishes. ;)
    xx, shell

  5. The bags are gorgeous - what a great thing to do! Love your raggedys - and your sentimental blocks! Stay cool hon!

  6. Hello Fiona,

    Super fantastic work on the bags,I know they will be very much appreciated and help bring a smile to the patients.
    David our son went to the match at the WACA on Sunday.
    Have a great week.

  7. Very generous Bubz, love all your bags...

  8. Your bags are great.
    Your stitcheries are gorgeous!!
    Keep cool inside and out, maybe a cool wine will help with the internal thermometer, it may just confuse it. hicup,

  9. Great idea using curtaining for the BaGs...nice and strong... so did it negate the use of a lining?

  10. Your bags look awesome, Fiona, and will be so appreciated by those who receive them! And your Raggedy and Friends stitcheries are looking great, too. Since I hurt my knee I can't sew, but have been trying to teach myself embroidery. Wow, do I need help! LOL!!!

    Stay cool, my friend! :o)



  11. Love the bags, great idea to add on the applique. Makes them cheery and colorful for someone.
    Jelous of your stitcheries. I have tried to hand stitch with dreadful results. LOL

  12. The bags are great, what a lovely idea. The stitcheries look very nice.

  13. Great Job on the Bags they look Great!

  14. Me again, just stopped by to say that I got my luggage tags....thanks sooooooooooooo much, I love them!!

  15. The bags are a lovely idea. And you have been busy with the Raggedy Anne blocks. It is cool and rainy here now so I suppose I will have to stay inside and sew (just like I did when it was too hot!)

  16. You are such a good person and the bags are fabulous

  17. What a lovely and kind person you are making up all those drain bags for the cancer patients,i think i will take the idea to my patchwork group as they are always looking for ways to help people we have been for awhile sewing quilts all sizes for the kiddies with cancer.
    cheers shez

  18. You fabulous lady, you. And the stitchery absolutely makes 'em.

  19. love the bags and the stitcheries - good on you! so glad you are safe and sound


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