Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lucky, lucky....

Lucky, lucky that Nasty Yasi did not take the large numbers of lives expected (there is news there are some people missing).  

It is hard to think that the beautiful rainforest and quaint towns that I visited in August last year blogged HERE have been ripped apart. 

....  more rebuilding of lives ....

A sign made during evacuations
.... I love the resilience and defiance people show in times of crisis ....

I know people all over the world have been thinking and praying... it is wonderful knowing there is world wide support and encouragement.

It isn't over yet... massive rainfalls, power cuts, floods, lack of water....there is still danger out there so please don't stop the thinking and praying

Lucky, lucky me ... a couple of the ladies at our local craft group are going to make this georgeous stocking...

But Rose who is going to be 'teaching' the others doesn't want one.... but she knows I love it so she is going to make it for me...... how great is that? 
The book of patterns is by Ellen Maurer-Stroh... and this is her website - she has lots of lovely designs - including freebies......

Last year I showed a cross-stitch I had done of Rainbow Lorikeets..... lots of encouragement to frame it.....

....... I'm so glad I did .....
(Sorry about the glass-glare)

Lucky, lucky find in an Op-shop. 

This is a very dainty gauze table cover with cross-stitched roses.... it is about 1.5 m square...

detail of the centre roses....

... I would love to know the story behind it.... who made it... who was it for.... why was it donated out?

My hand-work this week has been finishing off more of Shell's pretty quotes......

.... and something new I am playing with.....

My wishes to you - where-ever you are - to have a happy and safe weekend


  1. I am so happy to hear that there was not a tremendous loss of life with this devastating storm! I hope those that are missing are just holed up somewhere safe! I'm going to keep on praying!!!

    That stocking is adorable and you are lucky indeed that the teacher doesn't want one and is gifting hers to you! And all of your stitcheries are just lovely!

    Stay safe, my friend, and know that we are keeping all of Australia in our thoughts and prayers!



  2. I agree with Cyndi! It's great news when a storm of this magnitude doesn't have the impact it was supposed to. What a relief! No doubt there is going to be a lot of rebuilding nonetheless, so I will continue beaming good thoughts out there!

    Take care Fiona, okay?


  3. I agree with both Cyndi and Michele , I watched the news last night with some coverage of the storm and it sure was fierce .I will continue to pray as well , they are going to need all the prayers they can get with rebuilding the destruction. Love your stitcheries , I printed those out but have yet to get to them , maybe someday ;-0 Take care .hugs Sheila

  4. My heart and prayers go out to the people affected by the storm. I live in Florida and each year we are faced by the threat of hurricanes and tornadoes. It will take time to rebuild and start over for many people...

  5. A lucky find indeed! You say it is it a tablecloth, do you think, or perhaps a throwover? Back in the 'good old days' every hostess used them to keep insects away from the dainty afternoon teas that were popular then. The table would be set, then a throwover used to keep it all looking lovely while guests arrived.

  6. Yes, prayers continue for Queensland - such devastation!

    Love Ellen's designs, I have most of them in machine embroidery format - but finding the right threads keeps me from stitching them out, lol. Love them though. And yes, you are lucky to have that made for you! Your framed piece is just so gorgeous. Great find in the op-shop!

    Love your blocks of Shell's designs, I still have to start mine! AND her new one! I need more hands.

  7. Hi Fiona, I love the sign, some one was a quick thinker to come up with that one!! Love your Op shop find, it is a real gem. Have a great day. Kind regards, Anita.

  8. Hello Fiona,

    Yes it is great news about the Cyclone,preparation was the key I think. Queensland has copped a lot lately lets hope for a quick building recovery. Love you op-shop find,especially as it is in pink.
    Have a fantastic weekend.

  9. Yasi has been bad.........
    love the rosella in the cross stitch....I want to do that one........

  10. That's fantastic that you framed your cross stitch! It looks great.
    LOVE that stocking, it is amazing Lucky you.
    Great op shop finds and lovely stitcheries!
    busy you..

  11. I am glad you are safe and sound, I hope the weather gets less scary out there for you. Take care. x

  12. Wonderful op-shop find and the stocking is adorable! I also love the sayings - they are wonderful.

  13. I laughed at the sign. It reminded me of ones I saw after Hurricane Opal On one side of windows "Opal's left" on the other side "Opal's right"

  14. Safe wishes to you too! I love that table cloth find!

  15. Your Xstitch looks lovely framed and I am always amazed at what people throw away. I am sure that lovely tablecloth has some great stories to tell.

  16. What a lovely post Fiona and i love your lorikeets you have done a wonderful job of that project and yes i love the table cloth also if only it could talk,hey.
    cheers shez


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