Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Treasure - the last but not the last.............

Clare is retiring from hosting Tuesday Treasure so today is her last... thanks so much Clare - this has been such great fun...... I love digging out some of my treasures and I really, really love reading about others...... (can you tell I'm a sticky-beak?)....

~ I do enjoy a good coffee ~ 

~ in pretty cups ~

~ These are a few from my mum ~
There's something about sitting down to coffee and toast on a Sunday morning using these pretty cups...... Hubz doesn't like them.... they are the little one's and only hold about half a cup full at a time
(he likes BIG MUGS of coffee)

~ I have repurposed the sugar bowl ~ 

Thank goodness for bloggie goodness..... Melody is going to carry on the great Tuesday Treasure..... so we can keep telling stories .......... and best of all ...... reading them....

I'm just going over HERE to Clare's to have my hit of TT addiction .....

 ~ with a coffee of course ~


  1. Hi Fiona, beautiful photos. I agree reading everyone stories is wonderful.

  2. I like what you did with the sugar bowl...I enjoy seeing others' treasures.
    Mama Bear

  3. How lovely , I'm a coffee girl too ! Thanks so much for showing us and playing along .

  4. Wow, love that sugar bowl and its re-purposed use. They look like special cups too. I am a bit like your Hubz though - give me a big mug of coffee and I will be happy !!!

  5. Very sweet cups, you can have coffee time like a lady.

  6. I agree with you, I love to drink tea out of delicate cups. But sadly dont do this often enough. I might have to did mine out this weekend and give myself a treat :)

  7. Ooooo Fiona I love the cups and saucers, beautiful. Charmaine

  8. Nothing like a special china cup for a wonderful brew!

  9. I agree with you, drinking your brew from special delicate cups is just so, so, hmmm, like drinking water out of a nice wine glass (g)

  10. I love your cups. Even though sometimes I would rather coffee INTRAVENOUSLY :)I love drinking out of nice cups

  11. Love what you did with the sugar bowl and the cups are lovely :)


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