Thursday, November 25, 2010

My heart goes out to all the families, friends and the local community as a whole.... of all those lost in the New Zealand coal mine disaster - so very sad.

Stitching Around the Block
My third round is on it's way to Carol.... some sneaky peaks.....

~ another crazy lady has found her way into the package!! ~

~ I am a bit concerned this spider may have fallen into my wine bottle glass ~

 ~ snails are fine - in someone else's garden ~

Birthday Party
When I am going to try and new technique I make a small fun item first using that technique - for practice but mostly to see if I actually enjoy doing it.....

I wanted to make a naive applique for a grandie - the animal one here - since I was about to turn 50 I made myself a banner...... so sad!!! 

This last week a special friend of mine celebrated a landmark birthday - a small adaption and she was appropriately humiliated!!

Pet Birds?
We people like to think we keep pets

This handsome chap comes along to my house most afternoons (when the morning seed is finished)
- yells loudly and looks for me...... when I go out he flies to a nearby tree and sits watching me put seed out 
- as soon as I have stepped away he is back for a feed..
.... now who is the pet here???

Go fetch nana.... go fetch..... 

Work in Progress
Several projects on the go -

~ happy flannel ~

` soft cuddly minky cloth ~

~ yummy granny squares from peruvian wool ~

deco weight fabric

~ Sneak peaks only ~
~ there are spies in cyberspace! ~
(sounds like an episode of Star Trek)

Yay - a finish!
I did managed to finish this little tote
special request DD2

Now I'm off to make a coffee (no Marina - it's too early for wine!) and have a read of what others are making.....



Unknown said...

Lovely Post..and keeping busy too I your little quilt for your friend.

KaHolly said...

Fiona, do you ever stop?? Wow, but you accomplish alot of wonderful things! ~karen

Penny said...

You have been very busy! Love the little snail! Love the Patching Pieces too!!!

Kim B said...

WOW, tell me how you keep it up, I would love to do all that. You do beautiful stuff. So sorry to hear about that tradegy. Thats a great idea about the little stitch, I keep saying I am going try before I stitch on the actual piece but I still havent. Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.

marina said...

Nothing sad about making your own birthday banner!
Love what you have done with that stitching on the border. I can't wait for it to get back Love how you have spiders and snails too.
I don't believe you for a minute that it is too early for wine. Wine is from grapes, grapes are fruit- so you are just having fruit!

Just Ramblin' said...

I love the birthday banner! That is way cute! How come I can never come up with something so clever? Looks like you are keeping very busy. Like the addition of the snail and spider. Do you ever stop? Nola

Serenata said...

Goodness what a great news filled post, although touched with a tinge of sadness - so awful the mine disaster in NZ.

So many lovely things to see, sewing, embroidery, crochet and birds - just perfect.

Hope the spider survived his fall in the wine glass!

Nicky said...

Hi Fiona - As ever you've been a very busy girl! Love the Stitching round the Block, piece, your snails and spider are so cute.

Everyone in NZ is in shock over the mining tragedy, it's heartwarming to know so many around the world are sending thoughts and prayers to the families who've lost their men.
May they Rest in Peace.

Crowing Moon said...

Looks like you've been super busy! It all looks great :)

Unknown said...

Hi Fiona, it was so nice to have you stop by. BTW ~ what's the weather like this time of year over there? I'm so sorry to hear about the mining disaster. I will have them in my prayers.

Love your quilt. You just keep on going like the energizer bunny, don't you.

Have a wonderful day. Hugs...Tracy :)

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