Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Treasure

Tuesday brings Tuesday Treasures hosted by Clare.......

My treasure this week is quite a heavy soapstone carving of Hornbills...

This is a photo of a real one I found on the internet....

The artist has carved a very good likeness - he was an African selling items on the side of the road with no formal training and very basic tools....

The soapstone is quite soft and is a commonly used stone for carvings in Zimbabwe.  This is the only piece of soapstone carving we brought - I just didn't have the heart to part with it.....

I am very fond of this carving, it holds wonderful memories as well as being a beautiful piece of art-work.

Have a great week - and to all Victorians - have a wonderful Melbourne cup - we don't get a public holiday but everyone will be watching "the race that stops a nation"


  1. That is so neat, i love it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh Fiona, that carving is spectacular! I can see why you wouldn't be able to leave it behind. And what a great piece of folk art from your former home land!



  3. Your soapstone carving is fabulous. Indeed a treasure.

  4. What a wonderful work of art. I carved soapstone in art at high school and it was lovely to work with. Your piece is amazing.

  5. They are just so clever , what a lot of work !
    Thanks for showing us and playing along .

  6. What a beautiful carving with so much detail. It is gorgeous.

  7. This is so lovely, so well-done, it's hard to believe he didn't have formal training!~ A lovely treasure, Fiona!

  8. A beautiful carving, It has so much character.
    Good save.

  9. What a lovely carving. My BIL & SIL go to South Africa to visit family and have some wonderful carvings of various wild animals, like yours, beautifully carved.

  10. What a stunning piece. No wonder you brought it with you. I have a soapstone trinket box in the shape of a duck which a friend brought back from a visit to Africa.

  11. It is incredible , definitely a treasure and a wonderful memory of your time in Africa .


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