Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last of the September projects.....

It's hard to believe it is already the end of September..... 

Spring has come, Toowoomba (nearest big town) has been bursting with people for the Carnival of Flowers, hayfever has burst forth, so many cute projects to see out in blogland - and my precious computer has been sick for a week....... (have you ever noticed how much housework gets done when the computer/sewing machine is away??)

Thankfully she is well now and these are some of my fun things I have been doing.

Jenny and Wendy hosted a Birdcage Weekend Sew In .....  I used some of my (newly shrunk jumpers) felt to make these fellers......

I cheated with the cage - found an old broken one at the tip and Hubz kindly cut off most of the bars......

Rather fun and something I would never have dreamed of making - so thanks Jenny and Wendy - it's all about motivating us to try out new things. 

I managed to finish this Christmas runner last night - the picture is not too clear but it has Australian flowers - eucalyptus with gum nuts, wattles and warratah and says "Joy to the World, the Lord is come".  I practiced some free motion quilting around the edges and added a free-form warratah.

The design was from an old Hand-made magazine - it will go in with my Early Bird Christmas Gifts hosted by Judith, but it also happens to be a UFO which is now finished.  Joy has been encouraging us to finish off projects this month... 

I'm off HERE and HERE and HERE to see what other people have made.....

Thanks to inspirational people I have managed to get quite a few projects finished off this month - and even one or two new ones!!



  1. Your birds look great, looks like the felting was a big success!
    Your table runner looks beautiful, I think I remember it in the magazine. The quilted waratah is a lovely addition.
    Well done!

  2. Beautiful work on the native flower runner...I just love your birdcage and birds! Think I might have to go in search of a birdcage too!
    Lisa ʚϊɞ

  3. hahahaha yes I do notice how much more I do around the house if the computer or sewing machine isn't working or I ban myself from the computer in the morning... I love your birdcage a great idea and it looks so good... and your table runner is just fantastic xxxxx

  4. You've made some gorgeous things this week. I love your birdies

  5. What a pretty runner, I like the Australian-ness of it for Christmas!

  6. What a cute little birdie cage. And your runner is simply divine!

  7. Wow. Wonderful projects. Clever birdcage too.

  8. Oh I love the runner! So Aussie and also love the words :)It is nice to see something without Santa on it for a change!

  9. What a neat birdcage and your feathered friends look great , such a fun project . I love.... the runner , what a nice pattern and you did a terrific job !

  10. Love the birdcage! It's amazing what some people throw out - I can remember when we could go to the tip and take "good stuff" home - usually more than what we were throwing out! But back then, the tip was a real treasure trove of goodies - recycling is not a modern idea!
    Happy stitching! Liz

  11. I LOVE your birdies! What a gorgeous cage you've put them in....wonderful project that I now wish I'd done, lol. And your table runner is just stunning - fabulous job on the quilting - love the colors and design in that!

  12. Love the your birdcage.
    What beautiful free motion quilting too.
    Yes I have just sat on my computer for hours this morning. I NEED to sew.

  13. I'm going to make one of the bird cages myself. I absolutely love your table runner. Its beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Love your table runner! It is very pretty. The bird cages with all your little birds are delightful. Nola

  15. Wow love your little birds (great idea using the wool) and I LOVE that table runner. It is STUNNING. Just love the quilting too. Very clever little thing you are!!!

  16. Bubz....just love your bird cage, looks so good, and that table runner, wow....

  17. I love your table runner. My neighbour is making the exact same one but kind of stopped and it's become a UFO. I will have to point her in your direction so she can see how fabulous it looks all finished and ready for Christmas.


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