Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Treasure #8

The Setting:
1979.  A brutal civil war in the African bush, strict sanctions, petrol rationing - 600kilometres away from the capital city  a dashing young man is billotted out to 'brightlight' (stay overnight as protection) to an elderly couple living in an isolated farm house. The elderly couple are in the process of being moved into the nearest village for their protection as their neighbouring daughter and son-in-law in hospital have been recently evacuated following a horrific land-mine blast, set by one of their trusted farmworkers. 

The young man supports the elderly couple as they move, and befriends the family once they are back out of hospital - he soon becomes a 'war adopted' part of the family as he is far from his hometown.  He soon catches the eye of a young nurse, the daughter of the land-mine couple who visits every few months from the city.

Because of the distances involved and severe petrol rationing, the only travel to and from the village was on certain days in protected and heavily guarded vehicle convoys.  As a result only monthly 'dates' were possible and within a year they held their wedding!  The night before the wedding they watched through the regular glows, and listened to the booms of a nearby estate being mortar bombed.  Many of the wedding guests had holsters and weapons, hidden carefully but held nearby incase of an attack. 

The occasion:
The wedding was idyllic, all the local people threw themselved into celebrating a wedding after many, many sad funerals in the district. The brides mother made the dress, the butcher iced the cake, all the local gardeners decorated the church with jasmine and sweatpeas and the couple was surrounded by friends and family.  
The dress:
The brides wedding dress had a train which had originally been over the skirt of her mothers wedding dress (1952).  Beautiful lace (even if there were a few extra lacy holes made by moths over the years of storage).  It had been carefully washed in rice water and sewn with soft ribbons down the centre. 

A young girl in awe of that handsome young soldier forestry man.
.............. truth be told 32 year later I still am!

Yes, this is my wedding dress (and no - I can't fit in it anymore!)
I'd love to do something with the lace but don't know what.

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Hope you enjoyed reading about my Treasure(s) today
(well Hubz is a treasure too I guess!)



  1. Oh my what a wonderful story and told so beautifully ! Thanks so much for this and playing along , just fantastic !

  2. Wow! What a wonderful story and an equally wonderful treasure. Thank you so much for sharing xo

  3. What a beautiful story Fiona, and a beautiful treasure.
    Julia ♥

  4. Bubz, what a lovely story, the dress is stunning

  5. Wow, what a wonderful story. The dress is so beautiful - a true treasure.

  6. Goodness, what a story! and what exquisite lace, isn't it beautiful. I don't think many of us can still fit into our wedding dresses.......

  7. A touching story fiona, thankyou for sharing.
    With the lace perhaps save it till you need to make a christening gown?

  8. Thanks so much for sharing Fiona. I was enthralled! Your dress (and the lace) is just beautiful.

  9. thank you so much for that lovely re-telling. That is a treasure. Your dress is Beautiful I love that you still speak so well of your "man"

  10. A wonderful story. Thank you so much. The dress and lace so beautiful.

  11. Fiona, that is an absolutely wonderful story...you have a great gift for writing! Your dress is so lovely - what an heirloom! And you were a beautiful bride, standing there with your dashing and handsome husband. And it's nice to hear that something so beautiful came out of something so ugly (that awful war!)!



  12. Your story is amazing and your gift for telling that story is equally amazing ,I really loved reading it , and playing out the scene in my own mind ,wow , Thanks so much for sharing and your dress is beautiful !

  13. wow life sure is easy now then..........

  14. That is a beautiful story, so very well told too. Thanks for sharing with us - makes us appreciate how lucky we are today!

  15. Such a lovely story Fiona ... how romantic!! Your dress is so beautiful and the lace is just exquisite. Thanks so much for sharing ...
    Love n hugs,
    Joy :o)

  16. I echo all the comments - a beautiful story, beautiful wedding dress, and the lace is amazing. So pleased to have been able to hear about your treasure.

  17. I,m in awe of your story, It,s beautiful .
    Now for the lace .I make my bed special everyday because it is my retreat . I really love my bedroom and all thats in it . Spread or drape your lace on or over your bed . It,s gorgeous ,far too nice to put away , it won,t last forever , enjoy, enjoy --cottonreel

  18. What can I say? WOW! is what comes to mind. Thanks for sharing!

  19. A very touching story and well told. That will always be a special memory to treasure.
    (((HUGS))) Roz.

  20. What a beautiful story. Your wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous.

  21. Thanks for sharing your story Bubz. It would make a great story for a movie. :)
    I am glad that you and your dashing young man still have each other. I am a romantic at heart and this story is right up there.... sigh.


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