Monday, February 26, 2018

Surprise .....

Shez sent me a lovely gift.....

How beautiful is this wool candle mat with so much detail.....   it came with a lovely candle holder and candle too.....

My heart melted at the apple and pear.... they are just stunning.....

... and have found a special place on my shelf with other specials....

Thank you so much Shez... just beautiful ....

I spent the days of my weekend here with this view..... 

.. and did a bit of this.....

Widget found himself in the paper ....

Yep... he got to see more than he expected .....

"hilarious - saw his bum, his ding dong and then he faceplanted the concrete"

It amazes me that some men still want to do this.... 

Righto, Gotto Go.... it's Monday and I have work to do.....


  1. Such lovely gifts! Shez is a true artist, and so sweet.

  2. Hi Fiona so glad you love your gifts and boy what a wonderful place for a retreat,the view is amazing.
    Lol poor widget copped an eyeful ,those poor young girls at the fence hope the streaker didnt land on them,hope you have a wonderful day my friend xx

  3. LOL - love the woman in blue in that picture - laughing her head off...poor widget -
    Lovely presents

  4. Poor Widget :D and lovely gifts, love the candle mat

  5. Beautiful gifts, Fiona - how sweet! Hoo boy, what an eyeful, I don't blame that woman for laughing.

  6. Shez is so clever her gifts are beautiful.

  7. Lovely gifts from shez!
    Poor widget, he should have been an eye witness reporter....
    Love the expressions in the crowd

  8. Lovely gifts from Shez. Poor Widget. The view at your retreat is beautiful. Hugs, xx

  9. Beautiful gifts. Definitely worthy of the special shelf. Widget must have had a laugh at the spectacle. It's given him a story to tell.

  10. What gorgeous gifts from Shez.....clever girl she is! Glad you were spoilt. Giggling hard at Widgets footy "wildlife" experience post mortem!

  11. Such gorgeous gifts you received from Shez.. Love your special shelf to display the Apple,Pear and other precious gifts...
    LOL bet Widget had a good laugh especially when the guy hit the concrete.

  12. Lovely gifts. very special. Looks like a good weekend of stitching.
    At least Widget was entertained! And took it all in his stride.

  13. that candle mat is gorgeous! I love your shelves too. I haven't heard about a streaker for years!! I'm pretty sure they were usually female over here...

  14. What a lovely gift from Shez, Fiona - very spoilt! Whoops, looks like Widget had an enlightening time at the cricket!

  15. Gorgeous gifts from Shez. Ooops looks like widget got an eyeful - loved looking at all the different expressions on the crowds faces. xx

  16. what beautiful gifts from Shez!! Looks like you had quite an awesome birthday - poor Widget, that is too funny!


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