Monday, February 12, 2018

Another week bites the dust.....

.... literally... the week has gone and there is nothing but dust around!

This week another 9 blocks were added to Anthology .....

... I do like how every now and then a little picture fits in ..... here is a teeny little dog...

I added another 4 circles to my collection....

Craft Alive was in Toowoomba over the weekend and I went on Saturday.... thankfully the heat wave had not hit too hard and though warm it was not too bad...

I was really pleased to find a new fabric type business called Blockopedia....

they are focussing on handmade blocks so you can print your own fabric but they also have fabric and finished items on sale....

This pack of 6" blocks took my fancy.... they had a good size quilt made from similar and I thought they were a bit different from usual...

When I went back later (friends wanted blocks) I noticed they had some Kantha stiTch coverlets on sale ($50 for king size)

I have always had one of these on my wish list... never found the fabric I wanted and never developed the skill....

First time I have purchased a quilt.... (couldn't make it for that price either)  

I'm just delighted with it... there is no stuffing inside (so not really a quilt) but light, pretty and just gorgeous.... perfect for heat wave time...

It was going to be a gift .... but now I'm not too sure!

Last week I used my 10 minutes a day on the machine to finish up these UFO mug rugz which have been hanging about for a couple of years....

I pimped them up with lace and tape measure tape....

... these will be good ones to use on our sewing days at my house....

I had scraps of these batik fabrics so I made some 'masculine' mats too....

.. they got pimped up with some ric-rac.......

Now Hubz can have his friends around too!!!

I think you can tell I'm in the "I love mug rugz" team... I use them all the time.... coasters that get stuck on the bottom of cups annoy me to death... and I always prefer handmade even if a bit scrappy....  these are UFO's too so double pleased to have them done....

Righto, Gotto Go.... have a lovely week..... keep warm, keep cool - depending on whichever hemisphere you are in.....


  1. I do hope Blockopedia is at Craft Alive down here too. Love your Loralie mug rugz

  2. Hi Fiona ,you sure have been busy my friend ,love your blocks and what can i say about your mug rugs,lol,other than they are cute,well done my friend and i love your new purchases,hope you have lots of fun with them xx

  3. What great looking fabrics you found. The mug rugs look great. Those Louralie fabrics are always fun.

  4. ROFL - nothing but dust around - girl you crack me up. Love your blocks and MUG RUGS!!!! Those turned out wonderfully! What great ideas you have. I like your Kantha quilt, don't think I'd be parting with it....

  5. What a lovely cover, you couldn't refuse to buy it at that price, it looks so light! Love the circles

  6. Sew busy! Love it when you buy a gift and rethink it for .yourself...I’ve done that lol!

  7. So glad the heat did not interfere with your plans.
    Great work on all the blocks you have been able to add to your collection. Looking so lovely.
    It is unusual to buy a quilt, but pleased you found something you have been after for a while.
    You have been having fun with your mug rugs. And why not!

  8. Wow, fab work on the mug rugz Fiona... yes it is a pest when the coaster sticks to the coaster... love them!
    Well done on the Kantha find... yes you just might have to find another gift to give... we won't tell that person you're keeping the original intended gift, LOL.

  9. Hope you keep that gift idea, sounds like you love it!! Great progress with the blocks and circles, love the mug rugs!

  10. How many more blocks to make for the Anthology project....they looking great.
    Nice Circles too.
    Lovely Kantga find and it would be great for you too keep.
    I'm a Rug Mug lover too. Use them all the time..

  11. Awesome circles and your Anthology looks amazing....I don’t think I have seen those coverlets...???
    You can never have enough mug rugs ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. I love your mug rugz ladies! The Kantha quilt does look beautiful and the block printed fabrics look gorgeous too. xx

  13. Looks like a great week of sewing..... Like the printed fabric......chooks would be good......

  14. Lovely progress on your Anthology! My you are the Mug Rug Queen. Lovely treasure you bought. So nice you got to buy a special something too xx Stay cool!

  15. What a lucky find! Anthology is coming along beautifully, you are progressing so well. Interesting printed fabric, wombats would be great......have to say, we're still a coaster house.....perhaps it's time to try mug rugs.

  16. Printing has come a long way from the humble spud prints. Love the mug rugs, I have various hexie coaster around, trouble is I think I am the only one that uses them lol. I love the free flow of kantha and it has helped me in times of worry to just be able to go with the flow whilst still creating. xcx

  17. Looks like a nice store for specialty fabrics and I like the prints you picked out.
    Mug rugs are fun, I need to make some, great gift idea.


  18. I've never heard of Kantha, but it looks wonderfully light and airy for hot summer nights. Is it cotton? I've been admiring your fancy ladies mug rugs on IG. Nice to know there are matching manly man ones, too! As for dust, you do know that quilting creates dust, right?? There's an air conditioner intake right next to my sewing machine and it's constantly clogged with dust and lint. There's no way I can stop it, so I've given up completely. Much better to not worry about it anymore!

  19. beautiful blocks!!
    very interesting Kantha blanket. Love the colours so delicate.
    I'd be surprised if you said you didn't like mum rugs after sewing those lovelies.
    very pretty circle blocks.

  20. yet another productive few days for you! I agree about coasters, i have a plastic one on my desk at work, it gets stuck to the bottom of my cup, then falls off, makes a clattering noise and scares me half to death!

  21. Interesting post Fiona. Your latest blocks look great - love the odd little fussy cut feature too! The market day sounds interesting and the Blockopedia shop sounds a real gem. I hadn't heard of Kantha stitched things before - a lovely looking find. Good looking mugrugs - what fun to have His and Hers sets!

  22. The dust is from the all the sewing you've been doing, right?! The Kantha quilt is so interesting, I have never heard of one before.. I can understand why you bought it (and are keeping it!) xx


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